My Small Little Business: Keepin’ Your Cool During Your Hot Summer Sales

So I haven’t written in awhile because I really wanted to get some good content on here and I don’t want to sound like a broken record reiterating what Poshmark’s Headquarters have already done in their Guide to Poshmark. I do want to go over a few things that I’ve encountered over the past few weeks that I think may help you in your future sales and communication with buyers. I’ve titled this in the “Small Business” series as Keepin’ Your Cool During Your Hot Summer Sales and I’ve named that precisely based on some encounters that I’ve seen and some that I have already experienced. You’ll see what I mean as you are reading, trust.

First I’d like to start off with the new improvements Poshmark has released, some brand new features that are sure to please all buyers and sellers alike! One of which is a rating system that gives your buyers an opportunity to rate the items that they receive based on a 5 star grading scale. I for one LOVE this, it doesn’t really give the public a look at the rating system, but it does give the buyer more of a feedback outlet so they can say how satisfied they are with the items that you’ve received. You can see the rating system in your profile and see where your buyers think there could be more improvement, either in your descriptions or in your shipping and so on. That’s why packaging your item is so important and displaying your item with the best packaging to give your buyers the experience they deserve and to boost up your ratings as a seller! I did do a post on it, if you haven’t read it check it out here.

Secondly, Poshmark has a new notification system that alerts all buyers that have “liked” an item, the new lowered price. Now this one has a slippery slope, let me explain why.  Typically a buyer (or it seems like every buyer on this app) will ask for a lower price and when you lower the price for your buyer, it’s super important that you communicate to them that they stay right by their phones. Reason being is when you lower that price your buyer, everyone else who “liked” that item , will now get a message in their notifications that the item has been lowered. It has now become a “first come first serve” free for all. I did have an item that I lowered for one buyer, and another buyer purchased it and it wasn’t until a few hours later that the buyer that I initially lowered it for said something. To be fair, the second person did purchase it before the first, but I did let them know that I did strike a deal with the first person so it was up to them to give it to the other person. Now lowering a price is up to the seller’s digression, and as you can see it does have some risk to it. I for one HATE/LOATHE/DETEST/ ABHOR (pick one) lowering prices for people that never follow through. The worst part about it is that the person asking you is offering the lower price on your wall, and you HAVE to communicate to them on your wall. And for those of you who don’t know already, your wall may as well be written in permanent ink because what you say is set in stone for the world to see.

There was a topic brought up at Poshfest 2013 that people were urging Manish (CEO of Poshmark) to consider, and that was PMing (Private Messaging…get with the program people!). However his mind wasn’t swayed despite our comments and reasoning, because “People are on their best behavior when they know people are watching” and this is 100% true. He did mention possibly creating a “Make and Offer” system, but it may still be in the works. It DOES in fact cheapen the product when you agree to lower the price and then the buyer disappears, hate to say it but it may happen to you, in fact I’m just going to say that it WILL happen to you. No doubt in my mind that someone will make you lower an item and they will swear on their mother’s grave that they will pay right away, and you will agree and lower it and suddenly they just disappear. Those people are trolls. Yes you can say they’re the ugly kind of trolls that won’t let you pass on a bridge, but in the cyber world that is an actual term. Pretty much people that go around screwing with your business just for the fun of it. Not cool *smh* (Shaking My Head). So now you are left with an item that is lower than your initial asking price and you’ve been exposed allowing this item to be lower than your asking price. WHAT DO YOU DO?!?

Well.. I say, keep your cool and take back control! Listen, no one said you have to sell it at that price. In fact in my posts I purposefully give a contingency that will make or break a deal. Typically I state, “I can lower this if you buy within the hour because I need to make my quota for the month and this offer is unavailable after (such and such) time.” I make it CLEAR that this is a one and only type of thing for that ONE item. No additional bundle discounts on top of the lowered price (unless I’m in a super good mood and I can afford to lower it). If they don’t purchase, you snooze you lose! Or tell them, “I’d like to bundle it for that price”. That’s it! You are 100% in control of your closet, don’t succumb to the desperation of trying to make the sale, its totally not worth it and that’s not the seller that you want to be. Everything eventually sells, trust me, it will. There are numerous items that I posted that I thought would NEVER sell, and they always do. So unless you are really strapped for cash, then lower away! But be weary that you might be a victim of people that are trolling through the app.

