Dreamforce 2017? What To Know, What To Wear, What To Pack

Dreamforce 2017

The countdown is on and there’s only a few days until the Superbowl Event of all Tech is here. Ok- let’s just get one thing straight. I have never been to a tech conference, but my sister has, and is attending Dreamforce 2017. And in the spirit of our discussion of about what to wear, we’ve narrowed it down to some key pieces. Also- there’s not a ton of places that tell you what to pack. Now keep in mind, that this will change based on where your tech conference will be held, and your attire will need to change based on the environment. But since Dreamforce 2017 is being held in San Francisco this week, we’re going to stick with some fall essentials while still keeping it classy.

After looking through the schedule for Dreamforce 2017, it looks like you’ll need about 8 outfits to pack. Four of them will be evening attire, don’t think ballgown or anything, but this includes the pre-party before the main event that starts on Monday. The other 4 are daytime attire. But overall, we’ve found some nice items that you can order on rush delivery or pick up to get this stuff before the start of the event.

1. What to Wear

Just think business casual, but cooler. You will see button ups with blazers, and some basic office dresses, but you kind want to stand out right? Not boobies popping out stand out but just look good an classy stand out. Don’t worry I get it! For the daytime outfits, here are some examples that are trendy, yet fashionable and will still relate to the dress code.

Women’s Attire to Tech Conference: Pants, Adidas Sneakers, and Overcoat


Women's Attire to Tech Conference: Tory Birch Anja Dress
Women’s Attire to Tech Conference: Tory Birch Anja Dress ($598 @ Tory Burch.com)
Women Attire For Tech Conference: Tory Burch Michaela Chain Print Dress
Women Attire For Tech Conference: Tory Burch Michaela Chain Print Dress ($159 @ Bloomingdales)
Women's Attire Tech Conference- Tory Burch Lacey Polo
Women’s Attire Tech Conference- Tory Burch Lacey Polo
Dreamforce 2017 - Chambray Top and Black Pants
Dreamforce 2017 – Chambray Top and Black Pants

For shoes I would go with any type of flats. Loafers, sneakers, and ballet flats are your best friends. There will be a lot of walking, even though there are shuttles, there’s still quite a bit of walking, so heels are a no-no. Also, there might be times where you might go somewhere and the workshop has you sit on the floor or move around, so instead of dresses, just opt for some pants or cute jeans. But still pack a nice dress, you never know when you might have to have one for an impromptu dressy event. No Athleisure please! It will be cooler since it’s in the fall, and it’s the bay area, so wear tights or stockings if you end up opting in for a skirt or dress.

Since it is San Francisco, it’ll be chilly so bring layers. When I say layers, I mean, bring a coat/blazer, scarf, wear an under tank and a tee over it, and then if you want to bring a sweater/ cardigan. You can remove layers and either tie them around your waist or put them in your backpack/laptop bag but still bring something for the cold.

Now the Dreamforce 2017 gala, will be a concert (it was last year), so wear your concert attire, whatever that is that you wear to dance and stand in. But most likely it will be outside so dress accordingly. Here’s some evening wear options:

Dreamforce 2017 Gala Concert Outfit
Dreamforce 2017 Gala Concert Outfit
Women's Tech Conference - Evening wear Outfits
Women’s Tech Conference – Evening wear Outfits
Women's Attire For Tech Conference Concert Fall Chic
Women’s Attire For Tech Conference Concert Fall Chic
Dreamforce 2017 - Evening Wear Outfit
Dreamforce 2017 – Evening Wear Outfit

What to Pack
1. Laptop Bag/ Backpack

Accessories are a must so here are some suggestions when it comes to your gear:

Rimowa Bolero Notebook Case
Rimowa Bolero Notebook Case ($359 @ RIMOWA)

I mean you don’t have to have this exact case, but this laptop bag is pretty bad ass. I mean it’s made by Rimowa, has thousands of amazing reviews, and it’s perfect to store all your necessary gear for the day: iPad, Lappy, & extra batteries. You don’t have to get this one, but if you do get this one, it’s like a lifetime kinda thing. You only need one laptop bag in your life, why not have the best?

