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So if you are a female unfortunately you are victim of the impulse gene. I don’t know any female in the world who hasn’t purchased something impulsively. In fact, Poshmark’s one click shopping experience has really made it hard to fight the impulse monster. But in cases like this, it’s always best to make sure that the purchases that you make are relatively the smartest ones! In this post I am going to give you a few tips on how to be a better, savvier shopper when purchasing on Poshmark. We will go over how to prove authenticity without having to pay for 3rd party authentication services, what to buy and what not to buy, and communicating with your seller!


So let’s get started: Authenticity!

You’ve heard the words before, “Yes this is 100% Authentic!”. Let me tell you something, I’ve heard horror stories of a woman (not me) who purchases all of her replicas in China and sells them with 100% Authentic slapped all over her eBay listings and swears up and down that they are real and never has had one complaint! Now I never met this woman but if I did I hope she’s gotten caught because that is so aggravating to hear! So how will you ever know whether a piece is real or not? I’ve used this trick a few times and it’s proven very successful for me when authenticating a piece. Stores nowadays will NOT authenticate a bag for you. They are under so much scrutiny that policies have been added to protect them from providing authentication papers. So, Louis Vuitton will NOT authenticate any bag, so don’t get duped by people telling you they got it authenticated recently because they’re lying. However, there is a way to get around that! Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Chanel, and any high end retailer that has their own repair shop will NOT repair anything that isn’t one of their pieces, this is 100% true. My solution? If you buy a big ticket item off of ANY website second hand, take it to the retailer for repair, and get them to service it right away (for whatever reason, i.e new leather straps, polishing, cleaning). It’s an “authentication” without actually getting it authenticated. (best part? It comes with paperwork!)   Once it gets to the craftsmen, they will be able to see if the item is a replica. If it is, they will notify you right away.  That way you can alert Poshmark of the discrepancy and void the transaction without you losing your nice chunk of change! Make sure to call ahead and ask the retailer what their policies are for repair and what items can or can’t be “seen”.


Secondly: What to buy!

Poshmark and other apps are amazing outlets to find rare treasures! Finding a Great Chanel bag is not as hard if you are dedicated to searching a million times, and waiting patiently for that one user to upload a steal where you can snag it before anyone else does! Chanel’s, Tory Burch, and other high end retailers really do charge an arm and a leg, so when going out and purchasing something make sure you know EXACTLY what you want, what it looks like in detail, and what it’s made out of. Knowing the details is half the battle especially when shopping for high end luxury items. Also, if you plan on buying a fixer upper just know exactly what you’re getting into. I bought a very inexpensive Louis Vuitton from a Posher this past month. It was a fixer upper, so immediately I knew that I would be able to get it to a LV store asap and sent to be repaired right away! (Authenticated? check!) It was also vintage piece, vintage meaning oooooooold, like 30 years old. Trouble with that is, LV discontinued that bag, along with all the pieces that make it up. Not only that, since it’s aged so long, they can’t work on it because if they do they jeopardize cracking the canvas. So be weary of what you purchase that’s vintage! You also want to buy pieces that are worth the amount that you are going to repair it. For instance, don’t buy a purse that’s $1000 if you have to put in $3000 in repairs to make it look new and you can buy it for $2000 retail. I bought a bag for $40 only to receive it and it was disgusting! I took it in for repairs and it pretty much cost me an additional $180 to get the bag to OK status, then looking online, the bag NEW was $200. So don’t screw yourself over like I did!


Third: What NOT to buy

Know your store’s policy when it comes to getting repairs done. Tiffany and Co doesn’t require anything to get it polished but that $20 is worth knowing the piece is authentic. Obviously do not buy inspired pieces and take them in to get verified, you will embarrass yourself. It happened to me…at Chanel..in front of a celebrity. I was mortified!! To which I ended up buying a purse straight out!  On the other hand Louis Vuitton can fix anything on that little purse EXCEPT the canvas. Do not, I repeat DO NOT purchase any Louis Vuitton that has ANY damage to the canvas, they won’t even touch it, they will send it right back! So don’t get duped by buying any LV bags that say you can take it to the store for repairs, they won’t! Chanel is a bit different. You can take any item to Chanel as long as it’s one of their pieces and they will repair it. Be mindful that there are not very many vintage pieces left, so if you purchase a vintage Chanel that needs a spare part, it may have to make it’s way to Paris to locate it’s missing piece if they don’t have it locally in the US, or if it no longer exists you won’t be able to get it repaired at all. DO NOT BUY REPLICAS, DO NOT BUY REPLICAS, AND DO NOT BUY REPLICAS. Nothing with the words: Inspired, copycat, 1:1, A+ Quality, Replica, Fake, etc. I cannot stress how important it is to not buy, sell, or promote designer fakes. It’s against the law, but also it looks bad in the posh community.

Retail And General Economy In GenevaLastly: Communicating with your seller

I cannot stress this enough! I would keep in constant communication with your seller if you are purchasing something that needs to be “authenticated”. I have had in 3 different instances let the sellers know of my whereabouts when it comes to getting items authenticated. On 2 occasions I wasn’t the best at communicating but by the 3rd time, I had it nailed to a science! Before you purchase I would ask the seller if they have any paperwork associated with the product and if they can add it to your package, or at least copies of it so that you can verify with the store. If they have no paperwork to support your purchase then let them know your intentions immediately before you hit that ‘buy now’ button! Let them know you will be taking the full 3 days or if you need to contact Poshmark to allot you more time, so there won’t be a shock when you hit that “problem with item” button. Remember, you are purchasing a luxury item with no support of authenticity other than their word, so the sellers should be understanding of your need to get proof of it. If they aren’t cooperative, then move on to the next item!

I hope this helps out with your shopping experience. Slightly long winded but I hope this advice will certainly help you along while you are shopping out there. If you follow these steps, you’re bound to have a closet full of worry free purchases! If you have any other suggestions that you’d like to add please feel free to add it to the comments below!!


Stay Healthy,



Ediza Ferris

Ediza has been a Poshmark user since 2013 and is a fashion enthusiast with a insatiable hunger for designer bags. She has completed numerous trips around the world using points and miles as her choice of currency and chronicles those adventures here at HealthyGirlFashion.

  1. Great article and a must read for every Posher! I’ve got a collection of very vintage luxury bags from Chanel to LV to Balenciaga thanks to my dear late Mom who gave them all to me 🙂 I think many younger shoppers really need to take the time to learn all about handbags that were in production 30+ years ago. They only “know” the newer collections out now & because of this I’ll never list any of my vintage bags on Posh or any other selling venue for that matter. The only bag I sold a few months back was a Fendi Zuchinno which was over 12 yrs old. I was the original owner. A young gal made a fuss & told me it wasn’t real because it didn’t have the hologram inside the inner back zipped pocket. I told her, yes, I know because Fendi didn’t implement the hologram until 2004!!! So I kindly told her to do her research and she finally realized how much she hadn’t known. She thanked me for educating her on some other “older” bags and what to look for. Like you, I discouraged her to buy any vintage unless she got a great referral or someone recommended a reputable seller. Anyway, I hope this article is seen by a lot of both sellers & buyers on Posh 🙂 Your blogs are wonderful, keep up the great work!

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