My Week in Sales: 11 items in 24 hours!

It’s been awhile now since I’ve done some major price drops since the last time I listed. I always make it a pattern to drop my closet down after two weeks of listing it and seeing how things sell. It’s been quite some time because I’ve listed things separately on different times that I forgot entirely when I listed certain items. This week though, I thought it was an ideal time to drop, mainly because it was the holiday weekend and definitely not because I shopped my heart out last month 😁.

Recent purchase: Lululemon Y Tank in Sugar Crush

But lucky for some very attentive individuals, they were able to snag some really cool stuff from my closet for super cheap. In fact I kinda gave a no holds bar to offers that came in. Unless it was a $3 offer I pretty much accepted it. Luckily for me no one was that inconsiderate. Overall I did pretty good, 11 items out the door and into new homes, as well as a nice chunk of $300 to add to my posh credit.

11 sales in 24 hours on Poshmark from using Price Drop Strategy

I did use my Price Drop strategy for this, and dropped everything about $10 less or around 25%. I feel no one really looks at 10% drops on the app, but 25%? I’d take a look at it! So there you have it ladies, feel free to message me down below what you guys made this week and if you guys have any questions!


Stay Healthy,




2 thoughts on “My Week in Sales: 11 items in 24 hours!”

  1. Pam- the most I ever sold was 47 items and that was on a Thursday afternoon. I sold 11 items and that was on a Sunday afternoon. I think closer to payday is usually when people are more apt to buying and shopping, but there’s a saying in sales, that items always bring the people. So that’s why it’s important to have a lot of a likes on the item in the first place. My suggestion, share a lot, and gain followers, likes and sales will come afterwards! Your time will directly effect how much you make in sales per week. Let me know if you have more questions! Also here’s the link to the video that goes more into the actual price drop, it explains a lot!


  2. Good morning! Do you find a particular time of day is when sharing is most beneficial and price drops will be noticed?
    Also my sales are in a slump and not sure what to do, any suggestions?
    Thanks, Pam


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