Also make sure that you have something that’s spacious enough to hold all the swag you’re going to be getting from all the different companies you will be stopping at. If you have a backpack that only fits your laptop you may end up carrying a whole other bag. Side note: The maximum size for you bag is 14″x14″x9″ I believe, so anything larger than that will have to be checked at a bag check.

2) iWatch

Photo courtesy of Apple.com
Photo courtesy of Apple.com

That’s right! Show you’re techie by having your iWatch a tickin’. I mean you can be beautiful AND tech savvy. But if you’re an Android lover, then just sub it out with an Android equivalent. But make sure it’s fully charged, nothing like having a dead watch on hand. This isn’t necessary, but this happened to be my contribution. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get alerts and emails on their watch?

3) External Battery Pack

Dreamforce 2017 What to Pack - Mophie Power Station
Dreamforce 2017 What to Pack – Mophie Power Station

This Mophie Powerstation XL is what you need to have your devices last through the day and into the night & no need to bring a power cord! This is one of the big suggestions made by plenty of people. There aren’t a lot of places to charge your phone, so make sure to bring an extra battery pack.

4) Small Case For Cords (If You Need Them)

Dreamforce 2017 What To Pack - Khanka Cord Case
Dreamforce 2017 What To Pack – Khanka Cord Case ($12 @ amazon.com)

I was gifted this Khanka cord case, and didn’t really think anything of it, but now I can’t leave the house without it. It fits all my laptop chargers, phone chargers, and even some of my camera accessories. It’s pretty compact and can fit into your backpack without making it look super lumpy.

5) Crossbody bags/ Purses

If you’re opting in to wear or use a purse that’s not your backpack, then I suggest bringing a couple cross body purses for different outfits. Just know that you will be putting stuff inside them if your backpack or laptop is full. So be mindful of that when you’re picking out which bags you want to pack.

What to Know

  1. Make sure to download these 2 apps:

    Dreamforce 2017 - Dream Force Shuttle Tracker
    Dreamforce 2017 – Dream Force Shuttle Tracker
    Salesforce Events App
    Salesforce Events App

    You’ll need these to take some of the events and the shuttles around town. I mean, you don’t need them per-say, but these are the apps that are made for the event.

  2. Clear Out Your Phone.

    Make sure your phone storage has enough storage, because you will take a lot of pictures & video. Also don’t forget to Snap and Insta-story the events. It’s one of the best ways to find out what others are doing or if there are any local events that you can attend.

  3. Always pack some snacks with you.

    You’ll be doing a lot of running around and lots of panels and speeches, you may forget to eat at times. Not saying you have to have a full meal in your pack, but maybe a granola bar or a light snack will do. My mom always said: Always have a little snack with you in the event that your hunger may have caught up with you…j/k she never said that. I never had a problem with forgetting to eat. But I’m telling that to you because if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s being hungry!

  4. Get In Line Early.

    There are some pretty big speakers one of which is Michelle Obama. So if you want to see her speak, I would get in line 45 mins to an hour before just to guarantee yourself a seat. Pack a lunch and eat it in line. Do whatever you have to do to see the former FLOTUS!

  5. Bathroom Lines.

    We heard the bathroom lines are intense, so try offset your bathroom regimen not during peak hours that way you won’t have to wait in any epic lines and embarrassingly do the pee-pee dance.

  6. Have A Gameplan.

    Dreamforce 2015, Salesforce.com’s user and developer conference held at the Moscone Convention Center and various hotels in San Francisco from September 14-18, 2015. (© Photo by Jakub Mosur Photography)


    There’s a map of the campus and a schematic of where all the vendors and companies are going to be. If you have a fave or a few fave, make sure you know where they are and how to get there. It’s a bit of a labyrinth so make sure you know your N, S, E, & W. Always keep a look out for the shuttle schedules too!

I hope this guide finds you well and I hope you have a spectacular time. If you don’t think this guide helps, then you can blame my sister. If this guide was spot on, please let me know, or if you have any other tips to share, then please put them down in the comments below! Have fun at Dreamforce 2017!!


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