Month: October 2016

PSA: There Are Scammers Out There, Here’s How To Find Them

I don’t want to limit this scam going around just on Poshmark, this is something that I am sure all online market retailers are doing so be careful! Poshmark is well aware of what’s going on, so they are working tremendously hard on protecting their users, but of course those scammers exist and their soul purpose is to scam anyone and everyone.

Shop Smarter, Not Harder, on Poshmark

Holiday season is coming up kids, and THIS is the time to find the best deals! Sellers want to sell and we NEED presents. So this little marriage goes hand in hand.…

My Husband Is Now Famous Guys…

It is official!! In the app that is his image they’re using for The Men’s Fashion party tomorrow evening at 7pm PST. Bring your guy friends and lady parts to the app…

PoshFest 2016 Highlights

Note: If you can’t see the video below on email, then click below to go to the site. For whatever reason it won’t show up, I’m working on it! ICYMI (In Case…

PoshFest 2016 Fashion Show

In case you missed it, I opened for the Poshmark PoshFest 2016 fashion show. Check it out in the vid below!
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