I Sold $2500 In a Few Days On Poshmark!!!

This is BIG guys. You’re gonna wanna read the WHOLE SHABANG!! Let me give you a glimpse into my world right now. My Poshmark notifications are going off non-stop. People bundling into the wee hours of the morning. Mountains of packages piled high. This all in a span of just a few days!

Just the start of my Poshmark sales

Overall in total just as of right now, I’ve made somewhere over $2000, moved 114 items, 68 orders and had over 100+ offers submitted (and counting!). IN A FEW DAYS!!!!! I KNOW RIGHT?!?? This is my biggest sales record so far, last time it was 47 items in 24 hours.

So how did I do it?

I had a sale! Just like everyone else! But this time, it wasn’t just any kiiiiind of sale. I had a LOWBALL SALE. So you can say I’m LOW BALLLLINNNNN’!!!!!

Ads for my Lowball sale on Poshmark

2 things I want to mention here:

  1. I decided to flip the script: People hate lowballers. I decided that I was going to welcome them into my closet and have them shop.
  2. I came to the realization that everyone is a lowballer. You, me, and the entire world. No one WANTS to be a lowballer, but people do want to get stuff for free or even for less than the posted price. I just made it ok for them to do so.

This all started when my husband and I started out plans for moving and the moving estimate was somewhere in the $9000 range 😱. The biggest bulk of the boxes would be from my inventory, so I needed to downsize and downsize quick!

Created ADs in my closet to alert people of the sale

But I’m not into losing my money!Β 

Oh don’t worry honey. I did some serious prepping before I posted up any such ad. My husband would kill me if I didn’t think this through. So naturally I started working on my Poshmark Inventory Spreadsheet and looked up the prices of items and my clients items. And made sure that EVERY SINGLE SALE didn’t go in the red. I made a promise that I would NOT go under on any of these items.

That includes my time/gas driving out and buying the item. Storage, shipping materials, and my time and effort LISTING the dang thing! All that included with the actual cost of the item. So with all that calculated into each of my 500 items I was ready to go.

Also something to keep in mind, Poshmark doesn’t allow someone to lowball you to $0. It’s just not possible. A buyer MUST submit an offer 20% or higher than your listed price. Before anyone makes the comment I am going to clarify: if the listing price is $100 the buyer can’t offer you lower than $20. So price accordingly πŸ˜‰.

Opening The Flood Gates

I started out with like 1-2 ads on my page then grew to about 9-10. It was MADNESS!! I couldn’t make dinner, my husband and I we were going CRAZY, just pulling items and printing labels. We were going mad trying to get 30+ packages out on a Sunday before our flights! Thankfully Meijer takes packages on Sundays, HOORAY!

I also put notes in the ad listings that for certain brands or items of clients would be countered for the sake of satisfying their minimums. So I countered an F-ton. I wasn’t about to go down like that!!


Now this might not be the sale for you, if you’re a business owner and you already do well, then you keep doing you Boo Boo! Don’t mind me, I need to move inventory like NOW so until my moving date, I’ll have my sale up and going!

I know there will be a million questions on this, I will happily answer them down below in the comments box. Also please put your closet name and your link for others to check out your closet!
Stay Healthy,

Ediza Ferris

Ediza has been a Poshmark user since 2013 and is a fashion enthusiast with a insatiable hunger for designer bags. She has completed numerous trips around the world using points and miles as her choice of currency and chronicles those adventures here at HealthyGirlFashion.

  1. Mind if I borrow your sales strategy??? I’ve got to get these things outta here too before my hubby kills me! Lol @crystaldenton

    1. Honey, as long as you read this blog, or subscribe, or watch my videos, you can take any piece of info on here and use it till you make a million bucks! Go out there an kill it!

  2. You said that when you were deciding on a final price you included the gas, the time, etc. How much do you pay yourself for your time?

  3. This is brilliant! I was planning on a spring cleaning sale this week, I think I’m going to implement this idea into it (and you’re right, we’re all lowballers at heart, hehe) ❀️✌️

  4. I just got word that we got the house in Texas and are moving SOON! I will definitely be borrowing your AMAZING idea! You rock!

  5. This is a great strategy! Thank you so much for sharing. I definitely want to incorporate this strategy in my closet. Please check me out @elleteigh

  6. yay! love this!! I thought of something like this too, but never did it. so glad to see that it was successful for you! @amyloo2 #girlboss #getitgirl #lowballers

  7. Dang. That’s a great strategy. I may do something like this to blast some sales out and re-fresh my inventory. Good luck with your move!

