My Week In Sales

Good morning all!

I feel like I should keep a diary entry of my weeks so far of just how I’ve been doing lately with my sales and Poshmark etc. it’ll keep me updating at least weekly and give you all some insight as to how things are going on our end out here.

As of the last few months or so January – March I’ve been hitting quite the lull lately. My sales weren’t doing too hot even during the holiday season. My average for sales were probably one every 2-3 weeks which I didn’t mind entirely because I’ve been focusing a lot on travel lately. So making a sale was a bit of an annoyance. I feel guilty, but it’s been a goal of mine as of late.

Just covering the past few weeks as a whole I decided to make it a personal goal of mine to take pictures of EVERYTHING in my inventory. Then using the listing system that I normally do, I uploaded them into my phone and then started listing them one by one. I was going to do this all at once on my trip to Beijing, but since my documentation paperwork didn’t come through, my 13 hour flight listing party didn’t actually happen. But I spent several mornings and evenings pasted to my phone getting all 81 listings up in my closet (and that was just the pants!).

I decided to reinvent myself and shed the chevron pattern background and opted for a more mature look. Having my husband help me list was like I was shooting my product on speed (metaphorically speaking). We had an awesome routine going and we were able to pump out a lot of clothing. But I’ve made a smarter approach to my cover shots and used my trusty Sony A6000 to get those super clear and vivid looking shots that attracts buyers. IMHO (In My Honest Opinion) I feel like, if people are looking/ shopping for clothes on the app, they’re looking at cell phone pictures all day. They’re gonna notice a nice clear pic and they tend to gravitate towards them. 

So in about a week, I’ve made about 10 sales. Not bad, just an extra $200-$300. Just by changing up my cover shots! Nice light, very simple pictures of the product, and no background. I did do some editing of the pics after I transferred them into my phone and used just the regular iPhoto editor to brighten up the photo, (cuz you know, bitches love bright photos!) and that really made a difference in their appearance.

I’ve been receiving a lot of low offers as of late, which was starting to bug me, so I decided to combat that by pricing high! People have been so bothered by my high prices, if they only knew how low people offer, they’d understand. I’m sure you feel the same, we’re all victims! Lol

I also decided to try out Tradesy for some of my items, and sold 2, but for some reason got kicked out and blocked. I have no idea why, but they never explained to me the reason. I mean I don’t mind, I don’t really use them anyway, but to be blocked and kicked off without telling my why?! I’ve been having issues with them on my first 2 sales with the shipping and I had to call them each time to get my funds or tracking updated and that was it for me. Plus they withheld my earnings from me and it took me a week to get someone to respond to me! Imagine! So I’m all done with them!

On the sharing front, I’ve been putting a lot more emphasis on sharing my own closet since I have so much more to sell. But I’ve shared my feed a few times and gotten some amazing responses, so make it a habit to share your feed, you connect with so many more people and open yourself up to getting your stuff shared by so many different people and not just people in your share groups!

Other than that, I’ve just been buying thank you cards and making more of an effort to making my packages stand out and adding more stuff to it. The One Spot at Target has helped on that front, plus I have a lot of giveaways from NYFW that I need to just give away so you may see some pretty cool stuff in your packages this week!

Stay Healthy,


3 thoughts on “My Week In Sales”

  1. If you don’t mind me asking, about how many sales a week would you average, prior to this lull? And thoughts on why the recent lull?


    1. I mentioned earlier that I would have 1 every 2-3 weeks. I also narrow it down to lack of sharing or even the fullness of my closet. I noticed that some of my items being featured were with the chevron background that didn’t really highlight the item. The items that worked really well with the chevron background all sold so the ones left overs were ones that I changed with new photos and those immediately sold! So just a change in photos is all that I did to make those new sales after the week, as well as some self shares.


      1. Thanks for the response. I’ll have to try some new cover shots too. I’ve also had a pretty drastic drop in sales, and I wasn’t sure if it was simply my fault ( not enough shares/bad photos), the time of year, into of the retail portal, or possible other aspects. But I’ll take new photos today, thanks again for the tips!

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