Month: February 2016

App Update: New Ways to Pay

For those of you who don’t know the new ways to pay, Poshmark is releasing an update to users on the app to pay for items via PayPal and Apple Pay. Read…

How I Shamefully Skipped The TSA Security Line

How I Shamefully Skipped the TSA Security Line

I am going to hell for this. So for those of you who do not follow my Snapchat you are seriously missing out, but for those that are lazy, I have a…

Willfredo Gerardo FW/16 for Art Hearts Fashion

It was a wonderful night in fashion especially for Latin American designers to be representing their community, but the highlight of the evening had to be the closing designer that captured the…

Taking Questions!

Hey all, as we are expanding our YouTube Channel Healthy Girl TV, we wanted to open it up to some questions that you may want answered that we haven’t yet answered on…

How To Get A Host Pick On Poshmark

If you’re new to the app and you don’t know already on HOW to actually get one of these awesome Host Picks here’s a small guide to getting one of your coveted…

Poshmark Terminology

Welcome PFF’s! I thought I would add this to a newbie guide and share with you all some really cool terms that Posher’s use on a day to day basis. For those…


GUYS!!! What the *&^$(*# is going on!?!? I’m frickin’ going to fashion week and my head’s a whirlwind right now! HGF has just received confirmation for my first show with Art Hearts…

My Weight Watchers 7 Point Breakfast

I’ve made it a challenge for me to get the most bang for my buck when it comes to balancing my points on weight watchers. So far on this plan I’ve shed…

Why You Should Not Have Offline Transactions On Poshmark

Good morning healthy people! Don’t worry I know most of you who are reading this and are big advocates in the Poshmark community have your pitchforks out already to get me. But…

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