How To Trade on Poshmark!

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Sorry for being so MIA as of late, it’s been quite sometime before I could really finish up a blog post (honestly I have about 7 uncompleted blog posts). But the move to Michigan, plus finding a new place, as well as my 2 week trip to Paris and Italy, I was a bit preoccupied for the time. But I just arrived at home yesterday and I’m ready to start posing some blogs!

SO, I finally got something to write about this week! Trading! Now keep in mind I do not trade on Poshmark, ever. It’s too risky for me and I can’t seem to get myself to commit to trading one of my items, no matter what the cost, in hopes they send what they are supposed to send. However, someone did ask me about trading and how it works, so it inspired me to write a blog about it.

For those of you who do trade, I am not harping on you at all! I actually commend you for being so brave to let your items go and entrusting another posher to keep to their word! Pretty ballsy!

To anyone who is new, I will give you the Pros and Cons for trading through the Poshmark app and how exactly it’s to be done. Also for the people who are tired of constantly getting berated I have some suitable answers when people ask you the famous question: “trade?”

So let’s get started.

Trading is exactly that, you trade one of your items for one of theirs typically of the same value but it doesn’t have to be. I say, if you are going to offer up a trade it would be etiquette to offer something of equal value. Don’t offer your beat up workout shirt with pit stains and mothballs for someone’s Chanel bag. It’s just tacky and embarrassing on your part #jussayin #tackyaf (tacky as fuck…thanks Jarod!). I once had someone offer me their faux LV canvas bag for an authentic item of mine. “Ummmm how about no?!” So offer up equally. Next after an agreed exchange both parties will lower their listings to $3 and then pay for the listing along with shipping.


Unlike the Poshprotect program, or the Concierge Service, you’re pretty much S.O.L (shit outta luck) when it comes to disputing what’s in your package. I pretty much rate Poshmark #1 in customer service but since trading is unsupported you are on your own. Let me repeat that: You are on your own. So if you and another posher decide to trade Céline handbags and you put your $4,200 bag in and what you get is a tote bag with a picture of Céline Dion on the front then that’s on you sisah! That’s your bad, and there aint nothin’ you can do about it.

Pros/ Cons

PRO: If your faith in humanity has been restored and you feel pretty ‘Gung Ho’ on changing up your closet without the bother of cost and not having to posh your items, then go on out there and trade your little heart out! You’ll be able to swap out those shoes that you never liked for something you do like! Or even get rid of a bunch of clothes that have been sitting around for years and trade for a bag you like! What ever suits your fancy, so long as the other person is willing.

CON: Just be weary that people, you, me, the girl next to you, and everyone else would rather trade up than trade across, or get more than less. So use your best judgement when making these exchanges. Trading itself is risky, it’s even riskier when it’s online and you don’t have the item in your hand. My advice to you when trading, is trade with people you are familiar with. There are some people that I have met locally that I have traded items with or friends that I have met in person that live across the way, but I have already developed that relationship with them. As for random people, that is not something that I would advise, but it’s your call not mine.


If you are like me and you are not fancied by the art of the trade, here are some ways of telling people ‘No’ without having to say it. It’s always good to have a few pieces of ammo, without coming off negatively!

“I am a sell only closet” – Pretty much letting them know that this item and all the items in your closet are not up for trade. That way they aren’t just asking you on a million items!

“I trade only for money” – This is what I used to say, when I was feeling like a smart alec, or when someone was being sassy with me. Use sparingly!

“I have this at a really fair price, but if you would like to bundle I would be willing to lower it for you!” – This gives the buyer an opportunity to recognize that the price is a bit negotiable, giving them more options on purchasing.

To be perfectly honest I have not seen one trade exchange go well, Poshmark is filled with additional “Scammer Alert” postings. And on each of those exchanges, there’s always something, where one person gets the shit end of the stick, then they complain about it. But really, it’s your responsibility for putting your items as risk. So be careful, scammers are out there, just like pickpockets, they don’t care about victimizing honest people and there’s nothing you can do about it. I hope this helps, and if you have any questions or comments please do so below!

Good Luck!


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The Art Of Submitting An Offer

Good Morning Healthy People!

So today I decided to put down on internet paper a way to properly submit an offer. Yes I know, I did do a demo on how to submit an offer before, but I think today of all days I wanted to create a trend so-to-speak on how to tactfully submit an offer. What’s that you say? There’s a tactful way of submitting an offer?!

Why yes there is!

