How to Create the Perfect Poshmark Covershot

Today as I was taking some photos for my own listings, and I thought about putting up some pointers that I’ve learned while I’ve been in the Poshrelm. Now if you know me and follow me on Poshmark you’ve probably thanked me for sharing a slew of your items. You’re welcome. I for one have seen thousands upon thousands of listings, my covershots have been featured on Poshmark’s ‘Covershot Crushes” feature, and my listings have been hand picked as covers for numerous posh parties. So I’ve picked a few just to show you what it’s like to create the perfect covershot for your closet! Now what does that mean? It’s means more sales, more money, more exposure, and more followers. We all want that. I’ll be going over some tips, a few mistakes that I’ve learned and just some info that I’ve picked up along the way.


What is a covershot?!

If you’re new to Poshmark it’s pretty much just the first shot out of the 4 pictures you upload that people get to see when they are shopping or just on the site. The covershot is your first impression of the item. What you don’t realize is that a covershot tells a lot about who you are a lot more than just what the item looks like. Lets take one of MY listings (don’t want to embarrass anyone here). BTW you can click on any of the images to take you to the actual listings of the item, hurry though, they sell pretty quick!


This is an actual covershot listing for my Geometric pleated shirt ($25). Now would you actually buy this for $25? Really be honest. Because I sure as hell wouldn’t! What does it say to you? Well first off, it says that I didn’t have time to iron it, since it’s all wrinkled. So I didn’t put any effort, and what does that say about the rest of my items in my closet? (so far, not good, remember we’re on first impressions) It’s also off center. Now, *flashback* when I was in film school, they taught us about ‘lines’ and how important they are in imagery, as well as ‘angles’ and why things are shot in angles. If you see a movie shot straight it’s normal right? Right! (just agree with me) But when you see something shot sideways/ tilted its unsettling, you feel unbalanced, uneven, almost uncomfortable. You see how that shirt is kinda tilted? it kinda makes you want to adjust it so that it’s straight right? Right. (just agree with me) And that’s what people get in a fraction of a second when they look at your listing. Subconsciously people have just a moment to be turned on by your image or turned off. What you want (and what I want) is that switch to stay on for all your listings. You want people to bundle you items, sell a ton, and make money! It’s also easy to pick a googled image of the actual item that a professional shot of it, but sometimes you don’t have those resources for your one of a kind item (Especially if you are making the item this means you are pioneering your own brand! see more on this at tip #3 for ellebee206). So how do you get a professional looking picture without taking a single photo class? Well lets understand what factors really need to go into a picture. First off lets start with:

1) light.

Light is SO important when taking a photo, how else are people going to see your images if they can’t SEE it? They need to see the color, the contours, the shape, and the way it looks. If you see the pic above, you see shadows, and the darker shades outweigh the lighter shades. FYI another thing I learned in film school is that people associate negatively to darker shades, that’s why film noir movies are ‘dark’ in themes and you don’t want that for your listings. You want to feature you item to it’s fullest potential, not like the previous picture which needs to be changed immediately! So show as much of the item as you can and highlight it’s key features. Take a look at this awesome listing by @alissaemoto (you can find her closet here)


Simple yet gorgeous. It’s clear, you have perfect lighting, you can see all the details of the ring, and it’s not overexposed or underexposed (too much light/ too little light). Notice that the more light you have, the clearer the details are, especially if you’re working with your smartphone. Now this ring is selling for $38, and it looks so good I’d happily shovel over my hard earned hours to add this to my ring collection. Also check out this Floral Button Cardigan by @bellefleur  (check out her closet here)




Jeez laweez her closet is jam packed with items that are gorgeously lit! What’s great about this covershot is that it draws you in by all the different items and yet it still showcases the main item for sale. This is a great way to bundle your items in the picture and take one picture and utilize it for several listings. Remember that when you start looking through different closets you’ll notice that they all have the same general theme, in her closet all the items are featured with the same gorgeous lighting. Take note!

2) Wear-ability.

