FREE Poshmark Inventory Workbook!

EDIT: There are some Poshers who have already pointed out there needed to be an update due to the commission in the ‘Poshmark cut’ column. If you’ve already DL the spreadsheet and want the updated one. It’s been uploaded and fixed by signing up! However if you have already downloaded it, and still see $0.00 in the Poshmark cut portion, then please update the spreadsheet with this formula: =IF(D4<15,2.95,D4*0.2) in the “Poshmark Cut” column.

It’s finally here! Probably one of the most requested items on this blog for people that have massive inventories. I wrote a post 2 years ago, and people have been requesting this so much, so I am happy to announce that I’ve made it available to everyone….after 2 years. Thanks for the patience! I have worked for awhile to get this right with all the formulas perfectly balanced, so don’t eff with the shaded columns. I am chucking this up for free, because unlike other Poshers who’ve charged for their advice and mentorship, I don’t. However, one thing I do ask for in return is you leave me a comment at the end of this post if you did DL it, any questions, comments, suggestions, Thank You’s, and FU’s would be greatly appreciated!

Here it is ladies in all it’s glory! The coveted Poshmark Inventory Workbook for your accounting pleasure. I highlight all the key parts to it in the video below so that you yourself can be a small business rockstar at the end of the day.

The DLable copy you see above and below is completely blank ready for you to start filling in. AGAIN DO NOT FILL IN THE PINK COLUMNS. They have formulas already in them so if you overwrite them, then it won’t pre-calculate it for you.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 6.22.12 PM.png
Snapshot of Poshmark Inventory Workbook

I hope this tool becomes useful to you, it’s made things incredibly easy for me to keep track of how much all of my listings are. I explain a lot in the video, so if I am missing anything please let me know!

Download the spreadsheet for FREE from your email! Once you subscribe, confirm your subscription and it will automatically send into your inbox! BOOM. MAGIC!

EDIT 2: Please note that this is one that I personally use. It’s simplified to the max, but it’s also very user friendly and easy to use. One thing that it doesn’t have yet is bundling capabilities, that I can attempt to construct later on, but for now, you may have to adjust accordingly. This is version 1.0 I plan on updating it soon with more functionality, but its just a quick simple solution to managing your closet if you aren’t looking to have something too hard core for now.


Thanks so much for reading!


Stay Healthy,




Ediza Ferris

Ediza has been a Poshmark user since 2013 and is a fashion enthusiast with a insatiable hunger for designer bags. She has completed numerous trips around the world using points and miles as her choice of currency and chronicles those adventures here at HealthyGirlFashion.

  1. Thanks so much for this tool! I was just creating an excel spreadsheet myself today- this is UBER helpful!! xoxo

  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Such an essential tool! Thank you for making this accessible AND with the formula’s already added for easy management for the less tech savvy. So grateful. If I have any questions will definitely let you know. Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much for this! I just downloaded it and I’m filling in all my info. I’m super excited to have such a great program to track my earnings.

  4. Love this! Time to get my organized spreadsheet game on! Thank you so much for sharing, this is a much better start than what I created months ago (and then never used), I’ll take this and run with it 🙂

  5. MY GOD this is incredible! And so insanely generous that you gave this out to us for free! I’ve been searching the stores looking for the perfect ledger and haven’t found one. This is by far the raddest most helpful thing ever. Thank you so so much!!!

  6. LOVE THIS! This has really helped me, one other thing I’m having trouble with is keeping org. with the shipping. Do you have any tips……..? Thanks so much again for the awesome DL.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve been casually “flipping” stuff online for years. Now that I’m getting serious about it, I need to get more organized. There aren’t enough hours in the day to indulge my OCD organizing AND be a single mom. This spreadsheet is a fantastic blessing! Looking forward to checking out other posts and learning more from your expertise. Great job using your super powers for good!

  8. Thanks so much for the spreadsheet, Ediza! Have any Mac users had any problems creating the hyperlinks in the Excel spreadsheet? It won’t work for me. I was so thrilled when I saw this post!

