PSA: There Are Scammers Out There, Here’s How To Find Them

I don’t want to limit this scam going around just on Poshmark, this is something that I am sure all online market retailers are doing so be careful! Poshmark is well aware of what’s going on, so they are working tremendously hard on protecting their users, but of course those scammers exist and their soul purpose is to scam anyone and everyone.

Here’s what an example will look like:Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 10.15.45 AM.png

They typically go for higher end items, and will put their email on the comment section broken up. If you see the comment in your notifications but don’t see it on the listing, it’s because Poshmark has already banned the comment so other people aren’t getting tricked. The system is doing its job to remove the violators from the platform. Some of them are breaking up the email to keep from getting their email removed but make sure to report them IMMEDIATELY!!

Now I am not saying anyone who chooses to communicate with you offline is a scammer, but they shouldn’t be taking anything offline, period. Taking transactions offline is against Poshmark rules, and you shouldn’t be doing that anyway. Now this is an even more of a reason to ignore those requests!

Also, trading. Trading is such an open market for scammers. People willingly give their expensive items away and entrusting someone to send what they think they’re getting back. Very rarely do I ever see someone trade something of fair value, but mostly, I’ve heard just terrible horror stories. If you want more info on trading, see here.

SELLER BEWARE!! I don’t want anyone falling for these and trust me, just keep the sale on the platform! Have you experienced any of these happening on your listings??


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4 thoughts on “PSA: There Are Scammers Out There, Here’s How To Find Them”

  1. Wow…this is really enlightening as it not only happened to me for my Balmain Sunglasses Listing, but it also happened to my girlfriend who received 2 cashiers checks both checks were way higher than the agreed selling price. The scammer told my girlfriend that someone would come through to pick up the item sold but also to collect the extra money (they explained that the overage was to pay the THE person that would pick up the items from her. LUCKILY her bank manager caught the fake cashiers check and she didn’t lose any money. Thank goodness she went to th e manager because normal bank tellers can’t catch these fake checks until it’s too late!

    Thanks for this blog!!! It’s super helpful!!



  2. This post has been so helpful. I just got a similar comment on one of my listings last night. By time I saw it (10 minutes after that sent it to me), Poshmark banned the comment. They were quick and and right on it. Super fast… I was impressed.

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  3. Oh wow! So this explains the offer I got similar to the examples above. Thank God I was a step ahead! I told the guy that I don’t deal off poshmark! I had no idea this one going on. Good info! Thanks

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