Keto Diary: Week 1

Keto: The New Fad Diet

I love diet fads. There I said it, I effing love them! I love being annoying and telling people how I lost soooooooo much weight just by drinking juiced celery sticks and hallucinating about cheeseburgers. You think I’m being sarcastic, I am dead serious! I’ve been through every diet fad there is: Atkins, Dukkan, Juicing, plain ‘ol starvation, Weight Watchers, and now I have been introduced to the Keto Diet.

The Keto diet seems like a dream in an of itself, high fats, low carb, sugar free sweeteners. It’s like how life should be minus the super high caloric intake and looming heart attack. I mean it’s much more complex than that but it’s all very very promising! Basically, by depriving your body of carbohydrates, it puts your body in a state of ketosis and then it will start burning fat as opposed to the carbs. Kinda reminds me of Mean Girls where you eat a bunch of carbs, get fat and all your fat just drops *snaps* like that! lol. There aren’t a lot of before and after results posted online, not sure if it’s because the people have died off before they could get an end result, but what the hell…do it for the gram!

I’m painting a really bad picture of this diet but I promise you it’s totally legit…or that’s what I keep telling myself. Whatever! For real though, my really good friend introduced me to this diet and her she speaks nothing but praise. There are hard moments, like the first 2 weeks where your body goes into full panic mode because of the sugar deprivation. I mean, we all could use a little less sugar if you ask me. But also your palette takes a beating because it’s not used to having flour and gluten. Not to mention your serious case of halitosis and overactive butthole!

But this is a very short lived diet, this is definitely not how you should continue with the rest of your life. It’s supposed to be a jumpstart to your new healthy lifestyle and it’ll propel you to move in the right direction. Once you reach your desired weight and you continue your activity (yes you have to start working out on this diet…cue *gasp*), then you can start re-introducing the good stuff slooooooooooowly. We don’t want to immediately get fat again do we? Because we’ve all been there with a bowl of cheese fries on our face with instant regret.

Keto Diaries
Keto Diaries: You still have to workout

So you want to do Keto…

Now, if this hasn’t steered you away from this diet yet, then I guess you’re hooked along with me! There are people that do the Keto diet for months, and lose a ton of weight because they are very strict, and there are people who just do it for a few weeks, and lose moderate amounts of weight, totally up to you! But for me, I weighed at somewhere around +185lbs? maybe more? I have no idea. But I weighed myself after 1 week and I was 177lbs. TRU DAT!! Not saying this will happen to you, because to be totally honest, I have no idea the weight I started at.

The Keto Diaries: YASS QUEEN!!
The Keto Diaries: YASS QUEEN!!

The best part was going into the dressing room and actually fitting into something! OH MAN was that feeling sooooo good! You have no idea how that feels after putting things on and never fitting into them. You know what I’m talking about. Those times when you actually have money to buy clothes, but the clothes don’t want to go home with you? It’s a sad day. But sad no more!

So if you’re in with me, then let’s chug along together. I will be posting weekly updates of how my progress is going. Nothing is off limits, I will share what I eat, where I ate, and what was good and not. Hopefully you share the same with me. Support systems are great and we can do this Keto diet together!


There are a few blogs that will tell you some really insightful ways to prep yourself before going into this diet. Some will tell you to start letting go of little bits of carbs at a time, and to start an exercise regime to get into the mode before you go full Keto Diet. But I ain’t no bitch, so I just stopped everything cold turkey… Looking back on it, I probably should’ve just inched my way down to no carbs, and added an exercise or two, but you know what they say! Hindsight! heh.

Keto Diaries: Your secret keto weapon

On a serious note, it wasn’t THAT bad. I mean, there are a few things that I know now that I wish I knew before I started, such as: Cauliflower is your best Carb substitute. Cauliflower is a chameleon in so many ways. It can turn into rice, and mashed potatoes, and sub in for macaroni. It takes on the flavor of it’s surroundings and can change its texture in many ways. So first, get used to that.

Lastly, because I’m lazy, there are other keto blogs out there that will give you better, if not the best info on what you can or cannot eat. For me, I’ve just left it at no obvious carbs (pasta, bread, starches) and no sugar. Some people are super strict, and bless them, but that’s not me. I’m doing the diet how I want to, and you should too. Make that decision for yourself, you’re the one who is going to live with yourself and your body so you are adult enough to make those choices.

Here are some of the blogs that I looked at before so that you can read up and see if this is right for you:

The Complete Keto Diet Guide For Beginners


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