How To Negotiate On Poshmark


Here is a crash course on some simple negotiation tactics that’ll get you the sale that want and save money in your pocket! I’ve seen and experienced time and time again, people that miss so many opportunities to get such great deals because they don’t know these simple rules of negotiation.

Lesson 1: Making the Offer

Making an offer is easy, it is expected to be lower than the retail price, how low you want to go is dependent on you. Typically anything lower than 50% may start the negotiations in a rough place, so if you intend on going lower than that, be aware. If they decline, then resend an offer for higher, and see if they’ll bite again. 75%-90% offers get really high immediate acceptance rates, so that’s something to think about, you may just get a deal right off the bat!

Lesson 2: The Counteroffer.

This is the part that I feel I need to teach everyone. I would have to say a good chunk of the population think that if someone counters back that that is their lowest. NOT NECESSARILY!!! This just means they’re game! They are ready to rattle and roll, and if they’re done, you’ll know it, (I’ll get to it in the next lesson) but there’s still room to dance!

So unless they’ve sent a counter with one less 0 in it, then send your counter. This sets the pace of the negotiations. Go up $10 they may go down $10. Go up $1, you may be in for a loooooooong night!

Lesson 3: Enough is Enough.

When you or the seller are done at your highest, or their lowest to show that you are done you counter at the last bid you gave. How many times? I’d say 3…MAX. If you go above that, it’s just annoying. 2 is like, “yeah I’m done.” 3 is like, “yeah, for sure I’m done, so stop asking.” If you can’t agree on a price then it is what it is, nothing wrong with it, decline the offer and move on to the next item.

Lesson 4: In Conclusion

Man I can’t even count how many times I’ve lost deals with people who immediately see my counter and decline. Holy hell. It’s like I’VE insulted them by going lower on my listing price! But what people fail to realize is that I am, on average, still willing to go lower if they wanna continue negotiating! If I go lower and they stick to their original offer, then I know, this is the highest they’ll go. If I counter 3x with my same number, just know, THAT’S the lowest.

Don’t miss out on these deals that you can have by leaving it dead in the water on the first offer! Try it out and see how it goes, guarantee you’ve been missing out on some epic deals. If not, then complain to me down below in the comments section!

Also make sure to put your closet link down below, I love checking out new closets!


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Ediza Ferris

Ediza has been a Poshmark user since 2013 and is a fashion enthusiast with a insatiable hunger for designer bags. She has completed numerous trips around the world using points and miles as her choice of currency and chronicles those adventures here at HealthyGirlFashion.

  1. Great advice! It is a shame that people give up so easily. Also, there are the low ballers. Damn! They want something for nothing! Definitely agree with patience is a virtue. Thank you for continuing to share awesome advice!

  2. Great post! And I would like to add one more thought. Don’t leave the last person’s counteroffer hanging. If you need time to think about it, that’s fine. But don’t just leave it hanging until the deadline comes around. That’s just rude! Simply decline! I often won’t accept another Buyer’s offer until I hear from the first Buyer. And if you’re the Buyer, you’re sitting ‘on pins and needles’ until the Seller accepts!

  3. I think this guide should be required reading for new Poshers. Of course, a lot of people don’t read the info provided to them (ehem…like item descriptions). My response to lowballers honestly depends on my mood. I wish there was a setting so you could auto-reject any offer that meets a certain threshold, say 60% of list price & below. I don’t even want to see those offers. Super lowball offers can really put me in a bad mood. I have had some doozies. I am sure we all have.

  4. Hi Im Missy
    Thanks for sharing all the great information & tips !
    I’m @Gizzysmom67 on Poshmark if you’d ever like to stop by and say Hi 🙂
    Hapoy Poshing !

  5. Thank you for doing this blog! As a new Posher, I feel I still have a lot to learn. So far, I’ve only made one sale and I’m worried I’m doing something wrong. Anyway, I appreciate your advice. I don’t know how to share the link to my closet, but my username is @Kel1angel.

  6. My closet is @raychillliz. Just started. I have my stuff priced to sell and i get lower offers. I think everyone is looking for a bargain and shipping is pretty high on poshmark, considering you have to pay it every time you buy a new item from a different posher. So it’s hard to shop around cause 6.95 can really add up. I’m pretty happy to accept offers if they’re reasonable, I think most ppl are setting the price close enough to what they want to get.

  7. Ediza,
    I am new to Poshmark and I made a $200 offer on a $275 dress – very reasonable offer. The seller did not reply and has not been “active” on the app in the timeframe of my offer. Does Poshmark send an email to the seller making them aware of the offer, or is it up to the seller to check the app daily to see if any offers have come in. I’m thinking she isn’t even aware that I made an offer and customer support for Poshmark will not answer that question. Thanks!

  8. Agree to all, but I also send a personal mssge, explaining why I’ve countered as low as I’m willing, and thanking them profusely for sincere interest in an item. There is TONS from which to choose on Posh, so, when someone sends a true offer on an item(s) of mine, it is truly appreciated, even though we may be on different ends of the pricing spectrum. I’ve had folks decline, then return later in the day, bcse at least I was appreciative, pleasant, and willing to at least budge somewhat on pricing. Low offers are insulting, but I will NEVER threaten to block a user for that. I feel like that’s rude; at least they looked at my items, which is the whole point. I kill them w/ kindness, and many times get their almst insultingly low price up to a doable one for me. You’re only alienating potential future customers by blocking them, when, if it’s so offensive to you, just decline their crazy low offer.

  9. Hi Ediza! I love your Youtube channel and blog! You’re very helpful and concise! I love that about you! I am new to Poshmark and made a few sales so far! I have a fast do you accept an offer? Is it better to wait it out or accept right away? Also, with bundling do you think it’s best to bundle and offer potential buyers who likes your item(s), or is it best to wait for them to bundle and offer? I don’t know the proper etiquette when it comes to people who bundle! I don’t want to come off pushy but then I don’t want them to think I don’t care. Please help if you have time. Thank you so much!

    1. 1. Thanks so much for watching! I’m glad!
      2. Always make contact right away, wether you accept or ask them if they would like to bundle more items.
      3. I would create a bundle for them and before offering, I would ask them in the comment are of the bundle, if they want this item and how much do they want me to sell it to them for.

      Just keep in mind, this isn’t really etiquette so much, but now it’s more of a private sales pitch. Something very casual, without sounding like you are “trying” to sell them on a piece.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Oh wow sounds interesting! Bundling makes me nervous for some reason lol Thanks for your great advice! I much appreciate it! XOXOXO!

  10. This is a fabulous post, thank you. I’ve been selling for about one month now, and the first week to ten days, I had ongoing sales. It’s slowed down a bit. If you’d like to check my closet, it’s @pianobb and the link is:

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