FREE Poshmark Inventory Workbook!

EDIT: There are some Poshers who have already pointed out there needed to be an update due to the commission in the ‘Poshmark cut’ column. If you’ve already DL the spreadsheet and want the updated one. It’s been uploaded and fixed here. However if you have already downloaded it, and still see $0.00 in the Poshmark cut portion, then please update the spreadsheet with this formula: =IF(D4<15,2.95,D4*0.2) in the “Poshmark Cut” column.

It’s finally here! Probably one of the most requested items on this blog for people that have massive inventories. I wrote a post 2 years ago, and people have been requesting this so much, so I am happy to announce that I’ve made it available to everyone….after 2 years. Thanks for the patience! I have worked for awhile to get this right with all the formulas perfectly balanced, so don’t eff with the shaded columns. I am chucking this up for free, because unlike other Poshers who’ve charged for their advice and mentorship, I don’t. However, one thing I do ask for in return is you leave me a comment at the end of this post if you did DL it, any questions, comments, suggestions, Thank You’s, and FU’s would be greatly appreciated!

Here it is ladies in all it’s glory! The coveted Poshmark Inventory Workbook for your accounting pleasure. I highlight all the key parts to it in the video below so that you yourself can be a small business rockstar at the end of the day.

The DLable copy you see above and below is completely blank ready for you to start filling in. AGAIN DO NOT FILL IN THE PINK COLUMNS. They have formulas already in them so if you overwrite them, then it won’t pre-calculate it for you.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 6.22.12 PM.png
Snapshot of Poshmark Inventory Workbook

I hope this tool becomes useful to you, it’s made things incredibly easy for me to keep track of how much all of my listings are. I explain a lot in the video, so if I am missing anything please let me know!

Download the spreadsheet for FREE here: Poshmark Inventory Workbook

EDIT 2: Please note that this is one that I personally use. It’s simplified to the max, but it’s also very user friendly and easy to use. One thing that it doesn’t have yet is bundling capabilities, that I can attempt to construct later on, but for now, you may have to adjust accordingly. This is version 1.0 I plan on updating it soon with more functionality, but its just a quick simple solution to managing your closet if you aren’t looking to have something too hard core for now.

Also- I wanted to give a shout out to my two girls @krangle and @jgbravo who are hosting a Posh and Sip in Orange County, CA. Here’s a link to the listing, if you are interested in going, please leave a comment on their wall.


Thanks so much for reading!


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60 thoughts on “FREE Poshmark Inventory Workbook!”

  1. I’m working on this excel sheet is currently on my summer to do list now that I have the extra time. Thanks so much for putting this together and making it available for all of us!

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  2. Thank you so much Ediza! I’m new at Poshmark and this was one of the first things I was thinking of when I decided to finally take the leap and do this 🙂 I just started trying to create a spreadsheet but decided to check other Poshers advice. It’s very kind of you to help others this way. Love and Peace to you!


  3. Thanks so much! I have been considering branching into a Posh Boutique after great success selling my own clothes. I read this post and the packaging post and both have given me an awesome idea of where to start. 🙂

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  4. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this worksheet. Not sure if you attempted anything with the bundling feature. But I have a suggestion. Because buyers now have the opportunity to make offers on bundles each bundle is going to have a different % off. Perhaps if you just added a column for “Bundle % Off” that may easily(?) help! 🙂

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  5. Thank you so very much for sharing this amazing worksheet. I had been doing one of my own but it was no where near as great as yours is. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  6. I just downloaded your spreadsheet and watched your tutorial. Thank you so so so much for sharing this with us! I love the format of your spreadsheet and cannot wait to start using it.

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  7. Wow!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is amazing!!!! I know you put a lot of hard work into this! I’m excel challenged – so I really appreciate it! 🙂

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  8. I’m having a hard time completing the rest of the months and the bottom of the spreadsheet. I’m trying to copy and paste, but it is not like Month 1 and 2. Any suggestions?


  9. Thank you so much for this! I’ve been Poshing for a little over a month now. Sales have been picking up now that I’ve been getting more into it, and I’ve really wanted to track to see if I’m actually making money. I’m sure this will keep me in the loop and financially sound 🙂 . Than you!!!


  10. Thank you so much for the free spreadsheet! I just started poshing and I wanted to track my progress. Thank you for your help!


  11. Thanks so much for the spreadsheet, Ediza! Have any Mac users had any problems creating the hyperlinks in the Excel spreadsheet? It won’t work for me. I was so thrilled when I saw this post!

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    1. I have a Mac and have no problem hyperlinking it. I think after I put the link I hit the space bar and it automatically does it for me. BUT you may want to check the excel version, hope that helps!


  12. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve been casually “flipping” stuff online for years. Now that I’m getting serious about it, I need to get more organized. There aren’t enough hours in the day to indulge my OCD organizing AND be a single mom. This spreadsheet is a fantastic blessing! Looking forward to checking out other posts and learning more from your expertise. Great job using your super powers for good!


  13. LOVE THIS! This has really helped me, one other thing I’m having trouble with is keeping org. with the shipping. Do you have any tips……..? Thanks so much again for the awesome DL.


  14. MY GOD this is incredible! And so insanely generous that you gave this out to us for free! I’ve been searching the stores looking for the perfect ledger and haven’t found one. This is by far the raddest most helpful thing ever. Thank you so so much!!!


  15. Love this! Time to get my organized spreadsheet game on! Thank you so much for sharing, this is a much better start than what I created months ago (and then never used), I’ll take this and run with it 🙂


  16. Thank you so much for this! I just downloaded it and I’m filling in all my info. I’m super excited to have such a great program to track my earnings.

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  17. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Such an essential tool! Thank you for making this accessible AND with the formula’s already added for easy management for the less tech savvy. So grateful. If I have any questions will definitely let you know. Thank you!


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