    1. I have a Mac and have no problem hyperlinking it. I think after I put the link I hit the space bar and it automatically does it for me. BUT you may want to check the excel version, hope that helps!

  9. Thank you so much for the free spreadsheet! I just started poshing and I wanted to track my progress. Thank you for your help!

  10. Thank you so much for this! I’ve been Poshing for a little over a month now. Sales have been picking up now that I’ve been getting more into it, and I’ve really wanted to track to see if I’m actually making money. I’m sure this will keep me in the loop and financially sound 🙂 . Than you!!!

  11. I’m having a hard time completing the rest of the months and the bottom of the spreadsheet. I’m trying to copy and paste, but it is not like Month 1 and 2. Any suggestions?

  12. Wow!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is amazing!!!! I know you put a lot of hard work into this! I’m excel challenged – so I really appreciate it! 🙂

  13. I just downloaded your spreadsheet and watched your tutorial. Thank you so so so much for sharing this with us! I love the format of your spreadsheet and cannot wait to start using it.

  14. Thank you so very much for sharing this amazing worksheet. I had been doing one of my own but it was no where near as great as yours is. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  15. I am soo glad I found you on youtube! Thank you!!! I’m new to poshmark and you have been such a big help! You’re awesome!!!

  16. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this worksheet. Not sure if you attempted anything with the bundling feature. But I have a suggestion. Because buyers now have the opportunity to make offers on bundles each bundle is going to have a different % off. Perhaps if you just added a column for “Bundle % Off” that may easily(?) help! 🙂

  17. Thanks so much! I have been considering branching into a Posh Boutique after great success selling my own clothes. I read this post and the packaging post and both have given me an awesome idea of where to start. 🙂

  18. Thank you so much Ediza! I’m new at Poshmark and this was one of the first things I was thinking of when I decided to finally take the leap and do this 🙂 I just started trying to create a spreadsheet but decided to check other Poshers advice. It’s very kind of you to help others this way. Love and Peace to you!

  19. I’m working on this excel sheet is currently on my summer to do list now that I have the extra time. Thanks so much for putting this together and making it available for all of us!

  20. Recently stumbled across your blog and I love it! Thank you so much for the inventory workbook. I have downloaded and plan on utilizing. I think it will be a great tool for keeping me accountable and on track. You Rock!

  21. Thanks Ediza! I was about to create my own spreadsheet and wanted to see if there was already one out there– and I found yours! I sell mostly my own stuff, but have started to resell items I find to see how that goes, I think this will help me catalogue it all! Thanks again!!
    -@missjois on PM

    1. You should get it in the welcome email. Just click on the link or past it to your address bar! Let me know if that works!

      1. Sorry I’m having a little trouble. I got an email that said confirm subscription and I agreed but never saw anything about the Poshmark workbook. 😕

  22. I would love to download your Poshmark inventory sheet if it’s still available you’ve done an awesome job!

  23. Hi there!
    I have tried getting it several times and it still doesn’t work. When I enter in my email it doesn’t do anything I cant push enter or anything like that.
    I really like this idea and I believe it would be helpful if I was able to get it.

  24. Thank you I am going to try it out ~ just getting started and trying to get organized and learn as much as I can ~ thank you for your guidance

    1. Sorry for the delay, as you can see we’re still building this site from the ground up. BUT!!! I did add you manually to the list so you should see the workbook in your email!


  25. Hey girl! this is such an amazing tool that id love to get my hands on! im not sure how to sign up through email on here could you help me? Thank again! you are definitely inspiring! i am trying to create poshmark as a full-time gig and would love to avoid ebay. this would definitely help me to get started! thanks again!

  26. Hi!! I love your blog and this spread sheet is exactly what I am looking for!! If you can please send to me.. I look forward to getting organized!! Thank you!!!! Posh❤️

  27. How do you find were to download the Excel file? I think this is great by the way. I was going to make one myself but then I saw yours and it is perfect!