I’ve been testing this out a few times. I don’t shop very much, but when I get an itch for Badgley Mischkas, gosh darn it I gotta have em! Not just do I have to have them, but I have to have them at the price at the lowest price possible (and the cheaper the better #AmIRight?!).

So let me tell you something before I start off with it; I am with every single woman on this app who HATES getting lowballed. There I said it. I hate it, and I know you do too! It’s offensive, it’s ghastly, and a bit tacky. Then I start to think, “Who does this hoodrat think she is?!” (or variations of that) right before you hit that “decline” button. Yes we’ve all been there! On the flip side, have I ever given a low ball offer….helllllll yeah! Guilty party of 1! I am human, and so are you, and we all LOVE a good deal so why not ask for one? Who knows they may just say yes, right?!

So how does this work out? How do I make an offer without making myself, look tacky as hell, and still get the best price ever. No, I don’t want to come off offensive, but I still want a good deal. Unfortunately, there are no outlets to communicate privately, and we still don’t want to announce our lowest price on our wall.

I came up with a plan, I’ve been using this particular strategy for a bit and it’s proven successful, and I found that I’ve made lots of awesome steals and the seller’s have made some quick sales. The first thing you do, is you send them a message on their board something that’s vague that lists no numbers, but tells them that you are going to give them a purposeful lowball offer. Say like $3. Then you ask them if they can counter with their lowest.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.05.54 PM

That way they can discreetly tell you their lowest, before you counter them back with your highest and then you can negotiate even further if necessary. This way also sets them up so that they don’t get offended upon first look.

Well, I hope this helps you along the way, and I hope this makes it a trend all throughout Poshmark. I know it’ll come full circle when someone asks me to counter with my lowest.


It would make me so happy!!!

If you have a strategy, or even an experience you’ve had, make sure to put it in the comments below! I’d love to hear em!

Stay Healthy,



Healthy Girl Fashion Feature: From Burn Victim to Fashion Mogul

Hey everyone I decided to go a little bit off the usual “Poshmark” blog post and this time feature a young lady that I met who has a remarkable story. It’s something that caught my eye and it’s something for people to be aware of since it can happen to anyone and you may not even know it!

Meet Shelby Rose!


1. Hi Shelby! Tell us a little about your story.
Well my story is a little odd, I was burned by lime juice. Yes, you read that correctly. Lime juice. Many people do not know that lime juice, combined with sunlight can cause severe chemical burns when it is on your skin. In the summer of 2013 I was helping my family make a large meal for our boating club, and I was helping squeeze limes for the marinade. We didn’t have a juicer so I squeezed limes by hand for about two hours, then I washed my hands and played on the beach with my friends for a bit afterward. The next morning I woke up and it had felt like I had sunburned my hands, so I applied some aloe and just stayed out of the sun that day. The next morning I woke up with my hands swollen and had to go to urgent care to get a ring cut off my finger. He gave me some cream to apply to my hands, and that night when I changed the bandages I found two tennis ball sized blisters on the tops of my hands. I went to a doctor the next day who sadly mis-diagnosed me and lanced the blisters letting the fluid out of them. This caused me to get infected, which is a big problem for me because I am allergic to antibiotics. I finally found a doctor who sent me straight to the emergency room at UC Irvine Medical Center where they admitted me to the burn ward. That night they did a debridement  procedure, pulling off the last of the skin, which was unsuccessful so they scheduled me for surgery the next morning. During the surgery they applied pig intestine to act as skin while I healed. I was put into custom splints for 10 days to help me not move the new skin while I healed. After the splints were removed I had baby new skin. :)

2. The burns, can anyone get them? Or is it a certain condition that people can have that make them more susceptible to the severe burns?

In short, yes anyone can get this type of burn. Even though I am fair skinned and sun was involved, this type of burn is essentially a chemical burn. The type is called Phytophotodermititis. Just think of ceviche, the lime juice “cooked” my hands.


