Month: January 2016

Boston, MA

If you’re looking to do some hardcore all American entertainment, Boston I say would be #1 on my list. Boston is one of the primary areas settlers colonized when they arrived here…

Holiday Soiree, NAIAS 2016 and More!

It’s been busy this entire week, with work and mending this blog. I have re-organized and added more categories to my blog so you’ll be seeing some more posts of all the…

$10 Posh Credit 24/7!!!

I may be a little late to the party but if you haven’t noticed already, you should be preachin’ to every little person you can about joining Poshmark! Poshmark has lifted the threshold of how many referrals you can obtain and offering you $10 Posh credit to anyone that downloads the app and uses your referral code!

Free $10 Lounge Buddy Credit

This is probably my new favorite app on the traveling market. For those of you who do fly, or travel either for leisure or for business, this little app has become pretty…

All You Need To Know About Cancelling A Sale On Poshmark

OH NO!! You purchased something you weren’t supposed to, and then the buyers remorse sets in. Your inner thoughts start running wild, “Do I really NEED those 4th pair of Jimmy Choo’s?!” FYI the answer is yes, you always do, and yes they are a NEED. But in the case of when you don’t have running water and heat and you absolutely need to cancel. There is always a plan B option.

Closet of the Month: January 2016


What better way to ring in the new year than with a BANG?! I decided to bring this feature back into action by making it an open forum for all to be eligible to be featured! Make sure you see below for details on how you can get your closet featured to be the Closet of the Month!

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January 2016
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