HealthyGirlFashion x Inspired Mailers

HealthyGirlFashion x Inspired Mailers

HealthyGirlFashion x Inspired Mailers

Christmas is a coming! And for those of you who are like ME and like to wrap all your #PoshPackages, then you’re in luck because I’ve teamed up with Inspired Mailers to show you some of their new mailers made for this holiday season! What I like about these mailers is that it really saves time on having to wrap, and it gives that little extra sprinkle of Christmas without spending a lot of time wrapping. Plus by getting these, it really helps with the overall sale. I think when people see that you 1) spent money on the wrapping or 2) Took time to wrap it, it actually has that extra personalization to it. Like they didn’t just shove it in a recycled box. It’s kinda speaks more to the seller that they make it a little more fancier for the buyer.

Holiday Mailers

HealthyGirlFashion x Inspired Mailers - Holiday Mailers
HealthyGirlFashion x Inspired Mailers – Holiday Mailers

I really like Inspired Mailers because they have a Holiday Combo Pack of 30 mailers ($18.99) that are different sizes, and its super convenient for covering all types of shipments. As much as I like the USPS Envelopes, they pretty much just one size in mailing envelopes and it sucks to put a tiny item in a big envelope or have a denim jacket that’s too big to fit in them. This way it covers all your bases for all the different types of products that you have.

Metallic Bubble Mailers

HealthyGirlFashion x Inspired Mailers - Bubble Mailers
HealthyGirlFashion x Inspired Mailers – Bubble Mailers

They also have bubble mailers, which I like because sometimes I’ll ship some really nice necklaces that are highly fragile, and I know if I just put it in an envelope (even with tissue paper) it’ll still end up destroyed in transit. So those come in handy, plus they have holiday designs for those too and different sizes!

Printed Flat Mailers

HealthyGirlFashion x Inspired Mailers - Printed Mailers
HealthyGirlFashion x Inspired Mailers – Printed Mailers

I hope you guys at least check them out and see what they got. They don’t have just Holiday Mailers they have some super cute prints as well that are $19.99 for a pack of 100, that’s only $0.20 a mailer SO WORTH IT!! If you’re starting your own branding, what would be really cool, is to just stick with one design to market all your shipments in that one print, so that everyone knows that that specific print is yours.

Before you go, here are some promo codes that you can use. Remember you can mix and match styles and prints, and shipping is free on all orders!

Inspired Mailers Promo Codes

To obtain the discounted price add the applicable promo code listed below during checkout:

Buy any 3 packs receive 10% off: promo code 310

Buy any 5 packs receive 15% off: promo code 515

Buy any 10 packs receive 20% off: promo code 1020

Buy any 20 packs receive 25% off: promo code 2025

Buy any 50 packs receive 30% off: promo code 5030

Happy Holidays, and I hope you make some epic sales this holiday season. If you do you, be sure to keep this option in mind for your packaging!


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Ediza has been a Poshmark user since 2013 and is a fashion enthusiast with a insatiable hunger for designer bags. She has completed numerous trips around the world using points and miles as her choice of currency and chronicles those adventures here at HealthyGirlFashion.

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