3. Tell us about the clothing line that you developed!
Well that is something I am very passionate about! Since my accident I have had to be VERY careful about how much I had to expose myself to the sun. If I sunburned my hands, I would have visible and permanent scarring. So I would wear gloves when I am outside or driving. But I am also very fair skinned to I have to make sure that I don’t burn the rest of me either, so I would try and find clothing that had UV protection. But as I quickly found out, it was difficult to find UV protective clothing, and even more difficult to find something that I actually wanted to wear. Everything was either athletic wear, camping gear, or beach wear. Nothing just for everyday casual and I figured I must not be the only one with this problem. So I have created Sol Sisters, which creates fashionable clothing entirely made out of UV protective material. I will feature styles that are up to date, but have the UV protection feature. Later on as my company develops I will also provide cosmetics and other accessories that promote sun protection. You can read all about my business, support me, and read about my progress at

4. Where is a place where people can find out more about this condition or about this issue and some preventative measures?
Very little is actually promoted about this type of burn. My doctor who sent me to the emergency room had actually never heard of it before. However the doctor who did my surgery had seen it, but only a few times. It is honestly the unsuspecting attacker. At first you wouldn’t think that little green ball could do so much harm. The best place that you would find information about this type of burn would be medical websites. Researching the medical name for it (Phytophotodermititis) is the best way to get the most accurate information.

5. What is the best thing people can do to spread awareness about this issue?

Talk about it! I am trying to promote more awareness for this type of burn by just talking to anyone and everyone! Share my story, and since summer is around the corner, and more people will be outside, this is especially a topic that should be brought up. Be aware what you are cooking with and your exposure to the sun.
Thank you so much for your story Shelby and I hope everyone checks out her gofundme program to jump start her clothing line that benefits girls who are not only burn victims of unsuspecting lime juice, but in other burn accidents as well. Be careful, be safe, and as always….
stay healthy,

How To Elope to Paris on a Budget

If you are eloping to the city of lights, first off, congratulations! Secondly, don’t worry I did this in like 2 weeks, you probably have like a billion questions so don’t worry I am here to answer all of them for you!

So if you are looking for THE BEST and the most affordable elopement I have already put the list of people you should call and contact! You’re welcome. These come highly recommended because I’ve used them and they were amazing! Paris is so beautiful and romantic, you could botch this entire plan, get there, and it would still be the most amazing thing in the world. So let me go over the few things that I listed for myself to ensure that the day went off according to what I wanted.

1. Photographer

2. Videographer

3. Officient

4. Hair & Make Up

5. Rings

6. Flowers

7. Hotel

8. Flights

9. Dress

10. Location

I really wanted something basic, and since it was just going to be Ryan and I, we didn’t need to worry about additional services like a driver or catering. We made things really easy for US, and we had a blast!

There are 2 ways to go about eloping in Paris.

-Hire a service-

Service’s are great, a bit pricy, but great! They give you everything that you need for your day worry free and hassle free! You usually send an inquiry to a service and they ask what you want and they give you a quote with all their services. Some even have packages to choose from so you can pick from their different customizations. They range from a full day to just a few hours! But it’s so magical and whimsical it’ll be worth every penny and you’ll feel like a million bucks! Downside to this, is that since they already have things figured out for you, you get what they provide. So make sure that you get samples of the vendors, because who wants to pay a “photographer” 500 Euro who takes pictures on a small digital camera? Or a “videographer” taking pictures and then putting it into a slideshow and calling it your wedding video (which was what I’ve seen). Not me, so make sure you know who your money is going to and if it’s worth every penny! (approx 3200 Euros)


If you’re like me, and want to really have control over everything then I suggest to DIY (Do It Yourself). I pretty much did the work of the service and tallied up everything myself. I really wanted to see the vendors and their work as well as know how much I was paying for everything. So I did all the research myself and drew up a budget and cut corners and spoke with the vendors directly. I for one am not tooooo picky especially when I am only having such a short affair. But I make my vision and timeline clear with all the vendors so that have a clear understanding of my expectations. The last thing you want is to be on the wrong page with someone and you don’t have a lot of time to correct it. I am literally cramming all my photos and ceremony into 1 hour. So if you have mad requests like that, stick to DIY.

If you are doing DIY, make sure that you have an idea that you are going for and move forward with it. If you want to hire a car to take you and the photographer to all the hot spots in Paris, then it’s best you research those things, or if you want more cinematography then hire one for a few hours. But everything is going to be happening so fast that really you don’t want more than half a day for your videos and a few hours with your photographer.

We really wanted to do cut as many corners on some things but not everything. We noted that a videographer was more important than pictures so we opted for just a couple hours with the photographer and more time with the videographer. So I started to tackle my list. The whole wedding part of this cost approx 2800 Euro.

4. Hair & Make Up – I initially started with this one because I really wanted someone who spoke English! So I found this girl Sanni Sorma ( & through google who also has a YouTube channel where she does make up and it’s easier to see her work and get a portfolio of what she does! What’s even better is that she recommended other vendors that she’s worked with that also speak English so she pointed me in the right direction to our photographer. For her, I did not skimp on the price with her, but let me tell you she is worth every penny (520 Euro). She made me look and feel like a million bucks, not to mention that my hair was still amazing (even though it was raining!), yeah she’s that good!