  28. Hey I have been trying to get your poshmark spread sheet I am now a full time student to my only way to make school work is to become a full time reseller. and your spreadsheet would be really helpful. Please help me get it. Thank you in advance

  29. hi love, could you let me know how to download this spread sheet, i try to sign up but no option to do it. thanks!! you are awesome!! XoXo

  30. Hey everyone! Just to let you know the sign up is on the main homepage under “subscribe to get your daily dose of fashion” once you subscribe, you should receive an email confirming your subscription. Once you confirm an email should automatically generate to give you the download link to the spreadsheet!

  31. You Totally Rock Eliza! Thanks for sharing this fantastic seller tool for Posh! BTW…awesome job on the presentation at POSHFEST 2017!!!!!

  32. Hey Endiza, It’s Kesha with the Fashion Truck….we met at Poshfest 2017. Looking forward to getting the Spreadsheet also Loved meeting you. I plan to be a regular to your blog and look forward to getting the E-book you talked about during your Posh panel. THANKS!

    1. It will not. It’s just an excel spreadsheet. Did you subscribe? If you did, then you just get it in the mail once you confirm subscription.

  33. Hi,

    Thank you so much for this awesome spreadsheet!

    Is there anyway to export it so that it can be used on googledocs? I tried to copy paste it, but the equations do not work.

    Please let me know, as I would like to access it from mulitple devices.

    All the best,

  34. I subscribed with an email but I never got the spreadsheet for download. Is there any way I can get it? Is it still available?

    Thank you!
    This spreadsheet would be a lifesaver !!

  35. Thank you SO much for posting this! I’m terrible with excel and never would have been able to get this on my own! So helpful! (And also glad that I discovered your youtube so I can watch more videos!)

  36. Hi. I’m so glad I found this today on my first search click. This is so helpful. If I have 1 listing that contains 5 of the same shirts, how would I keep track of that in the spreadsheet? Would I have to make five line entries pointing to the same listing? Thanks!

  37. This is awesome! I subscribed but I never saw a spreadsheet. I read your response above and checked all my folders and nothing:(
    Can I do anything to get this?


  38. Hi! Thanks so much for the spreadsheet. I have a question for you. I have made my first 2 sales on posh. I went to fill in my info on your spreadsheet. So, there is a column for the price I bought the item for, a column for listing price, where do you enter the sold price, as in, they made an offer and you accepted below the listing price. Thanks so much!

  39. Thank you so much for creating this spreadsheet! I’ve been using it all month and love how easy it is!

    I do have a quick question- how do you keep track of items that were sold as a bundle? I’ve been listing one item as the total price of the bundle and zero-ing the other items out, but I’m not sure if there is a better way to do this.

    I’ve also noticed that there is a difference between the total sales number that the spreadsheet calculates and the amount that is in my wallet on poshmark… I can’t figure out where the discrepancy is.

    Thanks again for taking the time to create such an awesome worksheet! (: <3

  40. Hi

    Very helpful spreadsheet thanks for posting.

    Quick Q?: Which amount do you report on taxes? Sorry new to this…

    -The (posh cut) is this considered gross sales?
    -(Earnings) amount received after fees taken out?
    -Or the (actual profit) sales-expenses=actual profit?

  41. Hi , I am currently subscribed however did not receive the email with the worksheet. I would really love this, it would make my bookkeeping much simpler

  42. Hi i signed up! Haven’t received anything in my email yet and I checked spam and the word “inventory” as well 😭 I hope I didn’t type my email wrong when I signed up .

  43. Hi. I subscribed and confirmed and I didn’t receive the download. I checked the spam folder. Is there any way I can get the download? I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you!

  44. I would like to subscribe but I don’t see a prompt to do so 🙁 maybe once I comment it automatically subscribes me?

  45. Hey there 😁,
    I just signed up with my email and can’t wait for your email and spread sheet! You are AWESOME for sharing so much with others 💚🛍💚🛍💚
    I’m still learning the Posh way of life, lol, and you have been SO HELPFUL! Thank you !!!!

  46. Hi! This spreadsheet seems amazing! However I am having trouble downloading it. I have tried subscribing under two different emails.. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  47. Not sure if this is still available but I subscribed and I haven’t received the spreadsheet. I’ve checked my email and it hasn’t come through.

