To Offer Or To Buy?

To Offer On Poshmark Or Not Offer?

Because I am in full nesting mode I’ve been doing a lot of buying lately. I’ve been scouring the internets for lots of pre-owned/ lightly used baby goods to fill my nest for my little Poshmini. So lately I’ve been looking at some of the listings and I’ve been really thinking to myself, should I or shouldn’t I? Should I be making offers on everything? or should I just buy it outright?

Always hard to tell right? You never know where people source their stuff or even where they get it, I mean they could’ve gotten it for free, so really any offer they get should be all profit right? I say wrong. Don’t get me wrong here, but I still put value on people’s time. People have to take the item, store it, ship it, and print the label. All in all, I would say a minimum $10 for their time.

Even though someone is willing to go lower, I almost have a sense of guilt even offering that low of a price. I mean the chances are that someone has everything ready to go in a  prepared box and all they have to do is hit ‘print’ on their printer then slap on a label by the front door as the mailman is picking up their mail… is highly unlikely.

Making an Offer on Poshmark

So What Is The Threshold When It Comes To Offering?

There is no threshold per-se when it comes to offering, but use your best judgement. I think offering too low on an item and really keep you from getting a reasonable deal, especially since people already know that they have to put in a lot of time an effort to ship something out and to get the item, etc. Like i stated before $10 would be MY personal threshold if I was selling something and I got it for free and it was my bare minimum price, so I think it would be fair for others.

That’s when just buying something outright seems to be the easier thing to do. Are we really going to spend 3 hours negotiating over $8? At that point, it’s not even worth my time to haggle. If there is a deal that I KNOW I need to buy right then and there…sayyyy a new Tiffany bracelet for $30 with box and receipt and it’s just a girl getting over an ex-boyfriend? BUY. Don’t even think. Just buy. Those are some no brainers. Of course if it’s authentic. You know that if you decide that you want to put in an offer at $25 to save $5, there will be someone else pressing that ‘BUY NOW’ button before you even have a chance to submit you offer. My rule is: anything under $50 would have to take some serious consideration for me to submit an offer.

But if you do see something that you know may be out of your price range, I would suggest making a reasonable offer. Rather than just hitting ‘BUY NOW’ bags that are worth more that may have a little wiggle room in the pricing have more flexibility, than most items do.

@theachloe's CHANEL Listing on Poshmark - Making an Offer on Poshmark
@theachloe’s CHANEL Listing on Poshmark – Making an Offer on Poshmark

But if you’re thinking of sending a lowball offer on any high end luxury you can dream on. Any sane person knows the value in each of those bags, so if anyone is thinking of lowballing and hitting the jackpot, I’d probably tell you you’d have a better shot at winning the lottery. OR it’s not the real deal.


To buy or to Buy Buy buy?
To buy or to Buy Buy buy?

Here are some rules that I have when I actually am going to BUY something outright.

  1. It’s under $10
  2. If I don’t want to risk someone else buying it
  3. It’s being paid with Posh Credits
  4. It’s from a PFF
  5. Someone says they’re not taking offers.

Typically, I will make offers on most, but if someone counters back with the listing price I get the hint that they aren’t going lower. I really hate that people don’t even counter back. But I’ll send a message on the listing telling them that I’m going to send them a lower offer and that if they can counter with their lowest it would be great. I *hope* that people do the message before they see the offer come through because some of them deny like super quick before they have a chance to make a sale.

I’d also like to make the comment that I am most of the time a casual shopper. I don’t typically buy on a NEED basis but I do if I didn’t plan something out, like a themed party and such and I’m desperate. But I typically do make offers. I kinda like to know what your threshold is? Do you typically like to offer on all items? or do you just buy outright?

Let me know your thoughts! Also please put down your closet name and link, so I can check it out!

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Ediza has been a Poshmark user since 2013 and is a fashion enthusiast with a insatiable hunger for designer bags. She has completed numerous trips around the world using points and miles as her choice of currency and chronicles those adventures here at HealthyGirlFashion.

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