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I think it’s every serious posher’s aspiration to become a Suggested User. It’s almost a sense of entitlement and belonging that you feel once you become a suggested user and to be given that privilege is a big highlight in your posh career. Now I know what you are all thinking, what exactly is a Suggested User? What’s the big deal? Why is it so important? How do I become one? What happens after I become a suggested user? Well my dears I will be explaining just that!

Now if you haven’t already seen the new APP UPDATE from Poshmark, they basically do a rundown of this information Poshmark style! It’s really clear cut and as to what they basically look for and how they select those users. So read up if you haven’t already! I’m going to give you just a bit more information from a Posher’s perspective as to what the hype is and why it’s been thrown around so much.

So what is a ‘Suggested User’?
A suggested user is just that. If you’re on your iPhone (sorry android users I don’t know what it looks like on your end), you would touch the ‘Feed’ icon on the bottom.


Then on the top left you would select the person icon with the plus sign next to it. It will take you to a screen that looks like this:

image (2)

If you look towards the bottom you will see a few other posher’s names below the twitter icon.

image (1)

These ladies are suggested users. They have been tailored specially for me, based on my ‘likes’, and my sizes. Now these rotate so I don’t always see the same people but they will rotate multiple time throughout the day.

What does it mean to be a suggested user?

Well for one, you are more likely to follow people if they are in your suggested users Rolodex since they meet the same style, and roughly the same size as you. That means for the suggested user people are more likely to purchase your items in your closet, or share your items to more people and therefore boost your popularity and overall sales.

What’s the dealio with becoming a suggested user then?

Just to give you a bit more insight, being a suggested user *before the update* meant that everyone defaulted the same 15 suggested users. So those 15 people were pretty much Tila Tequila back in the MySpace days (if you don’t understand the reference, she’s just really really popular for being a pre-selected ‘friend’ on your profile). That’s why being a suggested user meant so much. Suggested users were uber popular, with millions of followers. So their sales were not only super high, but anything they shared would automatically be shared to millions of followers. What a nice chunk of power eh? Well when more and more people wanted a cut of the suggested user pie, that’s when Poshmark started to hone in on refining the suggested user experience. So now being a suggested user has more of a tailored effect than just a mass amount of people following the same select few.

How do I become a Suggested User then? (I want some o’that pie!)

FROM POSHMARK’S BLOG: Being a Suggested User is like being an ambassador — a big part of the role is ushering in, welcoming and helping educate new users as they become part of our community. Because of this, we look for users who have a stellar sales history, clear cover shots and descriptions, an eye for finding and sharing other community members’ listings, and users who are upstanding members of the Poshmark community.

HGF: So it’s a selection process. No need to apply, PMHQ will notify you once you’ve been selected. If you’ve been an upstanding member of Poshmark and you have yet to be noticed just know that this is still undergoing a lot of treatment. Despite who you tag in the various posts that state why you should be a suggested user and all the reasons why it’s your time, be sure to know that PMHQ is sifting through millions of profiles to find you, so please be patient. Your time will come and while you are waiting for that coveted email stating that you’ve been selected with that title of ‘Suggested User’, be sure that you continue being an upstanding citizen of the Poshmark community. No hair pulling!

What happens after I become a suggested user?

First off, congrats if you’ve become one! When I got my email I thought it was pretty cool. But nothing really happens that’s really in front of your face aside from the email they send you congratulating you on becoming a suggested user. Most of the stuff happens behind the scenes. What you don’t see is your name being at the top of someone’s suggested users list, or someone drawn to your profile because another follower shared a few of your items. but rest assured that having that special title comes with a lot of hard work (because I know you have to have an impeccable sales record) and lots of posh love spread around. Enjoy being a suggested user, it doesn’t get thrown to everyone and you’ve earned it! And make sure to share it with your posh friends, because it’s a positive thing!

I think I’ve covered all the bases when it comes to being a suggested user. So if you have more questions please don’t hesitate to ask below in the comments section!

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Stay Healthy,


Ediza Ferris

Ediza has been a Poshmark user since 2013 and is a fashion enthusiast with a insatiable hunger for designer bags. She has completed numerous trips around the world using points and miles as her choice of currency and chronicles those adventures here at HealthyGirlFashion.

  1. Hi Ediza! Thanks for elaborating a bit more on what the role of a Suggested User is! I kind of figured they were part of the “elite” group of seasoned Poshers who were available to mentor and help the “newbies” and even those who’ve been on Posh for awhile now. When I first started about 3 months ago, I felt like a fish in a big ocean trying to find my way around, lol. Poshmark puts out great FYI stuff but I’ve learned more from the actual “doing” of it vs. reading about it. Now, I’d love to see you write an article about the “secret” to getting one of your listings chosen for a host pick. We all know what it is but it’s how to get it! One Saturday morning I was wondering do I have to have a connection or get on someone’s “hot list” to get my closet recognized and getting my name out there? Out of all the topics I’ve read on multiple comment threads, this is the one thing that’s brought up the most. To be honest, initially I thought Posh was a bit of a “clique” because I kept seeing the same 50-60 names daily over and over again! I finally and very persistently chose a random pro Posher to voice my unhappiness over this.. So then she tagged me onto others to take a look in my closet.. Then I got many replies which ultimately led to me getting 2 HP’s in one week. I then asked a gal who has officially become my “go to mentor” to tag me whenever she becomes aware of an upcoming Posh party and the hosts doing the party. I can definitely tell the difference now since getting those host picks. One of them has already sold and my sales have really started to pick up, yay!!! So as I’ve played detective here on this, how in the world will a very, very new Posher know what to do to get the attention that they may really need especially if they’ve got an awesome closet? I’d love to hear your thoughts on these concerns.,, Once again, another great article!😊👍 Kindly, Dorothy/lakeforest ( I picked that name cuz I grew up in Seal Beach, CA. Then bought a home in Laguna Hills, and my nephew and his wife & kids lived in Lakeforest 🙂 soo I’m an OC gal at heart even though we’re in Vegas now!

    1. Hey girl!! I love Vinted, however I am just focusing on Poshmark right now. My sales are skyrocketing on Poshmark so I like to keep all my inventory where I’m making the most money on. My experience on Poshmark is 10 fold compared to any other app on the market! If you are looking to sell I would start to put all your eggs in one basket because if you spread yourself out too thin, you’ll be working so much harder than what you’re getting back in sales that’s what I felt like before just put all my efforts into Poshmark, now I’m stress free but with all the sales! Hope that helps and I hope you make the switch over!

  2. Hi there! The ladies of the Facebook Poshmark User Group are loving your posts. We’d be super happy if you’d join us. If you do, please let us know you’ve arrived and are the writer of this great blog!

  3. Hi Ediza! I recently became a SU and was wondering about the wheel. I don’t think I’ve been on it yet, because my follower count hasn’t changed that significantly or noticeably. I was wondering if it’s possible to see yourself appear on the wheel, or if your own name doesn’t show up? Thanks in advance for any help you’re able to offer! 🙂

    1. Well being on “the wheel” you’ll notice at times that in your notifications you’ll get a surge of new followers. For myself I haven’t seen or been on “the wheel” in a long time. So they might’ve changed the whole process or there are so many people who are suggested users that the wheel may be rather large to go around.

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