    Thanks so much for sharing this, this would be so helpful!! <3

  48. Hello, I signed up for the subscription and confirmed it, but I never got an email for the spreadsheet. I checked my spam folder and everything, but there is no email for the download. Could you please email me this spreadsheet? Thank you!

  49. Hi! I looove this spreadsheet, it would have taken me ages to do it! It’s so nice of you to share it 🙂

    I subscribed a couple of days ago, but have not received it. I already checked Spam & Trash. Could you please add me to the list? Thank you!

  50. Hi! I subscribed with an email but didn’t get the spread sheet. I also checked my spam and didn’t find it. Just came accross your blog and it’s been super helpful !

  51. I just subscribed to the mailing list as well and have not received it. The email I used is fairly new and doesn’t have a lot in it. I checked Spam, junk, and searched and I can’t find it.

  52. Hi there!

    I don’t see a way to subscribe. Did I miss something? I know it might be me!! I am trying to get your template. Thanks for your help!

  53. Hey! I am thinking of doing Poshmark full time and was checking to see what everyone is doing for inventory. I hand wrote EVERYTHING this year for taxes and it was quite a lot of work! I realize this is an older video and know that there have been several changes to Poshmark. Did you have to modify this Inventory program or does it still work with all the new changes?

  54. Hi! I subscribed but was never sent a link/file for the spreadsheet; is there any way to resend it? I’ve already searched my email as stated above but no luck. Thanks in advance 🙂

  55. Hi there! I subscribed but have yet to receive the link to download. Its just been a few minutes so I will wait and check all inboxes. Anyways I just want to make sure its still available to download.
    Thank you!

  56. Your blog is absolutely amazing. I just started Poshmark about one month ago and your blogs are so helpful. Thanks so much!!!

  57. Hi! I would love this worksheet but I can’t seem to sign up! Let me know if you can manually add me to the list or what I should do!
    Thank you!!!!

  58. Hi! I subscribed a while back and must have deleted the spreadsheet from my email. Is there a way to get the email again? Thank you!

  59. I found your site by way of searching for tips on selling my kids’ clothes on Poshmark. Thanks for all the encouraging and inspiring posts! I just subscribed hoping to get the inventory workbook because it will be a great help. I can’t wait to get started with it tonight.

    Thanks for all you do!

  60. Hello

    Are you still offering your FREE Poshmark Inventory Workbook for Excel? I’m not so savvy when it comes to Excel and formulas. I’ve been looking for the last 2 hours for a good inventory template. Yours by far is the best.

    Thank you for your time!

  61. Hi! This spreadsheet is a lifesaver, but is there any “bundle” option yet? I have a few sales that were sold as a bundle and im not sure how to enter it! Get back to me as soon as you can, thanks so much!!

    1. Hi Sophie! What I plan to do is to list each item in the bundles as a separate line item on the spreadsheet. If you really need to know it was part of a bundle, you can add – B after whatever you are putting in for the Title. Hope that helps!

  62. I don’t see any download link or subscribe link. I’d really love 2 be able 2 download this as it would b perfect 4 my ecommerce store. It would save me alot of headache lol.

  63. omg, this is the best thing ever! i was so stressed trying to figure my own out! im so glad i found you! this is awesome! thanks for making this!! 🙂

  64. Hi and Thank You so much for sharing your work!

    I’m terrible at Excel… but have managed to get about 20 items into your spreadsheet and cut/paste a few over to the May 2018 tab. Yea for me!!! Now, how do I get rid of the blank rows on the Master List?


  65. Thank you! I’ve been writing everything down in notebooks and was looking to make a template this is amazing. Saves me hours of frustration. You Rock!

  66. Hi there!! Thank you so much for providing this for free. This will help a lot of newbie s including me 🙂
    I’ve subscribed but I didn’t get any email.

  67. Hi! I can’t find the e-mail in my box for the workbook. Can you please resend it to me? This is one of the best tools I have seen! Thank you so much for sharing!

