My Week In Sales

So this week my husband and I are charming it up in the city of Tokyo for our first wedding anniversary. We made a pact to spend our anniversary in a new country so it just so happened that Japan kinda worked it way into this week.

Just as a short trail off: Japan is fucking cool! If you have a time in your life to go to Japan just do it for a dip into a new culture! You’ll love it!

So this week was much shorter than others because since I was on vacation I wasn’t able to do my normal routine of sharing my closet or others. I purchased the incredibly over priced wifi onboard and shared what I could, so that if I made a sale or a few sales, that would offset the cost and I’d be on Reddit half the time wasting my life away on /r/Poshmark or listing more items at a discounted price. I keep telling myself that if its not listed, it’ll never get seen, and that was the sole motivating factor that got me to take pictures of everything that was left in my inventory before I left. I’ve still got a bit more to go, but it’s still going!

I have no idea why, but the universe aligns itself in a way that EVERY SINGLE TIME I go on vacation/out of town/business trip I always make a ton of sales. Don’t know what it is, but that’s what happens. It’s a blessing and a curse really. But I prepared this time, I made up a vacation listing on my page and anyone who purchased something or made an offer I tagged them in it and made sure they were aware of the late shipping. If anyone from Poshmark is reading this, please add in a vacation feature! I would hate to be on a 2 week vacation and set the delayed shipping that the buyer agrees to and then have them cancel the order after 7 days. The re-listing is such a pain in the ass, and building it back up again! Ugh! Gives me the shivers I tell you!

Other than that, having T-Mobile abroad is the shit since data roaming is freeeeeeeeeeeeeee. So I got to take care of a lot of business while being on another continent. 

How has your week gone? Let me know in the comments below!
Stay Healthy,


2 thoughts on “My Week In Sales”

  1. HI. I have over 300 items on Poshmark but only average 2 sells per week. My prices are competitive and I share listings. Any advise? @prettyunique


    1. Share your own closet! How many followers do you have? How many likes do you have in your closet?

      Two sales a week is actually pretty good! Depending on your item cost, you many not see a BIG return with 2 items, but if it’s 2 designer handbags a week, then that’s not too bad. If it’s 2 shirts a week then that may differ on how much your pulling in.


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