My Week In Sales

Morning healthy people! I hope everyone’s having a happy Monday, I know I am. This week I sold about 3 items, two small one big. So it was a nice chunk of change for me to get which I happily turned around and used to buy some Lululemon tops, on of course Poshmark.

As of late I’ve been really honing in on my fitness goals since after my trip and purchased a new gym membership and some classes to get me on a regular fitness schedule. So goodbye Poshbalance and hello new clothes!

My goal this week is to up my sales to possibly 4 at an average of $20/ea so that I am able to get these new Nike woven sneaks that I’ve been eyeing. I would post em up but I selfishly don’t want them to sell before I can buy them. So if I make my goal then I’ll post them up next week SOLD, hopefully by me. I posted up yesterday about setting up a plan and goals for your weightloss or healthy lifestyle change, but why can’t it be for your Posh Closet too?

What are some goals that you have in mind? What is your plan to achieving it? Leave it in the comments below!

Stay Healthy,


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