Photo Courtesy of Catherine O’Hara Photography


Sanni doing my make up


Wedding Selfie is a MUST!!!

1. Photographer -DO NOT SKIMP ON YOUR PHOTOS, I repeat DO NOT SKIMP ON YOUR PHOTOS. It is a necessity to have amazing photos when you are going to paris, so please do yourself a favor and splurge on the extra and hire her. Catherine O’Hara ( / / / / She is a member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association which is an international, membership-based organization representing professional photographers skilled in the documentation of weddings and events in a candid, unobtrusive style. She is phenomenal, sweet, and she did such an amazing job capturing our day. She was also very reasonable! We wanted our celebration to be quick, so we only booked her for an hour. She has a really good eye and I told her what I wanted, and she really hit it out of the park! So if you’re in Paris, for vacation even, hire her for an hour or two, she will really give you some amazing photos to take home with you! I was even recommended 3 other photographers and she was the most affordable and the quality is the best so if you can book her do it (350 Euro/hr)!


Ms. Catherine O’Hara doing what she does best!


Photo Courtesy of Catherine O’Hara Photography


Photo Courtesy of Catherine O’Hara Photography

2. Videographer – Through one of the other photographers I stumbled upon these videographers who are very well known worldwide. Deneemotion Luxury Wedding Cinematography ( Theses two guys are well sought after all over the US and in Europe but by some miracle I ended up getting these guys. They are the BEST at what they do and they know how weddings go. For me, since I wasn’t having a wedding and it was just Ryan and I only opted for a few hours, and they were able to work with me and my budget, so make sure that you ask what they can offer you based on your budget (I booked them at 1500 Euro with restrictions). Check out the wedding video I edited and they shot down below!


Denee Motion Cinematography Doing what they do best!

3. Officient – Another recommendation from another photographer. I was able to snag this person on a moments notice through a service, but after the fact I realized that I shouldn’t have. Let me tell you why, unless you have a U.S Pastor or if you are actually getting married under French Law, you are just paying someone to read a piece of paper. That’s right, a piece of paper. That you are mostly writing yourself! So save yourself 400 Euros and ask one of the vendors or their friend! I should’ve asked my makeup artist to read it for 100 Euro, because all you get with a symbolic officient is a piece of paper that you sign that has no actual legal value. Do yourself a favor and just find a friend to read it! Plus I’ve heard that some officients don’t even dress up, ours showed up in tights and a jumper and her cell phone rang in the middle of our ceremony! It wasn’t worth the 400 Euro, lets just say that.


Photo Courtesy of Catherine O’Hara Photography

5. Rings – I didn’t need another ring since I was I already had one. But we got Ryan’s ring before we left and he picked one out, so make plans accordingly before you leave!


Photo Courtesy of Catherine O’Hara Photography

6. Flowers – We decided to hit up a flower shop the day before and I picked the flowers I wanted and what’s great was that the place made it into a bouquet for me! I told them I was getting married a demain (ah – duh-man/ meaning: tomorrow) and they made it into a floral bouquet for me. I got to pick the flowers I wanted and they helped me choose what to put in it and wrapped it up and sent me on my way, they also made a boutonniere for Ryan as well so it was great. All in all around 97 Euro. What I learned from this (since 97 Euros was NOT what we budgeted) was that I SHOULD have had an idea of the bouquet I wanted and just had the picture of it. So when I got there I wasn’t completely clueless and just racking up our bill. Also, I would have had all the flowers that I wanted and brought them back to my hotel and made the bouquet myself. There are youtube videos on how to do it and it doesn’t take very much. I might have stayed within my budget of 30 Euros if that was the case. BUT my bouquet was bomb diggity!