In addition to keeping your cool, just as I mentioned before, your words are permanent. PERMANENT. So before you start taking off those earrings ready to throw down at your computer be very cognizant that Poshmark does not take harassment lightly. It is NOT ok for you or anyone to be harassing another posher. I absolutely detest seeing posts of “BEWARE OF THIS POSHER” posts on Poshmark. For one, they aren’t nice, and secondly I try not to pay attention to them since their problems are not any of my concern anyway. Don’t get involved with another Posher’s drama!!! I hate when people gang up on another posher because of a bad trade or deal. Which is why I never trade, I would never like to be on either end of those disagreements. My advice to you in the event that you are faced with an encounter like any of the ones I’ve mentioned in this post? Block them and move on with your life. If there is even a slight disagreement that you notice is starting to escalate, remove yourself from the situation by blocking that posher and if there is harassment, then report it to Poshmark Customer Care (That’s where your 20% commission is going FYI…you’ve been paying for it, why not use it!)

With these new awesome features, you are bound to make some big sales. Last week I decided to lower 1/2 my closet and I sold 42 items in 24 hours! It was great but it didn’t happen without a few of these instances so I hope that these don’t happen to you, but just remember that you need to keep on giving that amazing customer service and if there is anything that is starting to get out of hand: Block them, report them, and move on!

Thanks so much for reading, I would love to hear some of the encounters you’ve experienced or some of the challenges you have as a seller. Please leave them in the comments below!


Stay Healthy,



Ediza Ferris

Ediza has been a Poshmark user since 2013 and is a fashion enthusiast with a insatiable hunger for designer bags. She has completed numerous trips around the world using points and miles as her choice of currency and chronicles those adventures here at HealthyGirlFashion.

  1. Hi Ediza, love reading your monthly blogs, keep it going :))…. For months now, I’ve bitched about having a “Make An Offer” feature like they do on Threadflip!!! It REALLY does eliminate all of the garbage that we’ve all read under the Comments section of an item. Having this function will greatly streamline those “permanent” haggling, bartering, criticisms, offensive, and lowballing comments that we see daily on many peoples closets. Once a buyer does make an offer the seller has the discretion to either accept it or decline it and the whole interaction is done privately! Sales tend to be faster too which greatly benefits both parties. You can also private message the potential buyer if you need to provide additional information that the whole wide world will NOT see! It sure saves a lot of time, not having to constantly go in and edit pricing. Being that Poshmark is a huge App site, I’m very surprised this hasn’t been implemented. It also eliminates the situation you described when lowering the price of something, where you told the “first” buyer a price and the “next” one comes along and scoops it up! Well, at the end of the day, this is the retail world and if you walked into your favorite brick & mortar store totally loving an item that was on sale but didn’t buy it, someone else definitely will. Is it fair? Well, if a buyer wanted it in the first place, they’d buy it plain and simple. I once owned a specialty custom home furnishings & accessories store locally, and saw this scene played out over and over again. I love the social aspect of Poshmark, as I’ve made nice connections with some great gals, however, as much as I’ve tried to do the whole following and sharing scenario, my sales are not as quick as they’ve been on Threadflip and that site has a much, much smaller customer base! It could be that not all of my items are in the “affordable” range which is all relative, which might explain my slower sales on Poshmark :(. In a couple of months I’ve only made I believe about 6-7 sales. I also have what many might consider a “smaller” closet although I’m in the process of adding on more items to sell. Yup, I just experienced what you described as a troll trying to just wreck my day, Grrrr!! She asked me to create a bundle and hold a couple of handbags and she would pay me the next day.. I reluctantly put up the “holds” but I gave her a 24 hour window and told her that I wasn’t going to edit and create the actual bundle until she was absolutely ready to pay. She was agreeable to all the terms but after that… Never heard from her again! My instinct kept telling me that, ” I bet she won’t buy” and I was right- much to my disappointment. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, leaving her a friendly reminder message knowing that it was probably a waste of my time…. So I simply blocked her and I’m sure she’s already on to her next victim! Don’t these Mo-Fo’s have anything better to do with their lives??? I guess not! I also like the other new push notification feature of items we liked and are now alerted that the prices are reduced, yay! I’m also a shopper ( lol, aren’t we all?)

  2. I love reading your Blog! I agree with distancing yourself from ” posted drama”. Even though I may agree with a post, the best tactic is to avoid having your name and comments for everyone to see. Its not professional and almost sophmoric behavior. I say mind the business in your own closet and not the business of others!! Focus on making sure you establish a positive & hassle free reputation where trust is valued!! I always say, if people are talking negatively about others, they will most likely do it to you if given the chance. Don’t give anyone the chance to bring drama or chaos to your brand or your closet!! Thank you for sharing wise & professional advise!!
    Toni Spadoni

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