Holiday Soiree, NAIAS 2016 and More!

It’s been busy this entire week, with work and mending this blog. I have re-organized and added more categories to my blog so you’ll be seeing some more posts of all the different things that I do, not just Poshmark stuff. Don’t worry that Poshmark stuff will still be there, but I will be adding more variety. This weekend we had our friends from OC come down to visit dreary old Detroit, and thankfully there’s some stuff to do this weekend. We had a Holiday Soiree with our friends from home and our friends from France and also attended the NAIAS 2016.

Flatbread pizza appetizers
Flatbread pizza appetizers
Our Friends come visit Michigan
Left to Right: Michael Flotron Jeremy Gallays-Bogard and Ryan Ferris
Cheeseboard appetizer
I love cheeseboards, always a great starter before dinner
Stella Kim chopping up some fresh parsley
My great friend Stella Kim helping me out by chopping some fresh parsley for dinner

We had an amazing dinner, I wish I took more pictures of the dinner because it was very delicious. We finished the evening with an epic game of Kings Cup brought back a lot of memories of college! We decided to play with 5 as Jive and that was much better than 5 – drive, if you aren’t on my snapchat then you missed out. Ryan busted some moves, that I had never seen before so it was truly a keepsake. Ryan also created a rule that was something along the lines of “Before you take a drink, you have to give Ediza a compliment” (how sweet) which somehow turned into backhanded compliments by everyone, still pretty funny!

Kings Cup Royal Game
We used my gravy boat as the Kings Cup
Kinds Cup game
Things started to get dirty when we threw in hard alcohol, M&M’s, and whip cream into the mix.


Our friends Fabien and Roselyn had to leave but we all woke up the next morning to get ready to be at the NAIAS 2016. The temperature was a chilling 9* with a windchill that made it feel like -5* (they should really make a degrees symbol on the keyboard). So needless to say it was so cold that it hurt. However the day pushed on and we got to see the show. The Cobo center was packed and since it was the first day that it was open to the public it was filled with people! The center had several different car companies showcase their vehicles and they did not disappoint. It was hard to believe that all the different car companies had turned their space into different show rooms. I mean their sets were incredible, some even rivaled a few Hollywood sets I’ve been on!

Enterance of the NAIAS 2016
Enterance of the NAIAS 2016 at the Cobo Center Downtown Detroit
Ford Mustang NAIAS 2016
Ford Mustang NAIAS 2016
Mercedes Benz Engine NAIAS 2016
Mercedes Benz Hybrid Engine NAIAS 2016
BMW Showcase NAIAS 2016
BMW Showcase NAIAS 2016
Stell and I taking some kiddos on a joy ride to Disneyland in the BMW 650i NAIAS 2016
Stella and I taking some kiddos on a joy ride to Disneyland in the BMW 650i NAIAS 2016
Left to right: Roselyn, Fabien, and Michal Flotron talking about the cars from the NAIAS 2016
Left to right: Roselyn, Fabien, and Michal Flotron talking about the cars from the NAIAS 2016
NAIAS 2016 Huge floor open to the public.
Jam packed COBO Center, opened it’s doors to the public and did not disappoint.

It was fun to see all the newer cars out there on the upcoming market. Unfortunately we did not see some of the other cars we wanted to see, such as Tesla. Apparently Tesla is not allowed to be in Michigan since there is a law that states that cars sold need to be sold from the dealerships. Since Tesla cuts out the middle man, and sells direct to the consumer all bad ass, they weren’t at the NAIAS show this year. But one thing we have to say that we wish we did get to see were more concept cars. We did see a few other things, like the Lexus’ new hover board design (like a real Marty McFly one) that floated on magnets, but would’ve wanted to see something truly outside of the box. Maybe next year. We did get to hang with our friends this weekend which was such a treat because it was so spur of the moment. If you need to travel across the country for cheap, never disregard flying Spirit. They got their flights $50 one way and it was a steal! On to the next adventure!


Stay Healthy,



Ediza Ferris

Ediza has been a Poshmark user since 2013 and is a fashion enthusiast with a insatiable hunger for designer bags. She has completed numerous trips around the world using points and miles as her choice of currency and chronicles those adventures here at HealthyGirlFashion.

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