All You Need To Know About Cancelling A Sale On Poshmark

*Edits: Few edits were made on the accuracy of time and days from PMHQ. Also I chose to use the British English of the word “Cancelling”, because I’m posh like that!

OH NO!! You purchased something you weren’t supposed to, and then the buyers remorse sets in. Your inner thoughts start running wild, “Do I really NEED those 4th pair of Jimmy Choo’s?!” FYI the answer is yes, you always do, and yes they are a NEED. But in the case of when you don’t have running water and heat and you absolutely need to cancel. There is always a plan B option.

This blog post will give you a better insight as a shopper and as a seller, as to what and how people are allowed to cancel as well as the time frames given if you purchasing through the Poshmark app and desktop site.

There are several ways to cancel a sale, and though I am never FOR cancelling a sale, just know that those options are available to use sparingly. For regular transactions, you can always cancel a sale within 3 hours of purchasing.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 11.13.42 AM
Poshmark Sellers Portal – See order history here

3 Hour Window

I do believe that people do buy things from their pocket without knowing, only because it happened to me. Silly isn’t it? But it’s true. So don’t fret, because once the sold flag is on, it will immediately be taken off and back on the market if it’s been cancelled by the purchaser within 3 hours. Otherwise, that sold flag is stuck on there for good. If time runs out and you want to cancel PAST the 3 hour window, then I highly suggest contacting the seller and let them know that you do not want the item so that they don’t ship it out. They need cancel on their end, but don’t do this often, because it’s annoying to re-list an item. Otherwise you’re S.O.L and you are stuck with the item.

However, in the case that you are the seller and you cancel the item on your end, then the ‘SOLD’ flag remains and the item is no longer up for sale and all “likes” will need to be gained back up again on a new listing. So for those of you who make a listing of a custom made item, that you will need to create a separate listing per purchase, please be aware that you need to communicate that the main listing is to not be purchased. It happened quite a few times with me *ugh!

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 11.15.47 AM
Select on order that you would like to cancel and click on Problems/ Order Inquiry

7 Day Grace Period

One thing I wish Poshmark would implement into their system is a ‘Vacation Feature’. Right now, for those of us who are on vacation or out of town on business, there is a 7 day grace period to ship the item before the buyer is able to cancel. So as a buyer, the seller has 7 days to ship the item before you can cancel the order. Even if the seller has posted a delayed shipment notice. For those of us who sell and we are out of town, the delayed shipment really doesn’t benefit us, because the feature doesn’t protect you from canceling the sale. SELLER BEWARE!

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 11.16.02 AM
Select reason as to why you would like to cancel an order

“Make an Offer”

Making an offer doesn’t protect you from being able to cancel. If you make an offer on an item, as a buyer, you have no recourse to cancel, these deals are binding. The only way that an item can be cancelled would be from the seller’s end or if they ship out after the 7 day grace period. If in this case you made an offer and want to back out, then you can reach out to the seller, and figure out an solution before escalating it.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 11.16.23 AM
Choose from the reasons below to initiate the cancellation

21 Day Automatic Cancellation

All sales, I believe will be cancelled after 21 days if both parties are unresponsive. So if you are waiting for that $200 Chanel Bag deal that’s been sitting “In Process” for a long time and the buyer has pretty much ghosted you? Then Poshmark will cancel the transaction altogether and issue the buyer the refund and a ding on your account (if you are the seller).

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 12.17.37 PM
Email from Team Posh if you have not sent out an order

Additionally, if there is ever an issue with an order, like if a buyer files a “not as described” issue and wants a refund, Poshmark will issue a return and send the item back and cancel the order.

Be good about your sales, I know I’ve missed a ton of opportunities to send stuff out, but don’t keep your buyers waiting. This is a business after all and people want to buy more, they just don’t know it yet. I hope this guide laid some stuff out for you, and if I missed anything, please leave a comment below!

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Ediza Ferris

Ediza has been a Poshmark user since 2013 and is a fashion enthusiast with a insatiable hunger for designer bags. She has completed numerous trips around the world using points and miles as her choice of currency and chronicles those adventures here at HealthyGirlFashion.

  1. Hi Ediza! Very informative article. 🙂 I recently had a buyer purchase something at full price, I shipped the order, & when she received it three days later, she claimed that she didn’t order it. I commented on the order before shipping out to thank her for her purchase & I updated her once it had been shipped. She never responded to tell me that she had made a mistake. We both reported this to Poshmark support. Do you know what typically happens?

    1. This is an unusual issue. But if she purchased the item, then should would need to accept it unless there are flaws with the description. But I would imagine that if there was a glitch on Poshmark’s end (highly unlikely), she would need to send the item back. Let me know what Poshmark says! Send an update!

  2. I had to cancel an order because I realized my item was damaged and did not want to send a damaged item that wasn’t described as damaged. The customer still wants the item do I reopen a canceled order? Do I just send it, I am worried I wont get my money..