DSC00578 DSC00584 DSC00588 DSC00589


Photo Courtesy of Catherine O’Hara Photography


Boutonniere – Photo courtesy of Catherine O’Hara Photography

7. Hotel – We were lucky ducks saving all our points on our credit cards and stays from business trips that we were able to afford the first few nights in a nice hotel room. After we spilled the beans of our elopement to our family, Ryan’s dad helped out with a few stays at some other hotels. If you aren’t as fortunate, you can always stay at an airbnb, which is pretty much like you rent out someone’s place for a week or whatever for a fraction of what the hotel costs! Or if you time it right, you can do a Home Exchange where you literally do just that, and even though you have an apartment, you can still swap with someone else too! The first hotel we stayed in was the Renaissance Paris Trocadero. It’s a beautiful Hotel, very quaint close by the metro and has a gorgeous garden in the courtyard. We saved up all our points and pretty much used all of them staying there and London. Because we had status we were able to eat breakfast for free as well as pack a sandwich for snack for later on. Also, make sure they don’t see you do that, it’s typically frowned upon. The second hotel was the most beautiful of all. The Westin Vendôme (suite 5036. If you’re able to reserve that room DO IT! Since we eloped and got married they were able to upgrade us to a junior suite overlooking The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the gardens. They also sent in complimentary champagne and macaroons as a treat! The view was especially nice in the evening when the Eiffel Tower would Light up and sparkle. We would sit on the balcony and drink wine and watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle, it was VERY romantic! So we saved a lot of money on this trip for that very reason, on hotel and on food. (less than 100 Euro on just taxes)

IMG_3207 IMG_3226 IMG_3227 IMG_3228 IMG_3231    IMG_3293 IMG_3297 IMG_3300 IMG_3305 IMG_3489 IMG_3490

8. Flights – We’re cheaters on this end, we actually sought out the help from my aunt who works for Delta and she gave us 2 buddy passes to elope! Flight attendants are out there, so check craigslist daily because I know some of them trade for other services too. Make sure though that you are traveling on non-peak times. For us we needed to get out of LAX but it was spring break so getting on a flight on standby was nearly impossible unless you are going international direct. This is a high stress route, because there’s no guarantee that we were on any flight until they call our names. Our initial flight was to fly to Detroit then to Paris but it didn’t end up working out, so we flew to London then took the Eurostar Train to Paris, so worth the experience! Plus since the flight was empty we got to sit in Business Class! Why not kill two stones with one bird?…you know what I mean. (flights-just taxes and international fees $630.00pp/ Eurostar 250 Euro pp…fyi we booked the Euro last minute, so if you book ahead of time, you could’ve saved MUCH more than we did, but since we were stand by we didn’t book anything until we were on that plane)

IMG_3135 IMG_3027


9. My dress? $100 on sale David’s Bridal! Embellished with Swarovski Crystals ($100). I hate the idea of buying something so expensive to wear for one day, even if you destroy it afterwards. So I went to David’s Bridal and found this really simple beautiful new wedding gown for $100 (retailed at $450) If you don’t feel like buying a dress you can always rent one. That’s what I was going to do, but since our trip was so long I didn’t want to run the risk of getting a dress, having it not fit, then buying a dress out there, and lugging this dress around Paris…uh a headache I didn’t need. So buying one was a safer choice, and it cost just as much. At least I know what what works for me! As for Ryan, he just borrowed a buddy’s suit since it fit him so well. For shoes I wanted the works, I wanted Jimmy Choos, so where did I got to find them? POSHMARK!! How much did I get them for? $45!! That’s right and I also bought a pair of Badgley Mischkas for $38 as well! Then the veil? Borrowed from my sister. Aside from undergarments, that’s about it!


Photo Courtesy of Catherine O’Hara Photography


Photo Courtesy of Catherine O’Hara Photography


Photo Courtesy of Catherine O’Hara Photography


Ryan’s Suit – Photo courtesy of Catherine O’Hara

10. Location – Location is KEY!! I wanted to be married in front of the Eiffel Tower, I wanted the pictures, I wanted everything! So initially, we were going to get married at Palais de Chailot.,2013/4-30bus12.jpg

Palais de Chaillot


This set up was much better than the initial place we thought we were going to have the ceremony!

It’s pretty epic and it has the perfect background, and it’s just so magnificent and charming. But there were 2 problems. The day before we stopped by the area to scope it out, and there was MAJOR construction on the left side. There were barriers and gates and fences all around (not very romantic). Secondly, there were a lot of people there and random guys trying to sell 5 Eiffel Tower key chains for a Euro. So what started out as being super romantic, turned into stage fright, and then into an outright negative. So we opted for a nice quiet area in the gardens just below on a bridge by a stream.


Sent the vendors this photo of where the ceremony was going to be


Sent the vendors this photo of where the ceremony was going to be


Sent the vendors this photo of where the ceremony was going to be

Now… for the rest of the trip! Yeah that was only the ceremony, one morning! We go the rest of the trip to think about. So here’s a few info i gathered for you:

Marriage Licenses – If you are a US citizen, it is best for you to get married in the courthouse in the US, THEN come here for what they call a ‘symbolic’ ceremony. Here’s why: The requirements for you to actually be legally married in France by an officiant are far more than just paperwork. You have to actually live in France for a minimum of 40 days, just a french doctor to perform a physical, etc. Even after all that, if you go back to the US and you want to get a divorce, you fall under French jurisdiction, so your family and children will be governed by France. So just stick with the Symbolic Ceremony.