  8. Always great advice. Enjoy reading your blog . Please check me out and read about my background. You just may find it of interest as to why I know so much about older great brands and fine fabrics!
    Best wishes
    Nona L ………@ nonajane

  9. Great idea! We’re moving soon too, so I will definitely take advantage of this idea. My closet is @marglio if you wanna check it out! πŸ˜‰

  10. Also, I fogot to mention that I also figure aprrox. $1.50-3.50 for my shipping supplies We as sellers definately have shipping costs also!!!!

    Regards again

    1. Ok I’m confused. If I want to make $20 on an item, I figure in that $ 20 plus my cogs? Raise it to that amount and accept any offers?

  11. This are GOALS!! Thank you so much for sharing!! So you didn’t drop prices for the closet clear out discounted shipping? You just encouraged people to submit offers? I might have to try this out πŸ™‚ @yaskween

  12. Did you find that people offered more or less reasonably when given permission to lowball? In other words… Did everyone offer the absolute minimum?

  13. Hello, I am not understanding and feeling rather lost, which is unusual for me LOL *wink* I do not see a strategy anywhere? Am I to understand that we are to raise the prices, to reflect a 50% increase, to then offer a 50% discount? Thus be the actual price of what you wanted in the first place? The buyer is being ‘fooled’ (said nicely).. Into thinking they are getting 50% off???

  14. I take in every tip offered – this one is very interesting! I think I tend to price on the lower end for the quality of stuff I sell. I have had decent sales for my short time on Poshmark ($600 sales in 5 weeks) but nothing like you have had! Got me thinking! @rjrkpt

  15. Wow! Thanks for sharing! I think I’m going to have to try this! A very novel way to approach a frustrating issue! Way to go! @millaportman πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΈπŸ’—

  16. While I havent done a lowball add…After reading this I marked a LOT of my stuff down, up to nearly 30%! @shelleykny

  17. That’s fantastic, but it still makes me nervous. Would you say that this strategy would only be for folks who need to do a major purge for something like a big move or for anyone to sell items regularly? Were you accepting offers that had no other profit than the coat of the item and the $1 for you time, gas, etc?? Or did you try for more profit vs. just offloading without loosing money? Thanks so much.

  18. What a wonderful idea. I need to get rid of inventory to make room for new listings. Maybe I can implement your idea… Thank you for Sharing πŸ’•

  19. I don’t have nearly as many items as you, I just have a little over 100 listings. I definitely don’t have any glamorous brands or high ticket items listed in my closet either. I just sell the everyday clothes that I don’t like to wear anymore, but I’m so tired of constantly needing to mark down my already cheap items just to get a sale. In three months I’ve sold 28 listings for just over $280. So that’s $10 a listing, and I’m not really pleased with that. I want to sell my items for the price I originally list it for, instead of marking it down numerous times until it finally sells just because it wasn’t getting any action. Any suggestions?? Here’s a link to my closet ❀

      1. Hmmm… perhaps this only works if you have 34k followers (which you do, lucky Ediza), but I only have 5k and haven’t had one offer or bundle purchase since posting the ads two days ago….bummer.

      2. Hmmm… perhaps this only works if you have 34k followers (which you do, lucky Ediza), but I only have 5k and haven’t had one offer or bundle purchase since posting the ads two days ago….bummer.

  20. Great plan! Thanks for sharing! I’ve been experimenting with different strategies and trying not to get too annoyed with super low offers. When I get one I usualyy just counter what I hope to get and go from there. But great idea to welcome offers however big or small. @resellebrate

  21. Many thanks for this! Time to tackle my pricing and make some signs. My closet is @missnixie. Any suggestions you have would be most welcome my dear πŸ˜‰

    1. Hmmm… perhaps this only works if you have 34k followers (which you do, lucky Ediza), but I only have 5k and haven’t had one offer or bundle purchase since posting the ads two days ago….bummer.

      1. I tried to do this also and had no sales. I did have one lowball offer though. The individual bundled a bunch of items and then offered the lowest Poshmark will allow – 80%. Unbelievable! I countered but, of course, she just left it hanging. I also shared, shared, shared and shared my ads. I even participated in several share groups. So disappointing!!

        1. Well just remember this is MY experience. I’m sure I did things much differently than you did, and this particular strategy I did was meant to clear out all my old inventory for the sake of moving. I was prepared to take an 80% cut on all my items so I didn’t feel the way you did when someone sent me a lowball offer. Just remember, whenever you try any strategy, whether mine or any other posher, YMMV. Your experience may be better than someone else’s or worse but ultimately you are in control of your own experience.

