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How to get more followers on Poshmark!

Wow, I can’t count on my hand how many times I’ve been asked “Ok so I’ve done everything on your blog but I still don’t have the sales. What am I doing wrong?!” So I scope out each of their profiles and let me tell you: Covershots? Immaculate. Shares? See them daily. Likes? below average. Pricing? Generous. So what is the common denominator when it comes to their sales?


So let me kind of give you a little insight as to what followers mean and how they play into your Poshmark sales! Followers are pretty much your fandom (Fan + Domain= Fandom). They follow you based on the look of your style and the items/brands that you have, or even your size in clothing! It’s a popularity contest in a way where anything that you list/ share/ like will be seen by your followers. Whether it’s your own item from your closet, or another closet, they will follow all activity that you do while you are exploring through the posh world.

The more followers you have the more love your closet is going to get, because if people don’t SEE your closet they’re not going to buy anything from it. Which means that your sales directly depend on how many followers you have. To counter that, if you have low followers that means your activity is being seen by the same few people and it’s not getting anywhere.


It’s easy, I go over 3 full proof steps on how to gain more followers, and you’ll see your sales start to increase over time!

#1 – Start following people!

The benefit of following people, is that they follow back! There are 2 ways you can go about doing this as a newbie. First you can just go on a follow spree, where you click on a member’s name and click on their followers and see the list of people that follow them and start clicking on the follow button and start mowin’ down the list. Like so:





You can start shopping followers. Which pretty much means that you’re shopping for closets to follow. The good news about this, is that you are tailoring your likes, shares, preferences, and overall Poshmark experience to be more catered to your wants and needs. Typically the people you follow, their listings show up in your feed & searches so you will constantly be surrounded by what you like, which makes the shopping experience much more enjoyable.

2. Sharing

Sharing is caring ladies! There is no doubt about it that it gets your name out there and it helps other people promote you when they share you back. People tend to follow you if A) they see you more often and B. If they like your stuff or the stuff you share. On your marks, get set, SHARE!!

3. Use the celebrity status you already have!

Wordpress_logo_8 twitter-logo instagram-logo facebook_logo_detail Blogger_logo

External platforms is an excellent way of getting your blog subscribers, Twitter followers, or even Facebook friends and family to join Poshmark and follow you! In addition to that, have them register with your code so you get $5 posh credit and they will too. With a total up to $50. So get 10 people to sign up and you can get yourself a nice coach purse and a nice handful of followers. I mean if anyone wants to sign up through me be sure to sign up with your email and use my code HDUMJ.

So let me hit you with some knowledge! This came straight from Poshfest this year so listen up! According to Poshmark’s data analyst they say the biggest thing that posters should do in order to gain sales is engage in the app. What does that mean exactly? It means that you need to start commenting, liking, following, sharing…all the time. According to their data research, about 4000 followers is the sweet spot before your sales start to take off. About 2000 likes on all of your items combined you’ll start to notice an increase in sales as well. And they suggest about 5000 closets to follow before you start seeing a real impact in your sales. So however you go about doing it just make sure that you get to that amount so you can see your sales grow. Hopefully this helps you in the future, I hope that you’ll make tons and tons of sales and make lots and lots of money for this upcoming holiday season!

As always, if you have any questions feel free to put them in the comments below, or just hit me up on Poshmark!

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Healthy Girl Fashion Closet of the Month!!

Happy Monday all!! I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your Daylight Savings Morning… I know I didn’t! Something about getting up fresh in the morning doesn’t do it for me. However one bright spot that I’ve found is a nice little shopping spree to add a little sweetener to my day! If you haven’t had the supreme pleasure of checking out this lovely posher’s closet allow me to introduce you! This is @mandysue and this is her life/ loves/ and poshwork! I highly recommend either shopping her closet, or just gawking at her amazing covershots! Ladies and Gents, I give you Miss @mandysue.

1) In 5 sentences, what is your history with poshmark been like?


My history with Poshmark has been nothing short of amazing. I started poshing in January 2013, and my love for the Posh community has not dwindled in the slightest since. In fact, my love for Poshmark has grown exponentially since I began my Posh closet as I have gotten to know other Poshers and built a name for myself as Mandysue. Poshmark has always offered me exceptional customer service and support, and the Poshmark team has helped me feel like a truly valued member of the Posh community. Because of my more-than-positive experiences with Poshmark, I am so thankful to be a part of the Posh community and to have the opportunity to earn money and make friends in the most fun way.