Visas – If you are a US citizen, your passport needs at least 6 months before the pass port expires and 7 months time after your depart date. You won’t need a visa unless you plan on stay for over 90 days.

Transportation – We took the train to Paris then the metro to the hotel and we packed light! If you are packing 60 bags, then good luck getting the through the metro! Trust me if I can pack a weddings worth with a carry on and a bag, you can too! I actually overpacked! Make sure to see my how to pack for paris in the spring time…coming soon. But if you do use the metro purchase their 5 day pass, you can get to the majority of the city as much as you want to see the sights (and you won’t need to pay a tour bus). You can use it anywhere on any public transportation system, check it out here. Also it’s best you plan out your whereabouts so that you aren’t buying passes for too many days and if you end up purchasing a tour that comes with transportation anyway. If you plan on renting a car, make sure you familiarize yourself with the street laws and signs. Just quickly, no need to re-take the DMV quiz again.


Arrival from the Eurostar to Paris


Paris Metro


Took the metro to our wedding dinner to Montmartre…in my wedding dress no less!


I had to bring my bouquet on our journey on the metro

Entertainment – They have the Paris Pass which is unlimited access for all the Paris attractions (approx 60) where you can go in the fast pass line and skip all the lines. Do this if you plan on a lot of sight seeing and it’s 122 Euro for 2 days for an adult. We DIDN’T do the pass actually, let me tell you why. We paid for the metro pass for 5 days and it still got us everywhere, so we didn’t see the use in buying a metro pass and then paying for a tour when we could’ve gotten there much faster so save yourself the trouble of paying for extra transpo around Paris. The Louvre always always has this ridiculous line outside, and it’s not the ticket line, it’s the security line. So if you have a ticket, you can breeze through the security line and get in right away. We actually asked our concierge to purchase tickets for us in advance and we skipped all the lines and just did the few sights we wanted to see. We saved a lot by doing that! So try it, and tell me how it went for you!

Communication – Pre-order your sim cards! Once you arrive in Paris and you need to communicate with people back home is a nightmare when trying to find WiFi. I used an ORANGE one and it was great. You can find local ORANGE mobile stores all around Paris, they usually call it a Holiday plan, where you can call and text and use gps and such while you’re roaming around the city, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! When traveling abroad you want to use an unlocked phone and swap out your sim card of that of a carrier that is local for the region so that you can still make calls and send texts, tweet and snapchat without breaking your phone bill! This also has the benefit of not staying on airplane mode the entire trip and living off of free wifi. That way you can enjoy the sights and stay connected and not have to be worried about printing out maps! lol

Banks – First off before you leave the country you need to let your bank know so they don’t freeze your accounts! Let your credit card companies know as well. The last thing you don’t want is to get there and try to pull out money and you can’t, then you have no money for the rest of the trip. Happened to a friend of mine and he wasn’t too happy because they wouldn’t give him his atm card back! Since we were traveling our banks put a limit on how much we could withdraw each day, so if you have to pay your vendors cash, don’t run the risk of getting there and not being able to pull out enough. We found a place that had a really good exchange rate after we brought some money. Then each day we pulled out the maximum so we didn’t have to carry too much cash around.

Power Outlets – Always check the compatibility of your items to the wattage of the country. Paris usually puts out 230v-240v whereas the US is on 110v. So don’t plug your curling iron into a socket with an adapter and not convert it. It will explode and fry when you turn it on. I learned that the hard way in Thailand.

Food – Depending on the Euro you should estimate anywhere from $100-$150 for food and drinks. There are some ways you can cut down cost on that, like if you have status with a hotel you can typically get breakfast for free, but if you have a flare for gourmet food, it’s pretty much a stone’s throw away from anywhere so just budget on that when you go out there. We did a lot of baguettes and cheese for snacks, and let me tell you, that was not a bad snack to have!

My recommendations for places to eat in Paris:

1. Hot Chocolate/ Macarons – Angelina’s ( Their African Hot Chocolate is World Famous, which resembles champurrado. It’s thick, it’s rich, and it’s delectable. Their brunch is good, but you don’t go there for the brunch you go there for their desserts. Don’t feel guilty splurging here, it’s well worth the caloric intake! (Side note: you CAN bring home macarons for family and friends and you can bring them through customs no problem, make sure you buy them the day you leave because they have a lifespan of about 3 days).