  3. I keep waiting for seller to ship out my item. Its been 8 days and I have an option to cancel but I just want her to ship it out. I reached out in comments and she blew me off. No communication, yet she has been shown active on daily basis. What are the consequences for sellers who do not follow through with the sell? I mean a refund is one, but how does Poshmark guarantee it wont happen again? eBay has a great accountability system. Not sure if Poshmark does.

    1. Poshmark does mark it their record. So you can canx and move on. If they are consistently doing that then Poshmark has the right to remove their privileges. Good luck! Happy poshing!

  4. Hi Ediza!
    One night, a buyer bought an item from me and I shipped it the morning after, but she asked me if I can cancel it the same night I shipped it. Problem is, it’s still pending USPS scan, so what do I do? Do I just have to wait until she recieves it so she can send it back?

    1. I would contact Poshmark support immediately. Letting them know right away about the order once it’s shipped will give them the opportunity to act on it. So give them a message and they will take over from there!

  5. I’ve looked everywhere for an answer to this. If we cancel as a seller, does Poshmark charged us that 20% fee from our account or is it just canceled the buyer receives the refund and the seller isn’t out anything.

    1. Hi! I am a relatively new seller (started Posh in Dec 2016) and I just was negotiating with a buyer via the offer button and then after a deal was made, she asked me to cancel the order. My understanding is as a buyer, she can’t cancel her order saying it was an accidental purchase bc she was using the offer button. My biggest concern is that I don’t want to be penalized for cancelling or risk a bad rating for not cancelling. I feel like buyer’s remorse is really not my problem in this case. I did reach out to customer service but I wanted to know what repercussions I have to face if I cancel this order- even though it is not my fault. Feeling very frustrated and looking for any advice or feedback. 🙁

      1. This happens to me all the time. I won’t cancel unless they tell me to, in which they reassure me it’s not my fault and won’t get penalized. Don’t worry, it happens all the time. And to be honest I’d rather have a satisfied buyer than someone who changed their mind, because ultimately they will try to do something or say something that will compromise the product just to get their way. I don’t have time for that. Just re-list it and move on.

      2. Thank you SO much for your quick feedback. I cancelled the order for reason stating “other” and noted on the old listing and the new listing that the buyer requested cancellation and this is not a return. Made the price firm (as it was listed much higher but I had agreed to X when it first sold and I am not a greedy person). Does that seem reasonable? Not a great way to start the day but I agree that it’s def not worth it to have an unhappy buyer.

  6. Maryann Leone
    I don’t get it I made offers and apparently you were offended and you blocked me I couldn’t even see your post
    Today my Son very sick sd what did you do you never use Cr card on line
    In order to sign must give Payment
    Now I find you charged Me your price. What did you do to me i did make offer and you blocked me what did you do to me
    I’m charged full price . Please stop sale
    Please talk to me or I will report Fraud
    Mary Ann Leone on Texas with son dying of cancer ! Really never thought card would go through not address on account I’m from Wi

  7. Hello!

    I’ve been successfully selling on Poshmark for about 6 months now and, for the first time, I received a notification that I sold an item and the shipping label for it… BUT…. it still shows available in my closet and in the market place. When I checked the “My Sales” tab, it says sold, who it was sold to, and what my pending profit after fees are there. Confused as to whether it is sold or not, whether to ship it or not, I e-mailed Poshmark asking them what happened adding that I won’t be shipping it until I hear back; because, I don’t want to mail it over a possible glitch/scamming practice and end up with no payment and no $60 shirt.

    I still haven’t heard back from Poshmark yet. Have you ever seen this scenario before? Do you know what it’s about?

    Thanks 🙂

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  9. hi! i when i first started on poshmark i had some issues getting things shipped and as a result stacked up a few cancelations from issues on my end, is there a limit to these? can poshmark kick me off for those mistakes? just curious if there is a limit.

  10. Hello, I have been a Poshmark Seller since 2014 and have recently came into my first ever issue.. I bought from a seller & she didn’t know how poshmark worked. After 10 days I tried to reach out to her about shipping the item but no response then I went on Facebook In hopes to find her & I did. She messaged me saying she was confused so I had to walk her thru the steps of how it works but apparently she had registered the wrong email with them which is the reason why she couldn’t ship it so after a lot of back n forth of us contacting Posh they finally got the shipping label sent to her but she ended up shipping it after the 21 day cancellation mark. She messaged me about shipping it but posh sent her an email the same day saying the order was cancelled. I never received an email indicating a cancel & it’s currently saying pending shipping scan from USPS? I dnt get it… will it still ship out? Do I have to cancel it on my end? We both don’t know what’s gonna happen now…

  11. hello, I received a notification an item has been sold. The buyer reached out and ask how long would it take. I told her the next day. I shipped item off and it will be delivered today and my status on poshmark says cancelled. I didn’t receive an email stating it was cancelled nor did thge buyer reach out. I emailed poshmark but no reply back yet. I looked in the comment section and no notification. How can I confirm if this item was cancelled and why? Will I get it back? Also I was able to select redeemable and add account number for this item. I wonder if I’m looking at it wrong. This is my first time using poshmark I’m a beginner.

