Month: March 2017

Why You Should Be Re-Shopping Poshmark Closets.

I was thinking about this the other day and I was looking back on all my old purchases on the Poshmark App. Suddenly, I had re-kindled the ol flame that I once…

How To Negotiate On Poshmark

ATTENTION ALL POSHERS!! Here is a crash course on some simple negotiation tactics that’ll get you the sale that want and save money in your pocket! I’ve seen and experienced time and…

Making an Offer – My Best Friend

This year I’ve made it my goal to really push my closet into full throttle and make some serious dough on Poshmark! It’s been challenging in many aspects but I’ve learned a…

Poshmark Tip Of the Day – Show Them Your Deals

Today’s tip is from @kristin_meyer (please check out her closet, you can click on her name and it’ll take you there). She posted to the Poshmark Analytics Facebook Group a hot tip for selling…

Poshmark Tip of The Day: Timing Is Everything

What Are The Best Times To Do What on Poshmark? Well there is a sweet spot for everything, from listing to sharing, even shopping! So what are the best times to do…

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March 2017
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