2. Dinner – Le Bébé ( It’s where all the young people go and eat, and it’s trendy hipster atmosphere is really nice. Their bread is fresh and the food is really really good (try the COD) book quick or arrive early because it is that good!

3. Lunch – Cafe Constante ( They don’t take reservations, but they fill up quickly! This place is super popular, so get there early! We arrived by 7 and by 8pm there was already a 45 min wait. So do yourself a favor and check this place out, the food is phenomenal and new and fresh, it’s everything you think a High End French restaurant is, but with a secret local feel.

Overall, we spent $6000 that’s with EVERYTHING. We also did stay there a good 9 days and had to travel to London first. Like I stated earlier, we could have shaved off a lot more if I knew what I knew now. But that’s more for your benefit! I hope this helps! That’s pretty much all you need to know when eloping to Paris, I hope that you have a lot of fun and you enjoy the day as a newlywed in the city of lights!



So for quite some time now we’ve been holding on to this information because we wanted to wait for the right moment to make the announcement. Now that Ryan has put in his notice it’s best to let everyone know! If you read in the previous post, you already know that Ryan and I had eloped to Paris. Well, with a wedding dinner on the horizon and having to smash in a “bachelor/bachelorette” party in between, we’ve been rushing to do a lot of events in a very short amount of time because, we will be moving to Michigan!

For the longest time Ryan and I knew that 2015 was going to be a pretty big year for us. What we didn’t know was what we were going to anticipate. Initially the plan was: we were going to move to San Francisco, then I was going to hopefully work at Poshmark, and Ryan was going to continue working at in their San Mateo office. Then suddenly Ryan got a call to interview at a software corporation in Michigan, and before we knew it we were no longer packing our bags and moving up north, we were going to be moving east.

This will be a new adventure for the both of us, we both don’t have any family in that area and will be starting our lives in a new place, in a new home, new jobs, as Newlyweds. So after this wedding dinner, we will be focusing on packing up our lives and moving into our new home. We will be taking our little Piper with us, I’m sure she will love the snow… hopefully. But since we’ve lived in California the vast majority of our lives this will be a new experience for the both of us living in an area where we will experience all four seasons. We may love it or hate it, but at least we get to experience it. When we first got together, we told each other that we wanted to go move into a different area and experience the culture of wherever we moved to. Michigan wasn’t the first choice of course, but it’s a good start. Who knows, the next place we move to could be in Europe!

Our families have been exponentially supportive and despite the fact that they don’t want to see us go, they’ve been incredibly flexible with all the events going on in such a short amount of time! 

I do plan on Posh-rocking that area and building the Poshlove out there as I’ve been doing here. If you are in the Michigan area then let me know so that we can get a Posh meet up started! I’d love to meet you all!!

Stay Healthy,




So sorry for the long awaited newest blog post! But I hope this juicy story will suffice for the time being, I’ve been a bit preoccupied for the moment and you’ll see why, just read ahead :-)

As you read this, I am no longer Ms. Corazon Ediza Rodriguez I am now Mrs. Corazon Ediza Ferris. I have long dreamed of finding the right man, and after praying to the heavens, in addition to all those times I sang Fiona Apple’s rendition of “Please Send Me Someone to Love”, God himself sent Ryan my way and he has blessed my life in more ways than I can count. I knew Ryan was the one long before I knew I was actually in love with him, and when that joyous day came when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him I knew that my prayers have been answered and that for the rest of my life I never wanted to look into anyone else’s eyes the way I look into Ryan’s.

I was so ready for that proposal and even readier for the engagement bliss! I thought it was the best part of the whole process, getting ready for marriage and actually setting a firm commitment into the whole relationship status. But planning a wedding was not fun at all. I would have to say out of what I experienced so far, planning a wedding is seriously a downer. Especially with things like Pinterest. With Pinterest, you’re a kid in the candy store! You are gushing with ideas, and themes and colors, you pretty much want everything! Then sets in the price tag, and you soon start to realize that your dream wedding is no longer obtainable, well at least for what seems like the next 9-10 years.

