The Best Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Happy Galentine’s Day ladies & gents! Today marks the yearly reminder that for those without an S.O, we’ve still got our besties to dine with. Trust me, these moments with your best gal pal will be limited and when you do meet Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, you’ll cherish those times where you and your bff were talking shit on everyone else, while secretly dying inside. So what do you get your very best Galentine? It’s not really that hard but I did find a few items that I think would deffffffff be worthwhile for the person who has helped you get vomit, and other foreign substances *ahem* out of your hair =). Here are The Best Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas:

KKW Hearts Fragrances

1. KKW Hearts Fragrances

You tell that bitch you love her by buying her one of these! I actually really love these cute bottles, they are the PERFECT Galentine’s Day themed gift. Some of my best friends are my Ride Or Die’s or BFF’s but whatever you call each other make sure to match the fragrance. I haven’t smelled them all but I know that the colors they are correspond to the scents (BFF has mixed berry tones & Wifey is citrusy) so pick your destiny wisely. Personally I would like to get one of these…but in reality, I have no friends =( KIDDING!! You guys are my friends right? Right! (

Maggie Louise Confections

2. Maggie Louise Confections

Who doesn’t like to get fat with their bestie?! I know I do! What’s better than stuffing your face with some delicious gourmet chocolate? Stuffing it with the one who probably borrowed your eyeliner and never gave it back. I’m all about getting chocolates on Galentine’s day but even more so, I like to get nice looking chocolates like the one’s from Maggie Louise Confections. She has made me a fan for life with these super adorable chocolates. So much that I even asked my husband to get me these, and to my surprise, he didn’t get em! lol. So make me jealous and try these chocolates out. I found them on Instagram because it was a promoted post and I was eye f*cking them like crazyyyyy. These chocolates are actually HAND PAINTED. If I were to get chocolates, I would savor it more knowing that someone was wearing bifocals to paint my choco-latté cup pink. Not just ANY pink, blush pink. Now give your bestie the eruption in her mouth that she deserves! 😉

3. Venus et Fleur

One of the most grammed flowers on the internet. So beautiful and they practically last forever…well maybe not forever, but like…a year, which is like crazy. These flowers last longer than most of my boyfriends in college. How that’s possible, I don’t know. But if your friendship has stood the test of time, and you think you guys can outlast these flowers, then I would get a small one for your bestie. Since they cost on average $39 a flower, I’d maybe get her ONE lol. But if you wanna go all out, then they have larger arrangements that you can purchase. I’m personally not a fan of roses, but these are just way too adorable not to have on your desk or coffee table. (

Crushed Tonic

4. Crushed Tonic

Cue Cher’s If I Could Turn Back Time song. Then put it on repeat. You’re welcome. If there was an elixir that could get you back to your prime in High School or that time right before you put on the Freshman 15, I would buy it, in BULK. Thankfully there really is an elixir that *can* bring your sexy back. Crushed Tonic is a powdery mix that come in packets you pour into your favorite drink and in time, can give you healthier skin and hair. Its also has 1 billion that’s BILLION with a ‘B’ probiotics to clean you from inside out. They have small sample packs that range from $15 to a full assortment $105. They have 3 flavors: Tumeric, Green Tea, and Original. Not a bad gift to give to your best gal pal. But don’t give her too much, you don’t want her prettier than you or anything!

What are best friends for?

5. Rage Room // Rage Ground

I’ve saved the best for last. This is the place where you wish you could go to when suddenly he’s ghosted you, or you find a pair of panties in his pocket that aren’t yours. Yup! Rage rooms are all the rage nowadays and if you’re in the LA area Rage Ground is your playground to let off some steam. Cue clip of Office Space where Michael Bolton beats the living shit out of that fax/printer. You rent rooms that you just basically throw a temper tantrum in and smash and destroy as much as you can within a time frame. If it were me, I’d have a framed picture of my ex in there and smash it to pieces with a baseball bat, then run over it with my car, pour acid over it, and cover it with glitter. This is one of the ultimate gifts to get your gal pals, here have a fit on me. Even if they don’t even have anything in their lives to get mad about, they have gift certificates in case of a bad hair day. If you aren’t in the LA area then you can look it up. There are other rage room like companies all over. (

Any Other Ideas?

Those happened to be my favorite, but I’d like to hear some of yours! Did you have an exceptional gift from your galentine that you’d like to share? Feel free to post in the comments down below!

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