  68. Ok, So I found the box to subscribe but it says my email is already on the subscribers list. Could you please email me the link for the spreadsheet directly? Thanks for all you do. Love your blog. I am new to poshmark and you have taught me so much.

  69. I am already a subscriber (I think. . . ) but really would love to have the spreadsheet. Is it possible to send it to my email: @gmail. So appreciate that. Great site, thanks so much for easy explanations and information.

  70. Hi Eliza …every time I try to download the inventory sheet, it says that it is a virus …. could you please advise? Thanks, g @ mess_to_dress

  71. Hi!

    Where do I subscribe in order to download your workbook? I’ve been searching and searching for a method that will work for me and I think yours is the perfect gem!

    Thank you

  72. Hello! Thank you for putting this out there for free. This is such a timesaver. Is there any way to formulate shipping discounts? I am noticing my numbers are slightly off because of this.

  73. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing! I love this spreadsheet and can’t wait to use it to optimize the profit in my business. Hugs and gratitude from Wisconsin!

  74. hi, love this! thanks for sharing. I never would have been able to do anything like this myself! 1 question (and this shows how computer dumb i am) how do i add more months? i dont want to touch anything and screw it up!
    thank you

  75. Thank you so much. Even though you did this video 3 years ago, 3 years later you are still helping people like me who just started their journey. I will recommend your spreadsheet to everyone who needs one. I hope you get millions of subscribers!
    Happy Journey!

  76. Hello, my name is Sheryl…new posher from Dec 2018…I would love for you to send me your spreadsheet. I have been working with my daughter, trying to put together a user-friendly spreadsheet. But, I would greatly appreciate it if you can send me yours. My email is Thanks so much, Sheryl Wyrick

  77. I’m not sure if your spreadsheet is still available but I would love to download it and us it as I am pretty new to Poshmark. Thank you so much for the time you put into creating it and for providing for free.

    Yvetta Sargent

    1. So once you sign up on the right. You should receive an email in your inbox confirming your email address. Once you confirm 5 mins later you’ll receive another automated email that will have the download link.

  78. I’ve been waiting for a very long time, and have never received the link. Would you mind adding me?
    Thank you for your time!

  79. Hello First I wanted to congratulate you on the baby! Motherhood is an awesome experience enjoy it to the fullest! Second, thank you for much for your spreadsheet and the YouTube video, you are a life saver! THANK YOU!!

  80. I would love love love a copy of this to help me organize my Poshmark closet. You are amazing for being willing to share this with us! I subscribed on YouTube and tried to subscribe to your blog, but can’t seem to find the link. Thank you for all of your tips and tricks 🙂

      1. Hello! i subscribed on the main page and did not get an email or download – i checked my junk mail as well. is there a delay from subscription? thanks for this great tool!

  81. I cannot find a box on the right. I went to your site’s cover page, and then your Poshmark coverage on the blog, and now here. Please advise. Thank you, Pam

  82. Is this spreadsheet still available? I have subscribed to your youtube channel, but have no idea how to access the spreadsheet 🙁

    1. It’s actually this blog! Go to the main page and scroll down. You should see the subscription box on the right hand side.

  83. You’re like a borderline genius for coming up with this spreadsheet. Do you have a printable spreadsheet, similar to this one, but where I’d obviously manually have to fill in the Poshmark listing,use a calculator to figure out what my earnings for that particular sale are etc. The reason I ask is because computers can be unreliable, ya know? Like you get a virus& it wipes out everything you’ve ever saved to your computer, or your friend spills vodka all over your brand new laptop while pre-gaming before heading to the club and just like that, your $2,000 Birthday present becomes a big chunk of plastic that not even the recycling bin wants. Btw these are both true stories which have happened to me. So now I make it a point to keep records of anything manually. It’s kind of a pain in the ass but it works for me since I think I might suffer some mild form of PTSD as a result of the two incidents I shared with you(and there are a bunch more unfortunately but you get the idea.) So if you could help me out or if you could recommend a site that has something similar I’d be so appreciative. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi! I’ve not downloaded the spreadsheet yet, BUT… all the spreadsheets i do for my husband’s trucking company i just email a copy to myself after im done for the day. Then i always have a back up in my email if something happens to my computer. I have a label with the spreadsheet name in my email where i just move them to incase i ever need them. Just a thought… hugs

    1. Front page on the right. It used to be a pop up window, but I got rid of it since it was annoying people and they just clicked out of it.