A lot of listings that I look at are very hard to picture myself in. The number 1 question that I always get is: “Can you model this for me?”. Listen ladies and gents… I am not a model. Nor can I fit my butt into size 4 pants that I’ve decided to sell since I am now a size 10. Not your fault, all mine, but the point i’m trying to make is that people want to see how the item falls on the body. How it lays, where it hugs, and if it’s at all flattering to the waistline. This is an excellent way to get a persons attention. Go fierce and work it! Check out my girl @wearinla (you can find her closet here and check out her awesome blog

wearinlam_52dccd78d929906b1b0b6f07 m_52dccd834845e64c9c0b91a1

I mean how cute is she?! She models most of the items in her closet, and what’s great about this is that she gives the buyer an idea of how to pair the item with other clothes, how to wear it, and show how much fun she looks wearing it. She is one of the most successful poshers in Poshmark and she was featured as one of the panelists at the 2013 Poshfest in Las Vegas, NV.

To coattail on the modeling, selfies are good, only when you are in a pinch! If you can get the resources to have someone take the pic for you, do what she does, she showcases the item, (very important when modeling) the background is basic, the lighting is good and the item is featured. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen  listings with a dirty room or clutter in the background. Step away from the distractions, less is more!

Also for shoes check out this covershot for these Report Sandals (check out @angelisab28’s closet here)



This girl is always sportin a pedicure which makes it look more fashionable, feminine, and more valuable!

Now, lets just say that you have an item that doesn’t fit anymore or a dress form to put it on. Here is a simple trick I use so that an item looks more feminine without putting it on your body:


OK so I’m not gonna say that this is the best damn covershot I’ve ever made, but this is one that shows my little ‘trick’. Now when I got this dress, and laid it on my badass chevron carpet, it looked like it was massive. Do you notice the rouching around the waistline? I did that intentionally. Because it was not at all flattering laying flat, so I added more contours to ‘fill in’ and how it would shape to the body. After I retook the picture this way and uploaded it, it sold immediately.

3) Simplify.

My girl @ellebee206 is champion at designing her own stuff and she hand crafts some of the BEST items you’d see on poshmark. I LOVE the way she features her items because her product sells itself. Its much easier to simplify when you have a great product! Check out her large Handmade Feaux Leather Clutch (Check out her closet here)


m_531505c578195018311cf4d9 m_531505d13ddfd420ba1a5f92

This is one of the many different designs she hand makes. Check out her collection:





I love @ellebee206’s closet, I love her style and creativity and these clutches are selling like hotcakes! Now I love the way she showcases her item, it’s not busy, there aren’t words everywhere and logos, it’s simple, and eye catching. Her covershot reminds me of walking by a shop window with a gorgeous dress. Your walking, you take a glance, and  BAM it stops you in your tacks. That’s how it is when I’m looking through my feed, I scroll through, and stop at an item and sure enough it’s @ellebee206! That’s what you want when people look through your closet!

Just the opposite, like this Rebecca Minkoff Mint bag, you’ve got a name brand item that is in itself gorgeous. So why add more when the item can sell itself…I mean, you bought it right? Check out @lesliebrophy’s closet here.



4) Color.

Now I’m all for color, when done tastefully. Color is best when thought out and palettes are made well. So don’t always use the same background if the colors aren’t right for each other, same goes for print! Test out colors before you photograph them, and make sure that the picture does the item justice.You don’t want the colors to flush or overpower the color of your item, you want the colors to compliment! Take this Gorgeous Gold Clutch:


Now I’ve had my eye on this clutch forever. I think I’ve has this in my ‘likes’ since I first had my poshmark account. The reason it struck me is because you really get that ‘pop’ effect. If you can use nature, do it! Because of the contrasting between the colors it’s just so appealing, and it really highlights all the features of the bag! Now for $20 this will sell in a heartbeat! Check out @queenmab236’s closet here.


This is one of my own personal listings. I love this covershot, it’s bright, the colors compliment each other and it’s clear so you can see all the details of the bag. Now on the opposite side of the spectrum you have white, you can never go wrong with having a plain white background to contrast your dark toned item. Like these J Brand Skinnies from @pioni’s closet which you can check out here.


Soft and simple, well lighted and an outfit already designed for you to give you an idea of how this can be paired! This is great way to get the buyer inspired so they are able to look within their own closet to see if they have something that may look the same, but also this is a great way to sell multiple items. I’ve seen comments that are “can I just buy this whole set?” and score! You’ve tripled your sale!

I hope this helps you and inspired you to give a good revamp into your closet and possibly some inspiration for you to get creative and go covershot happy. Now that I’ve shared some of my tips on covershot listings, I’d like to hear some of your own!! Please leave a comment in the box below!