2) What brands do you love to stock your closet with and why?

 bb bb2

The brands I love to stock my closet with are H&M, Brandy Melville, and BB Dakota. I am in my early twenties, and my wardrobe is a becoming a balance between “casually cool” and “professionally chic.” These brands provide me with versatile pieces that are perfect for this stage of my life. Also, I am a lover of flattering silhouettes and hints of femininity in the clothes I wear, and these brands offer me a variety of pieces that I can mix and match just the way I like, They also inspire me to take risks with my fashion choices!

3) Whose style to you most look up to and resemble?

120801_PS_LC_AugSept Lauren-Conrad-wearing-Black-Leather-Skirt-to-the-A-Sweet-Boutique-Trunk-Show

The person whose style I most look up to and resemble is Lauren Conrad. Her feminine, classic, always on-trend style inspires my wardrobe and the looks I put together. I admire her timeless combination of colors and silhouettes, both in her personal style and in her own fashion line. I don’t think that there is a look of Lauren Conrad’s that I don’t love!

4) Name 3 ways that you stay healthy!


1. exercise to relieve stress

2. get as much sleep as possible during the week

3. set aside time for “me time”

You can click on her name in the link above to take you directly to her closet, happy fall everyone and don’t forget to check out her instagram and follow her here!

Thanks for reading!

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An Offer You Can’t Refuse!

Poshmark has this way awesome, new feature called ‘Make An Offer’. If you haven’t noticed yet or haven’t updated then you probably don’t know what I am talking about, but if you have seen it or even used it I believe this is a Godsent! Now Poshmark has made a lovely How-To (please see it here) on the logistics of the actual utilizing of the function. There are some mixed emotions that come along with it. I for one am 100% for it, while others I’ve heard have a couple qualms about it. So we will be going over everything, all the features and some of the awesome and maybe downsides to the overall experience. If you haven’t dealt with it yet and just need a quick refresher I’ll give one right here from my own account! Let’s start with this:

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 7.31.03 AM

So these look yummy! Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 7.32.32 AM

See the ‘Offer’ button under to the ‘BUY NOW’ button?

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 7.33.54 AM

Once I click on it it’ll take me to this screen (keep in mind I’m doing this on a web browser, on the Poshmark Blog they do it straight from the app, but the processes still the same): Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 7.35.23 AM

So my offer is going to be a handsome $300…NOW (segue) this is one of the biggest complaints I’ve been hearing from sooooooo many people! My friends, my family, and my co-workers that utilize this feature, all say the same thing: “I get lowball offers alllllllllllllllll the time!”. Let me tell you something, if I could get a pair of Authentic Chanel’s for $.50, I would, and so would the girl right next to me. We live in a world (a Posh World) where getting a good deal is right at your fingertips if you just ask for it, so why not ask for it?

Do I get lowball offers all the time???? YES!!!

Do I get offended? No. Never. I have a good laugh, but I can’t fault someone for trying, AND for that matter, they have no idea 1) how much I paid for it, and 2) how much value I posses on it. It may say $200 as my price but who knows, I may just don’t want to deal with it and just give it away! Plus, I can always counter them with a price I am willing to go to, or I can just decline their offer if my price is firm. Either way you still have control over your closet!

Lassoing it back in… Here’s my $300 and then I click ‘Next’. Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 7.37.20 AM

Then it’ll take me to a payment screen: Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 7.49.03 AM

Looks like I’ve got a nice redeemable balance there! I blurred out some essentials, like my address and my credit card info just for safety purposes…don’t want the paparazzi using my credit card and stalking me ya know?! heh. heh. *crickets*

Anyway, this screen is to solidify your transaction. You are automatically committing to a funded transaction with your offer. So on the bright side, as a seller you’ve got a genuine offer that’s backed with funds and no more empty threats of people asking for offers that may or may not go through with clicking that BUY NOW button once you’ve lowered it. In addition to that, there aren’t anymore cat fights for who snatches it up first once it’s been lowered. The only loophole that I’ve found is that if you put in a credit card that has insufficient funds, it won’t process the transaction after you accept the offer. But since I am an honest person, and I don’t want to go about trolling the internet, I have successfully submitted my offer: Untitled

Now once I click ‘Continue Shopping’ it will take me to my feed. Now if I want to check up on the offers, I go to my news feed and then select the tab on the right that says ‘offers’. It’ll show me all my activity, and as you can see here I already received my counter offer! 2

Let’s see where we are at in the process, once I click on the shoes it will show me the progress on the screen: 3

So I’m going to counter again to $325… 4

So this can go on and on and on but this is what it looks like on @krangele’s end: unnamed

She submits her counter and we can continue to tango until we reach an agreeable amount. But in the event that one person gets cold feet, you can always decline. However, you can only decline when the ball is in your court. If you counter that means that if the other person accepts it’s binding on both ends. All ‘Make An Offer’ transactions have a 24 hour pumpkin, so you snooze, you lose! 5

I still have a capability to create a new offer again, and start the whole process over, if you still want to barter. The screen looks quite the same as before: 6

So let me tell you why this is so amazing. I know they mentioned this during Poshfest last year and now finally it’s been implemented and it’s so easy and streamlines the transaction process. The majority of the transactions that I get are through the “Make An Offer” feature and I’ve easily noticed an increase in sales. Before I would count on the end of the week to get prepped and ready for my orders but now I see that they are steadily coming throughout the week! Since this new feature I see at least 1 order a day as opposed to just inquiries.

