Month: October 2017

Posh Tip Tuesday: Stalker Status

Happy Halloween Poshers!! Poshmark Tips Tuesday: For those of you who are looking to get some real deals in your area, try looking into meeting people in your neighborhood! Poshmark has an…

Keto Diaries

Keto Diary: Week 1

Keto: The New Fad Diet I love diet fads. There I said it, I effing love them! I love being annoying and telling people how I lost soooooooo much weight just by…

#AboutLashNight with Marianna Hewitt

#AboutLashNight Blogger Meet Up Hosted by Marianna Hewitt

#LashNightOut… A couple nights ago I was honored to attend the #aboutlashnight NYC Blogger Meetup with none other than the Queen B of Bloggers herself Marianna Hewitt of If you’ve never…

HealthyGirlTV: BootayBag Review

  HealthyGirlTV: BootayBag Review BootayBag was so generous enough to have me checkout their product and give a review. If you don’t know what BootayBag is, check out the video above!

BootayBag Collab w/ HealthyGirlFashion

Healthygirlfashion Collab with BootayBag You guys… the future is here. We’ve all seen the subscriptions for shoes, magazines, accessories, but isn’t it time to have a subscription for underwear? I mean…a pair…

POSHFEST 2017 Speaker Gift

Poshfest 2017 Speaker Gift Hey everyone! I thought I’d share some cool stuff that was in our speaker gift for Poshfest 2017! This year they went above and beyond getting us cool…

Coming Soon! How To Market Your Sales On Poshmark

For those of you looking to get the best marketing strategies down for your sales on Poshmark, I wrote a quick eWorkbook that will be available soon here exclusively on! This…

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