  12. I wish posh let you rate sellers for non shipment, I gave the seller 20 + days and last response was “I missed the deadline at the post office, you should see an update tomorrow”, 7 days later nothing. There should be a ding on their rating.

  13. A buyer made an offer on my item, I accepted it
    few minutes later she said she didn’t read full post so now she doesn’t want 😐
    How can I cancel her order?
    Will I get bad rating if I cancel?
    Do I get an option that says I cancel on her request?

  14. Hi,

    Late to this thread. As a buyer I recently accepted an offer from a buyer only to have her cancel without telling me. I think she simply didn’t want to part with her items. How can I leave feedback and let her know that I am not happy about this? She will not respond to any of my questions. Thanks!

  15. Hi there! I purchased a “inspired item” on Poshmark which I was aware but I do want the item. The item has been removed from the sellers page due to the rules and I had already purchased and the item was shipped. Will I still get the item and will the seller still be paid?

  16. Hi,
    I hope this gets answered. I shipped a LV bag two weeks ago 4/17/18, to PM concierge and they reshipped to the buyer a week later. USPS attempted one delivery 4/25/18 last week no one home. It is week two, PM does NOT reply to emails when I ask them for the buyer address so I can put in for re delivery. Also, it should be noted that I tried to communicate with the buyer but they have not responded. I politely mentioned they need to go to the USPS and pick up or submit for re delivery.
    I looked up the buyer and they have nothing, meaning no items for sale ect.. I did not get a good vibe. I should have looked them up before because I have a feeling there is “no one home”. That said I cannot even ask USPS to return my $1000 LV bag to me because PM was the shipper.
    I am very disappointed with PM that they have not replied to my emails in 5 business days. At this point I want my bag back. It is the end of day May 1 and quite frankly, I do not trust the buyer if there is one and certainly do not want anything but what I shipped out returned to me. I want my bag back. As a new Posher I will look at people’s ratings first. But PM is doing a disservice by not replying to me, it is unprofessional and really leaves the seller nervous.

    Any advice?

  17. Hi, do you know what happens if you cancel an order that is already complete? That “cancel an order” option is still available after the item has been shipped and completed. Completed, meaning that the buyer has accepted the item and the funds have been released to the seller. I’ve no idea why, but I guess I mistakenly clicked on that option, and now the status has change from completed to cancelled. Does this mean that the funds has been released back to the buyer, and I’m out to the money and the item? Or does it only change the status and the funds don’t actually get released back to the buyer?

    Thank you!

  18. Hi thaks for all the information. I’m only been selling on Poshmark for a few months I’m still learning. I have a question, I. Recently sold a dress I shipped the dress to the buyer after a couple days i tracked the packe to see if the dress was delivered, but the information that see is the they were not able to deliver the package because something was wrong with the address. I sent a message to the buyer to letting her know what happen and to contact the post office to arrange the deliver of her package. Unfortunately she did not respond, now the package is on its way back to me. My questions is once i received the package what is my next step to take?

  19. Hi thanks for all the information. I’m only been selling on Poshmark for a few months I’m still learning. I have a question, I. Recently sold a dress, I shipped the dress to the buyer after a couple days i tracked the package to see if the dress was delivered, but the information that read is that they were not able to deliver the package because something was wrong with the address. I sent a message to the buyer to letting her know what happened and to contact the post office to arrange the deliver of her package. Unfortunately she did not respond, now the package is on its way back to me. My questions is once i received the package what is my next step to take?

  20. I post some item on posh and after 15mins someone buy it. But next day posh delete my post i did not ship the item yet but i got the labels print and ship the item. My concern do the posh will still give my earning money once the buyer accept the item?

  21. I bought some sunglasses that were automatically accepted because I live on campus and housing takes a few days to get my mail to me after it has been technically “delivered” to the school. The arm of the sunglasses is broken on top of them being filthy. I want to return them but they were accepted automatically so I’m not sure I can anymore.

  22. How long do I have to wait until I can delete an item with the red “sold” flag. I had to cancel an item because my mom bought it at a discounted price at her job and if they see it listed she will get fired. Help S.O S.

  23. I sold an item on poshmark and I realized I didn’t want to part with it and I canceled the order but it still says SOLD on the listing. How do I get the SOLD marking on the listing so I can take off the item off poshmark?

    1. You can’t. You have would have to re-list the item. But since you just want to keep it anyway, just leave it as sold.

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