I think it really is due to the fact that the entire transaction is private. No one sees what you offered or counter offered and there is no communication during the exchange, just the numbers. So all the deal hunters are starting to come out of the woodwork and now have the opportunity to throw a number out and give something for someone to work with. Furthermore, sellers now have an opportunity to not commit to a price that they’ve stated to someone on their wall who may have disappeared after making an offer.

Have I given a lowball offer before? Yes and No. To me, I think the offers I give are pretty reasonable, and I would be willing to pay that much for that item right away. But to someone else? Yes. So keep in mind that any offer is interest and a potential sale. I would much rather have a lowball offer that I have the potential to raise, than no offer at all! So something to keep in mind!

If you have any further questions please ask in the comments below so if you have had any bad experiences or want to add more compliments please do so! Also, @krangele’s shoes are still up for grabs and she’s been absolutely a sweetheart for helping me in this blog post, so if you get a chance to look through her closet please do you can click to take a peek here.

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PoshFest 2014 Speakers Announced


YAY!!! I had to hold this secret in for awhile…but then I got sick and couldn’t do anything once the news was announced, but I am happy to announce here on my blog that I will be speaking as a panelist at this years POSHFEST 2014!!! Please if you are attending please make sure to attend this panel:

11:40 – 12:25 p.m. | Merchandising Magic That Will Double Your Sales: Top sellers will share tips and insight from pricing and top brands, to seasonal stocking and niche markets.

Moderator: Kate Franco (@katef), Merchandising, Poshmark
Elissa Emoto (@elissaemoto)
Elle Batingan (@ellebee206)
Ediza Corazon (@edizarodriguez), Blogger Healthy Girl Fashion
Lori Galloway (@lorigalloway)

Thank you all who support the Healthy Girl Line and for all who nominated me!!! I cannot thank you ever so much for all your support you are all so amazing!! Thank you!!

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Originally posted on Poshmark Blog:


The biggest Posh weekend – PoshFest 2014 – is two weeks away (insert dancing emoji here) and we are beyond excited to see all of our Poshers in San Francisco!

In an effort to inspire, empower and give you tools to up your Poshmark game, we’ve come up with quite the rockstar line-up of speakers. They can’t wait to share their insight, stories and tips & tricks with all of you, and we are truly honored to have them all.

PoshFest Day 1 – Panels

9:00 – 9:10 a.m.  |  Welcome Remarks from Poshmark founder and CEO, Manish Chandra

9:10 – 9:40 a.m.  |  Style Q&A: Fashion Pros Help Elevate Your Look: From implementing trends to knowing what’s next, get the scoop firsthand from a panel of pros.

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awe struck

Is there anything more gorgeous than this bag?? I think I found my next high end luxury purchase. I want this bag. Period. I don’t know how but it is my mission to buy this thing. This is the Chanel XL Jumbo Weekender Tote Bag. *sigh* this thing is so beautiful. How tres would this look on my shoulder walking out of SFO airport on my way to Poshfest! See below of what I envision!!

Chanel Black XL Jumbo Weekender Overnighter Travel Tote Bag

Looks Like I got my work cut out for me on Poshmark!

Posh Party Preview


Here is my feature on Poshmark’s Blog, a little sneak peak of what I have in store for tomorrow night’s Posh Party!

Originally posted on Poshmark Blog:

Happy Monday! The week’s Posh Party Line-up has been announced and we’re excited for another week full of shopping parties. We’re happy to have style influencers Ediza from Healthy Girl Fashion, Kaitlyn, Olia of Love, Olia and Yulissa of Sequins and Tulle join us to host. See what our hosts are loving so you can get the inside scoop in advance of the parties.

Girly Girl Party, Tuesday, October 14th

101314_pp preview_edizarodriguez

Ediza | @edizarodriguez

What can we expect to see shared to the Host Picks Showroom? After visiting the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, I meandered through the gem exhibition and was really inspired to introduce some serious gem accessories into this fall’s fashion. Druzy accessories, gemstones, and sparkle are a must have going into fall!

What are your favorite girly girl pieces and trends? Skater skirts are a staple in every girl’s closet. You can’t go wrong with…

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