Shop Smarter, Not Harder, on Poshmark

Holiday season is coming up kids, and THIS is the time to find the best deals! Sellers want to sell and we NEED presents. So this little marriage goes hand in hand. What I’m about to show you is MY super cool tactic on how to find the best deals on Poshmark. Before I dive right in, first I want to show you my loot:

Marc Jacobs, Badgley Mischka, and Burberry for $20-$25

Now I haven’t bought only those brands, some I paid more for and some I paid less. But for the most part I think I’m pretty savvy at getting some decent deals when they appear.

First of all I’d like to introduce you to my little friend Justin. Oh wait I think it’s pronounced: Just In

Find the best deals on Poshmark – using the Just In feature

You can find this feature in the filters tab in any of the search finding or shopping showrooms. This is one of the first places I look when I’m shopping, because you get all the newest items that are on the platform and they typically have the best deals. Sometimes if people are motivated to just sell it and get rid of it, they sell it low and you get first dibs!

Finding the best deals on Poshmark – filter out price points.

Next up Filter by Price: I love this feature. Until Poshmark updates with sorting from high to low this is the one of the best features out there to help me shop. I always always always, select my price point, then one above it. Why? Because I can always see if people are willing to negotiate. This has helped me really narrow down what’s available in my range and see what I am able to snag a good deal if someone is at the point to just get rid of it.

Buy things cheap on Poshmark – Making an offer!

One of the best ways of getting something that you want, is just by asking. I’ve made a nifty guide to handling such situations without pissing people off, which you know, happens a lot. So if you use that guide you should be good, I’ve gotten the majority of my discounts from this tactic and it keeps everyone happy!

If you search and use these religiously like I do, you will have no problem scoring some of the best deals this season. If you do find something really good, just make sure to tell me and post your findings on here!

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Stay healthy,




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