      2. Hi MissNixie. First of all, your closet is beautiful! I just checked it out and have major envy! I noticed you have a lot of high ticket items, and I think people are a little more wary of buying these items since there are no returns (in case they don’t fit or aren’t as described or expected). I definitely notice my higher priced items sit longer.

        Anyway, I just want to say that I had about 2,500 followers at the end of March, and I knew I needed to get more if I want to make some sales. So, I very actively spent the last month working to gain new followers and increased by about 10,000 in a month. Your closet if gorgeous; if you work for more followers, I bet more sales will come!

        1. Thank you for the compliment, my dear. I reckoned that my higher end items are a bit off putting for many, so thanks for clarifying that the lack of returns can be a deterrent as well . I will work on increasing followers and keep my sales (and chin) up. Many thanks for taking the time, which I greatly appreciate! You are a gem!

  22. Thanks for this article! It was really helpful. I need to post way more items, it’s just time consuming trying to fit it in with my full time. My closet is @mssittinpretty

  23. Hi Ediza! What is the black background you use for a lot of your photos? I know you use a photo editor app sometimes, but the black background looks so great and different and I’m wondering what it is. Is it a giant piece of black poster board? Thanks and keep up the great work!!!! (:

  24. Lots of good advice! My closet is FITFUNFASHION!
    id love to support any closets that share my items as well! πŸ™‚

  25. Holy Crap! This is great info- Thank You! I feel so enlightened right now!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’œ @emotionaldress

  26. I’m a new account and I just want to make some extra cash over summer break 😊 my closet is @ ashlvylin !

  27. im in the same perdicument as you minus the sales. I have lowered the cost of my clothes so many times to get them sold before I move and I have had no luck! My pictures are great, prices perfect and of course I share like and follow all the time! Please help me because I seriously need these clothes sold. If I can figure out how to sell I would love to start a boutique on poshmark <3

    Poshmark Store – https://poshmark.com/closet/stylishranter

  28. What’s involved in getting a poshmark account? And how much does packaging cost? I’m considering getting into that but I want to know the cons and pros of it before I dive in. Oh, and congratulations on your sale! That’s awesome! ~Anne

    1. Well sign up is free. The only thing you pay is the commission when it sells. THAT’S IT!! The buyer pays for shipping and you get a label in your email once it sells. When you sign up, use my referral code HDUMJ to get $5 to start off with when you go shopping on the app. Have fun!!

  29. I read this blog entry on your lowball sale a couple weeks ago and gave it a try this weekend. Loved it! Thanks for the great idea. It was a very successful sale/weekend for me! (closet @MariJ7)

  30. Hi Ediza! Thank you so much for this post! I’m moving in a couple months, to a home half the size. Do you think this strategy will work for a poshmark newbie? I just joined last month and don’t have many followers yet, but have sold more than 10 items in the 3 weeks since joining. Any suggestions on how to sell items quick w/out listing every item? I still have hundreds more to post. Who knew you could fit so much into a closet (or two)?! Trying to learn as much as possible on how to list, gain followers, shares, etc. My closet is https://poshmark.com/closet/isabelnl if you could be so kind to take a look.

  31. Ediza!! If this isn’t like the greatest strategy ever! I have been with Posh since 2013 and as of 2018 I am finally taking my closet seriously! I am always trying to make sure I make profit in my closet as well as get rid of it all but then it just sits there. I just started using the 30MM strategy which has helped me tremendously. My closet is very mid-class so I don’t carry a lot of designer items but the items I do carry can be cute and chic! If you find the time in your busy world go check out my closet @sassycrazi! Mwah!

  32. I’m about a month in to posh. My closet name is @ferretmom1 I’ve sold a few things. I’m nearly at ambassador status! I’ve done the offer to likers, dropped prices, tried better pics, and it seems to be working. I have this gorgeous new with tags wedding dress from David’s bridal that I would love to see a happy bride to be by from my closet! I don’t care to a specific brand, size, or style when I list. I shop for everyone and think everyone who comes tomy closet should be able to find something for them πŸ™‚ fashion is for everyone πŸ™‚ I love offering a variety! Go check out my closet the next time your online πŸ™‚

  33. Not sure if anyone is still posting on this, but big ups to you Ediza!! I hope to become a successful posher too! Check me out @ashleychloee

  34. Thank you, Great info! I feel a LOWBALL sale coming to my closet verry soon!! Wishing you much success! You are definitely on to something! Poshmark closet @tempressm… Stop by!

  35. This is a great idea especially with it being Labor Day weekend and going back to school. Who doesn’t want to buy at the best deals @jennylimonhdz. Thanks for the idea and will definitely look at your closet. Have a safe weekend and have fun .

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