  84. Hi E-

    I am just starting my journey on Poshmark as a seller and I found your YouTube channel with this inventory workbook. OMG!! Thank you! I have been looking for videos/mentor on the business side of reselling. Most videos are haul videos or shipping. This will be so helpful. I subscribed and I will be on the lookout.

    1. It’s a box that says FREE POSHMARK INVENTORY WORKBOOK, it’s under my photo on the front page on the right column.

  85. Hi! I just came across your blog and it is so inspiring! I’ve been looking for a spreadsheet to keep track of my poshmark sales and yours is sooooo perfect! I tried subscribing to receive the spreadsheet but its not taking my email address and telling me that something is wrong. Can you help me out?

    My email is Keep up the great work!

  86. Having the same problem….put in my email addtess and then subscribe. It then says “Oops. Something went wrong. Please try again later”.
    Am I doing something wrong?

  87. Hi! Thank you so much for providing such an easy and efficient way to keep track of our inventory and sales. I put in my email and clicked sign up, but have not received the spreadsheet to download. I want to get my hands on it as soon as possible. Thank you!

    1. Hang tight! There’s an issue with mailchimp and I have to get my web team on it to get it fixed! As soon as it gets fixed it’ll be sent over! Sorry for the delay!

  88. I just love this and I am a beginner and been writing and writing on note pads all my inventory and cost and dates, so thank you for making this spreadsheet.

  89. Hi! Thank you so much for the workbook! Just wanted to mention that I think the reason people are having a hard time finding it…is because it doesn’t show up on the menu in mobile browsers (at least in mine!). 🙂 Found the link easily when I switched to desktop. Thanks again, super helpful.

    1. The link is on desktop at the top of the page on the right. I need to add it on mobile. Give me a day to do it, since I’m on vacation at the moment. BUT! In the meantime try to do so on a desktop browser.

  90. I have been searching for the perfect spreadsheet. You did it girlfriend! Thank you so much for being such a great support system for all the newbies 🙂 Sending you good vibes and many sales.

  91. I also do not see a link on android mobile or apple desktop to subscribe and/ or download. Please help! 🙂

  92. This is so amazingly helpful and to give it out for free just shows the kind of person you are. God will bless you in so many ways! Thank you so much! Shasta from Missouri <3

  93. Ediza,

    OMG! I’m trying to figure this out how to get this Free Workbook but I’m not sure how to get it. I’m already subscribe but need it sent to me again. Can you help???

  94. I’ve tried to sign up three times following the link in the top right corner of your blog from my desktop. The email confirmation never even comes through. I’ve checked my spam folder and even keyword searched my email to see if I missed it somehow. Is there a glitch? Thanks so much! Can’t wait to get this helpful workbook!!

  95. I just downloaded this. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I was doing this the old school way and writing everything down on paper (don’t judge.) 🙂 Can’t wait to start playing with this.

  96. Thank you for sharing this! I was so happy with my hand written notebook until I wanted to see months at a glance or potential profit and had to get out a calculator. Ugh. This is much appreciated and makes me feel very official!

  97. THANK YOU so much for this spreadsheet! You saved me so much time as I was going to create one myself today. As i was searching for an example of how others were creating their spreadsheets your Free downloadable one came up. So awesome!

    I am new to Poshmark and reselling, I am excited for this new venture!

  98. HI E! Just subscribed to your amazing channel and can not wait to read and view with Poshmark tutorials, etc. I am really getting into Poshmark (retired art teacher, 40 years!) and would love to get a download of your Poshmark inventory Workbook! @poshabuy

  99. Hi Edina, Carlos here!
    Just downloaded the file, and looks great. Something I notice in the program is that is missing a column where it should show something like item number, or item location. It will help a lot at the time of the sale, and when people are growing the closet there will be a moment of lost control.


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