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Today will be an AMAZING post that will feature another video! This time it will be more of a blog/video but I hope you all watch this video and make lots and lots of money! This is how I sold the 47 items in 24 hours using Poshmark’s Price Drop Notification Feature, so open your brains ladies because this is to help you make the big bucks for the holiday season! If you were at Poshfest this year you got to see a little bit of this, but if you didn’t, hold on to your horses because it’ll be quite a ride! Try to cram a formula and 45 mins worth of panel info in 3 mins! Phew, well I did the best I could! Make sure you share with all your lovely posh friends and SUBSCRIBE to my channel, because I will be making TONS more videos! I have another lined up next week so stay tuned!

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  1. I have been devoting so much time to posh mark but only one or two sales a week and only very cheap items / can you please help me tell me what am I doing wrong also fir price drop do I list price high on original price only or both. I have a child with special needs so I really have to make money this is only job please helllllllp!


    1. Start high, then drop. If you start low, then people won’t get notified if it drops, unless it’s less than the lowest price. Share more, follow more, list every day. See if that starts to help! Good luck!


  2. Hello and thank you for this great video! For a price drop, do you just adjust the price in the ‘edit item’ window, or is there a special area for a price drop? If I go in to edit the item price, will it send out the push notification?

    Thank you so much!!


  3. Thank you so much for the helpful info! Planning a “vaca price drop sale” NOW! One more Posh question: any advice for helping me spend less than I make? The hubster wants to know… 😉


  4. I feel like I’ve struck gold with finding your blog! As a Poshmark newbie, your info has been so helpful! Keep the awesome tips coming!! (BTW…you’re videos are adorable 😄😄).

    Courtney (aka @oak_and_main)


  5. Hey! This article has been so helpful, thank you. I have question though- when you say that the price drop is only eligible 7 days after the last activity- do you mean after it’s been edited, or after it’s been shared? After I’ll share an item of my own to a party, the “updated at” counter at the top of the listing is reset. Is this what you mean? Or does that not represent that 7-day time period? Thanks girl!


  6. Hi! I dropped the price as requested by a buyer so she could receive discounted shipping but she still had to pay 4.99 for shipping. Do you know why this would happen? I never dropped the price on the item before and I dropped it from 15 to 10


  7. Hi! Thank you for your video it was very informative!! Because followers only have one hour to get the cheaper shipping, what time do you recommend doing it?

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  8. Hi Ediza! Thanks for this great video! Quick question: So if I didn’t price some of my items high enough to take advantage of this great Poshmark feature, do I have to create all new listings? In other words, will the 10% drop notification only work from the original price, or will it work for a new higher price? Hope that question makes sense… Thanks so much in advance for your help!


  9. Question! Does the historically low price on an item ever refresh? I’ve lowered some before, but I’d love to be able to drop them again to get people discounted shipping. OR, do I need to relist them? Thanks! Didn’t know about the email blast refresh period.


    1. Not sure on the historically low price. I believe that whatever the price is that you change it to, it’ll always be from that price and the notification will go out from whatever the previous price was. Hope that helps!


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