My RevitaLash Cosmetics Review

RevitaLash Cosmetics Review: To be perfectly honest, I didn’t know who Revitalash Cosmetics were until I went to the NYC Blogger Meetup with Marianna Hewitt. But thank the lord because I didn’t actually realize what treasure trove I was to embark upon! For the event they gave a sampler bag of goodies to those who got makeovers, but for everyone who attended the event, we got a full size of the Advanced Lash Conditioner ($150)/3.5ml, Thickening Conditioner ($92), and Thickening Shampoo ($89) in our goodie bags to try out. The prices seem pretty steep but since I got these for free, why not try it out and see if it really lives up to it’s price tag.

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner
ReviatLash Cosmetics Review: RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

Ok it seems pretty unnecessary to sit here and think of conditioning your eyelashes. I mean, really? Do my eyelashes need a hair appointment?….well… only if they’re open Saturdays. First and foremost, lets talk about my eyelashes in particular. My eyelashes are pretty basic. Stick straight. No length. No thickness, and they fall downwards into my eyeballs. You know what? I just realized my eyelashes suck! But let me tell you sumthin…eyelashes are sexy AF. The moment I add some mascara & curl those babies, they change me from Blixem to Vixen! So its a no brainer why I would choose to try this out.

What You See Is What You Get

The bottle itself is thin and small, perfect addition to your evening skincare line. The wand is thin with small bristles at the end. The hole inside the bottle is wide enough for the wand to go back inside the bottle without damaging the bristles. I used this in the evening after my normal skincare routine just before I go to bed since it says to apply just once a day. It doesn’t specify *when* you should apply it on, but for me, I like to do it at night so that it gives my lashes a rest after being glued up or gooped on. When I wake up you can tell almost instantly that my eyelashes are softer, smoother, and almost mink-like. BONUS POINTS: Even though I have eye crusties, and eye boogers, my lashes feel really nice and luxe in the morning!

The instantaneous feel you get really is worth it, my lashes look noticeable in the morning, they don’t look thicker, they just look more alive, if that makes any sense. I mean if you’re looking to get that morning glow, doe-y eyed glamour, in the morning from a one night stand, I would highly highly suggest this! You might even get invited for some pancakes!

ReGenesis Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner

RevitaLash Cosmetics Review: ReGenesis Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner
RevitaLash Cosmetics Review: ReGenesis Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

Luckily, I had just used up the last of my previous shampoo and conditioner on a work trip I did for 2 weeks. So I was at the brink of using hotel shampoos & conditioner, and these just came in the clutch! Both bottles are about 250mL which is a generous size. The product itself smells like sweet cucumber with a citrus zing and has thick consistency. The shampoo does build up a good lather, so you feel like you’re actually soaping and cleansing your hair. The conditioner has a thick creamy consistency, that I let set in my hair while I do my body wash. When I washed my hair it left that silky smoothness in the strands, and it wasn’t too thick where I felt like I needed to wash it out some more, and it wasn’t too thin to where the it left my hair feeling brittle.

Post Shower

After the shower, I opted out of my usual post shower routine and just blow dried my hair. I noticed that the strands aren’t as frizzy and it looks more set. Meaning, that my hair doesn’t just fall stick straight, but it has more movement to it. One big thing that I noticed was throughout the day (because the air is dry…I swear!) I typically have itchy scalp. If I step foot outside I WILL have to itch and sometimes its so bad, it’ll painfully itch. But for the past few days, I haven’t itched once! I love the cooling sensation I have when I shampoo because I know my scalp is thirsty for it! So if you have the same scalp issue, I would try it, because for what it’s worth, there’s no itching and no dandruff!

On the other hand: If you’re looking for something that’s more color safe for your hair, I noticed that this has sulfates in the ingredients. Sulfates have a tendency to pull some of that expensive hard earned color in your hair away or change it slightly. It’s a balance, you choose what matters more to you with your hair.


#AboutLashNight Swag Bag
#AboutLashNight Swag Bag

Overall for my Revialash Cosmetics Review: FYI this is your money, so even though recommend these products, but it doesn’t mean that you have to buy them. I would try them out first if you can, just buy smaller portions of each or go to one of their events to get a sample. But I am happy to try out some of these items, because it’s a real life saver! There are so many products out there that try to sell you on buying them, but stick to what fits your body best. For my scalp I feel I need to have this, especially during the fall/winter while it’s so dry. But if you’re in a desert area that is dry year round you may want to change things up!

If you have tried this or you have any questions on the product feel free to ask away! I’d be happy to answer! Thanks for reading and I hope this helped answer your questions before you purchased!


Stay Healthy,




My RevitaLash Cosmetics Review
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