Why You Should Not Have Offline Transactions On Poshmark

Good morning healthy people!

Don’t worry I know most of you who are reading this and are big advocates in the Poshmark community have your pitchforks out already to get me. But worry not, this isn’t one of those posts. I for one am NOT a supporter of offline transactions and never have, and moving forward, will continue to not be. Read More

Closet of the Month: February 2016

This month I wanted to feature a stellar posher one who’s followed my advice and my strategies and booming and flourishing in the community. Her name is @mferris321! You’ve probably seen her stuff through your feed because she is posh crazy! She started 8 months ago and she is on fire! Just like you and me, she got the posh bug when she listed something and it sold and made her a few extra bucks and now you can’t stop her. Read More

Tips and Strategies on Dining Out

Well recently at my latest Weight Watchers meeting we discussed a common topic that a lot of people want to avoid dealing with, especially while they’re trying to lose weight.

The common issue that most Weight Watcher’s have is knowing how to count points when going out. “Well I can’t track if I don’t know the ingredients list, so looks like I’m not going to track!” And we all know that’s never good, so what can we do to help Read More



Hey everyone! Just wanted wish Healthy Girl Fashion a Happy 2nd Birthday! We launched Healthy Girl Fashion as a blog that was going to showcase fashion for women who were healthy, but it grew into so much more. We started moving into Poshmark tips, and tricks and then just this year we moved into more diversity in the content. I am so happy to Read More