In the case of Ryan and I we really wanted to start out on the right foot in life, so we bought a house, which really put a damper into our wedding fund. In fact it was pretty much non-existent after we bought the house, and since our home was a fixer upper, it was REALLY slicing down all the money we saved, and let me tell you, it sliced down FAST. So we decided that we wanted to postpone the wedding 6 months, and when that 6 months came, we started to re-do the budget, and it looked like we needed to postpone again! So by January 2015 we finally saved up all our money that we needed to pay our portion of the wedding $12,000!! Technically if you want to give more credit to the saving, it was my husband that managed that, but I would like to say that I did a great deal of unknowingly contributing, but I’m getting better (I swear!) Then when the questions started to pop up about this and that, and what I wanted for the wedding, and “when are you available to meet with the DJ?”… and so on. It dawned on me that our portion would end up not being enough. $12,000 would turn into $15,000 and $15,000 would turn into $17,500 and then all that money that we saved would be gone in 1 day. Then I decided to call it quits. Ryan was 100% support of my decision, whether we go all in or just pull back.

So the hard part was undoing all that we initially started. In the course of 2 years we had already put down deposits, so now we had to try to get all of it back. Now we didn’t get all of it back, the caterers The Turnip Rose didn’t give us our deposit back but they did give us back the overpayment of $3,000. So now what? $1,000 in the hole, no ceremony, no reception. We decided to just do a small dinner with family and friends and get married in the courthouse. Just like in the olden days! (i think) And we really needed to get work on the house done so we decided to put the saved money into some repairs and updating the house.

But then it left me with a really big void, and it left me feeling like I would really resent this whole marriage because it was deprived of all the love and romance involved with it. Plus everyone was so sick and tired of us crying wolf on getting married because we postponed so much, that no one was really interested in us, not even my own family. The excitement was gone, and it wasn’t fun anymore. So I told Ryan how I felt and he was dead set on changing things around.

This is why I love this man. He says, “Ok, we’re eloping. Do you want to go to Paris?” my jaw drops, and I’m in shock. So much shock. I mean I had mentioned Paris a few times for our honeymoon, but getting married there?!? ohh fuck yeah. So I immediately googled, ‘elope in Paris’ and after what felt like 100 emails and thousands of re-arranging schedules and flights I am here. I am married, with the man I love, who sees me at my worst and still thinks I am best. Who reminds me everyday what butterflies feel like. Who God had sent after I had sang that song a billion times. I am in the city of lights, and with the thousand lights bouncing around the millions of people, he is still the only thing I see.

While you are reading this, we’re probably eating a french macaroon or a fresh croissant, or riding a bike wearing berets with fucking baguettes in the basket in the front of our bikes (that’s a Bridesmaid movie joke FYI). Fun fact: You are probably reading this at the same time my entire family is finding out about this. So yes we planned this in secret. We hid this from our family, our friends, quite possibly our dog too, she probably still has no clue. It was incredibly important to Ryan and I to keep this as secret as possible. We really wanted this to be OUR decision, no guidance, no help, no opinions, no one telling us what we’re doing is inconsiderate or hurting someone else’s feelings. We really wanted to be about us and no one else (which is really how it should be). Also, we really wanted to do something that we figured out on our own that was special to us. Sure there were very few people that we HAD to tell, but they gave us their word they wouldn’t spill the beans. So sorry family! We love you very much, but we hope you understand!

FYI there aren’t very many how-to’s on getting hitched on a whim, but I somehow managed to do it in 2 weeks. If you’re interested in eloping to the city of lights, my list of recommendations and how I did it will be posted up soon. Thanks for reading my story, I’ll be updating more information on our trip! Feel free to leave comments below =)

Rester en bonne santé (Stay Healthy),



So for those of you in the Los Angeles/ Orange County/ San Diego region my good friends @jgbravo, @krangele, @mizfabulosity, and I will be hosting the next meet up in the beautiful Orange County California! Please meet us at

McCormick and Schmick’s Grille at the Anaheim Gardenwalk (Patio Area)

This Saturday March 14, 2015
4:30pm – 7:30pm




Can I bring my kids/ Spouse/ Friends? Yes you may, all are welcome! There is no age limit.

Will they all get goodie bags? Goodie Bags will go out to Posh users first and then they are welcome to have one if there are any left over!

Can I show up late? Yeah totally! Just know that goodie bags will be given to the first 30 people.

Will there be food? Yes McCormick and Schmick’s have a full menu & bar if you wish to purchase food.

When will the prizes be issued? Prizes will be handed out around 7pm



Please make sure you RSVP on the Eventbrite Page so that we can assure you that you will be receiving a goodie bag! Click on the Link to RSVP:

We will be giving away prizes and a sweet little swag bag first 30 people! So please make sure to RSVP!

Hope to see you there!

Stay Healthy,