Month: August 2016

My Week in Sales 8-30-16

Sold: $112 Spent: I don’t know but more than what I earned! This week has been a bit crazy. If you’ve already seen, I posted a couple of posts, one of which…

Closet of the Month: August 2016

I am really excited to share with all of you this month’s’s closet of the month. Jessica Stevenson, is one pumped up Posher who’s closet is stocked with some amazing stuff.…

FREE Poshmark Inventory Workbook!

EDIT: There are some Poshers who have already pointed out there needed to be an update due to the commission in the ‘Poshmark cut’ column. If you’ve already DL the spreadsheet and…

Poshmark Themed Games For Your Next Get Together

For those of you that have taken it upon yourself to become a Poshmark Community Meet Up Host. I commend you. Truly, it’s a feat in and of itself and hosting can also put some unwanted pressure on your precious shoulders (and we need those shoulders for our Chanel Jumbo Flap Shoulder bag, duh!).

Michigan Poshmark Meetup a True Success!

Event planning, and meet ups are typically a nightmare for me. I tend to steer clear for the sake of my sanity since there are so many moving parts. However this one…

How to Put Your Poshmark Closet on Vacation Mode

tureIf anyone is interested in coming to our Poshmark Michigan meet up here’s the link: Hope to see you guys there! Stay Healthy, -E

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