Top 5 Mistakes You Should Be Correcting To Make More Sales (For Newbies… and Pro’s too!)

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I’ve had this blog sitting waiting in my drafts for quite sometime now and it’s ready for publishing! I’ve been a bit pre-occupied as of late but I am starting to let my little dovey blog posts spread their wings and fly into the public!

This blog post was inspired by a few newbies starting out in Poshmark asking me a few tips and questions that I felt needed to be addressed further so that you are able to succeed! With my help one of the newbies was able to make an extra $450 in profit in one month! PROFIT!!!!! FYI I haven’t even made $450 in one month, so hot dayum! Maybe I should be following some of my own advice! Remember also, that the more time you put into this, the more money you make. Yes Time = Money in this particular equation, so for me, I’ve been busy unpacking (still) and re-organizing my life, as well as traveling and finding a new job, etc. So I haven’t been following these steps religiously as much as I should. If you DO these steps I promise you, in a few days you are well on your way to making more sales!

1. Follow

If you are new (or even a pro) you should be following like MAD crazy! The theory behind this is the follow4follow. We are in a mind set where people follow someone and they follow back. A lot of people do this, on Instagram, Twitter, and on Poshmark as well. Typically you will have about 1/3 of the people that you follow, follow back. So you need to build your audience! It will seem more prevalent when we get to sharing, but for now, your finger better be on that follow button! (Pro Tip: If you want to maximize your shopping experience make sure you follow people your size/ style/ brands. Also following on your desktop computer is 5x easier.) To see more on this check out my blog on how to get more followers here.

2. Tagging

Just a little word to the wise, if you comment back on your own listing, the person you are talking to will not see the comment unless you tag them! We are all a bit numb to this since Facebook notifies every person of a post/thread that a new comment was made. However Poshmark isn’t structured the same. In order to reply to a person’s question you need to tag them on it. For example:

@PoshMember1234 – Hey what are the measurements?

@edizarodriguez – @PoshMember321 waist is 16 inches and length is 32 inches!

Just know that if you write on someone else’s listing you don’t need to tag them in their own listing for them to see the comments in their notifications, BUT you need to tag someone if they are commenting on your OWN listing!

3. Follow Up

Let me tell you, this is the hardest thing I struggle with. In fact I currently need to follow up with a few people that asked for something to be modeled/ measured/ etc. It is the number 1 sale killer! If you don’t follow up right away the sale is dead in the water. Yes I know, we are all busy and we get distracted, but if you don’t follow up, you’ll never know the potential of the sale. Especially if it’s a sale that could lead to a potential bundle making you millions!! lol You never know!

4. Sharing

Sharing is the key ingredient to getting your items seen. If they don’t get seen = no sales. Remember when I talked about building your audience? Well no one is going to see any of your items that you share to your followers UNTIL you have an audience! So for example if you have 4 followers, but you have 300 items in your closet. Every time you share an item to your followers, only 4 people are going to see it! So if you don’t build your audience, you aren’t going to get your items seen, and you will end up sad, in a house, full of clothes, with no sales…well I guess that wouldn’t be SOOOO bad! lol If you are a bit perplexed with the notion of sharing, I will be posting one up soon!

Sharing back, is also big within the community. People share eachother’s closets all the time, so it’s good to get into the practice of sharing back if someone share’s your items from your closet!

5. Community

Poshmark is a big community! Somewhere in the millions I believe. So being an outstanding community member you are granted with a generous amount of love and support and recognition. The Poshmark community team works very hard and tirelessly everyday to ensure that their community members are receiving the recognition that they deserve! Everything from being a suggested user, to Posh Party Host, being featured on their community blog, and so much more! All of which give you that added bit of exposure to making more sales and expanding your empire! So make sure you follow their community blog, FB page, Twitter, and start playing a more active role in the community. Trust me it doesn’t take very much and you will see an out pour of support!

Well that’s all I got for now but I hope you all have a great morning and use some of these tips and make dem coinz!! Make sure to leave your comments below, and questions and to check out all the other stuff I got goin on!

Stay Healthy,


Ediza Ferris

Ediza has been a Poshmark user since 2013 and is a fashion enthusiast with a insatiable hunger for designer bags. She has completed numerous trips around the world using points and miles as her choice of currency and chronicles those adventures here at HealthyGirlFashion.

  1. I read your comment if a poshners doesn’t have a comment spot on their page how do you tag them with the @?????’ Not sure

  2. I’m just starting out and was wondering if I should follow everyone that follows me or should I be selective in following? @ mlb1006

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