My Week in Sales

So this week was the week of getting my jetlag back in control and getting all the items that I sold whilst on vaycay out to their respective new homes. This week I sold approximately $300 in sales this week (gross not net). So I need to go on vacation more often!

Zōjō-ji Buddhist Temple aand Tokyo Tower in the background.

A few things that I’ve done more this week that kind of helped with my sales, was added more items into my closet. For some reason it’s really helped with me with moving inventory out and getting sold. I keep telling myself that, “if it’s not listed, no one will buy it” and it’s so true. Things that I’ve kept in my “inventory” for probably a good year but have not taken the time to list has just sat there and accumulated more and more debt. At this point, I have already paid the cost off on all my items so everything at this point that sells is pretty much profit. I know in business terms that’s not necessarily how it works, but it’s been really helpful in renewing my faith in Poshmark and this whole business that I am crazy enough to keep up with.

Sold these Celine Cat Eye sunglasses this week!

I’ve noticed a lot of my friends on Poshmark are starting to move a lot of their designer goods to Tradesy. I mean I would too, but I think it has something to do with the address that I moved to that caused my account to close. For some reason as soon as my address changed on Tradesy I’ve had nothing but trouble, so I think the previous renters ruined my accounts for me. I have no idea. I think when it comes to selling your luxury designer goods, Tradesy has been known to give sellers the best deal on their goods, and they tend to sell much faster. I’ve sold a few items pretty quick through there up until my account closure. As for the here and now, I sold my Celine Cat eye sunglasses that I listed less than a month ago on Poshmark so it all depends on who is looking for it. I’ve also listed pretty much all my bags, and given my closet a new makeover. Goodbye chevrons! I’ve moved on to a more mature look and it’s been paying off so far.

Took new pics of my bags and listed on Poshmark.

Before I go, I wanted to talk a bit more about Japan. I have a post talking about my review of Tokyo but I felt that this piece of info was more worthy of sharing again. For those of you who are thinking about going to Japan and plan on doing some shopping, Japan is very well known to have amazing second hand goods. LIKE BALLER STATUS. There’s a department store that is called Komehyo that is pretty much like a luxury high end Poshmark. They don’t sell shit hand me downs here ladies! Everything is in excellent condition and all used but all luxury brands, in pretty much everything. Jewelry, Watches, Shoes, Clothing, and most importantly, handbags. Dior? Gucci? Celine? YSL? CHANEL? Yes they have it all! All authentic, and perfect for the taking.

Komehyo Department Store in Tokyo selling luxury designer bags. These are just on third of the CHANEL they have on display.

How do I know they are authentic? Because it’s a standard that any luxury goods that are being sold secondhand in Japan MUST be authentic. The Japanese are very strict on this because they want it to reflect the integrity of goods coming from there. I found vintage CHANEL for $300. Not lying 100% true. Do I have your attention now?! Yeah, pretty freakin’ crazy. Saw another CHANEL large le boy bag for $1700. So with that said, who’s up for a girls trip? LOL

Have you been to Japan? What deals did you find? How has your week been?

Stay Healthy,






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