Super Bowl Sunday Centerpieces

I HAVE to share with you guys these lovely centerpieces that my good friend of mine Melanie from Bella Blooms had just created!


Super Bowl Sunday Centerpieces created by Melanie from Bella Blooms

How awesome are these guys?! Perfect little touch to bring your Super Bowl party together! The idea stemmed from both Melanie and a long time friend Brandy who collaborated on the idea to make this centerpiece. They used 10×10 boxes and grass to create the design, then added a couple of succulents on the sides for added green touch. To hold the football up they used dowels but you can use football kicking tees too!

I picked up sod at Home Depot. Cut it in just under 10×10 squares. Lined it with foam because the sod is only 2″ in depth but the box is 4″ in depth. Added 3 2″ succulents by cutting the stems off to a nub (don’t worry they’ll grow back if planted) and pinned them in for stability.


She used junior footballs for the centerpiece
She used junior footballs for the centerpiece

I think these are just so phenomenal! And I hope you guys take a look at Melanie’s site too, I get such goosebumps every time I see what new creations she’s done for whatever event she does. She is my go to girl for flowers whenever I need to send some in California. Feel free to click on the pics to check out her Instagram you won’t be disappointed, waking up and checking my Instagram and seeing fresh beautiful flowers in the morning always brightens my day. But I just had to share these, they are just so adorable! Makes me want to host a Super Bowl Sunday party now, too bad we don’t have cable 🙁


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Ediza has been a Poshmark user since 2013 and is a fashion enthusiast with a insatiable hunger for designer bags. She has completed numerous trips around the world using points and miles as her choice of currency and chronicles those adventures here at HealthyGirlFashion.

  1. Where did you get the 10×10 boxes from? Also how did you pin the succulents in the box without damaging them? What did you use?


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