Stay healthy,




Ediza Ferris

Ediza has been a Poshmark user since 2013 and is a fashion enthusiast with a insatiable hunger for designer bags. She has completed numerous trips around the world using points and miles as her choice of currency and chronicles those adventures here at HealthyGirlFashion.

  1. Such a great tutorial. I agree that all the ladies highlight have fantastic cover shots. Im always on the lookout for great ideas.

    1. Well I think the lowest you can go on an item is now $3. I personally have never traded, or even condone trading through PM. The reason being is that despite PM stating that trading is OK but they aren’t able to support in the event that the trade is bad, sends up a red flag for me. I have heard nothing but horror stories associated with trades. My friend who used to trade ended up getting something that had a stain on it and PM couldn’t do anything, and people say that they’ve received boxes that were empty and they still couldn’t do anything, etc. I say, unless you have the item in your hands and you can see it yourself, then trading is something that I would do. But if I have to trade from a stranger who doesn’t necessarily have to disclose any faults on the item and may not even send the item at all, then I might as well just send hand them money. You are never guaranteed anything through a trade and you’re not even treated fairly, so that’s something that I cannot live with. That’s why I just stick to sales for the items that I have.

  2. Thank you very much. I’m trying to do everything the “Poshmark Way!” So, my next question, is about what you can sell. I purchased 2Bras that were New with tags, but they don’t fit. Am I allowed to resell them? Also, I wonder about NAILPOLISH because it could burst/smash in the mail. But the times I’ve given it as gifts, I wrap it in paper, then totally in strapping tape, so if something did happen (I’ve been lucky thus far), it would be contained. What type of gifts would/do you send with your sales. In addition, I have a Curling Iron and an IPod for sale; is that okay? Sorry so long, but after being in the top 10% Sellers last month, it got me thinking that if I wanted to go farther with Pashmark, I needed to ‘CLean’ my closet of ALL Contraband, and work on making my listing Covershots better. I would like to become a Suggested User. But I have a lot of work to do first. Then how do you become one? Thank you so much for your help❤️✌️😎

    1. I think if you just stick to what is in their guidelines in their terms and conditions you should be fine. I don’t believe that nail polish or NWT bras are a problem but I would double check with the verbiage first! So glad that you are making your closet much cleaner, good luck with your covershots!

      1. Thank you guys for all your help! You are so nice and friendly; I am proud to be a part of the Poshmark Community❤️✌️😎

  3. Thanks for the great tips. I have professional photography equipment but Poshmark appears to be set for users to photograph sale items exclusively using an iPad or a mobile phone, both of which I have but the quality is compromised. I tried saving my photography files to Microsoft One Drive but when I hit the sell button on Poshmark it says that Poshmark doesn’t have access to those files and to check my privacy settings. I check my account settings on Poshmark but could find nothing related to privacy setting, then I tried to find privacy settings on One Drive but couldn’t find anything there either. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can utilize photos rendered on a device other than my phone or iPad?

    1. Jody- If there’s a way to download the photos on to you smartphone or tablet, it would be the best way to get them into poshmark for listing purposes. Watch out for my latest blog, about listing like a pro!

  4. My comment just disappeared, I don’t know if that means its pending or if WordPress deleted my comment when it required me to log into my account. My question was regarding use of photography equipment. I’d like to use photos taken on professional camera equipment rather than my iPad or cellphone. Anyone have suggestions? I have an arsenal of stuff to sell but the platform that limits users to taking picture on an iPad or cellphone exclusively is a real deterrent. I tried moving my photos from my camera to One Drive so I could access the file after hitting the sell button on Poshmark from my cellphone but I get a message saying to check my privacy settings. I tried doing that but could find no place for that type of privacy setting on Poshmark or on One Drive. Any suggestions?

  5. How do people add titles to their cover art? When I take photos with my phone (not through the poshmark app) the images aren’t cropped to the correct size. I could add titles on my desktop, or do I need to add titles to cover art using another app? Is there as system to simplify? Do people take all photos with posmark app so they are correct size, then edit on desktop and re-post? Help to this newbie is much appreciated.

    1. On your iOS device you can shoot photos square shaped without having to trim them. There are plenty of apps out there that you can add text or collage the photos together. Checkout my post on Best Apps For Poshmark!

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