Happy 6 Month Birthday Skye!

Today marks my little baby’s 6 month journey into this world. It’s crazy how much and how fast they grow. I totally get it when people say that they could never imagine their lives without their kids. It’s hard to explain what that feeling is because it’s different than anything I’ve ever felt. Motherhood is awesome. It’s hard, and it’s backbreaking, and sometimes, you just lose yourself in it. Then when you take time for yourself and step away from the madness for a break, you miss it so much.

My husband and I for a long time were set to not have any kids. But we decided that if we were going to have kids, it would need to be now. Having Skye was planned, so we were trying. I told myself that in the event I didn’t get pregnant this month, I would pump the breaks because, “who would want to give birth in August?!” then lo and behold, the 2 strips appeared and we both said simultaneously, “shiet!”.

Me 6 Months Pregnant

Pregnancy was hard, I’m not going to sugar coat it. The women who love it and didn’t have any symptoms, can shove it & have more babies. I had pretty much every symptom of pregnancy at an average level of about an 8. You name it, I had it. Nausea, food aversions, metal mouth, swollen errrrthang, heartburn, just to name a few. I never felt normal at all during my whole pregnancy, and my birth was a whole other story.

You can ask any woman on the planet and they will tell you their birth story bit by bit. I’ve only met one person who had a super easy labor and tbh I told her to fuck off. lol. She still loves me though. But I believe that because of this, because of my hard pregnancy, and traumatic labor, that I was blessed with a super easy kid. Everyone says that about their kid, but really, I’ve had other people tell me that my kid is super easy.

Happy Birthday Skye!

We heard all the stories, I’ve heard my mom’s stories, and I’ve heard my mother in laws stories so I prepped myself for the long grueling nights and the sore chapped nipples and the sleepwalking, etc. But much to our surprise, Skye had started sleeping through the night since she was about 1 week old. I would say that we got a lot of sleep thanks to our SNOO. But we also have a very sleepy baby. I think I had to go to the hospital 4 times while I was pregnant because I couldn’t feel her move for hours at a time and every time they would say that she was sleeping. So we’ve been blessed to say the least because we’ve gotten at least 8 hours of sleep out of her every night.

Then the breastfeeding, I was so freaked out that I was supposed to feel all this pain and anguish from breastfeeding because everyone told me how painful it was. No pain whatsoever! I never had the problems that I prepped for mentally, so thankfully to this day we’re still going on strong breastfeeding.

My kid and all her splendor couldn’t make me a more proud mommy. She is a happy baby, through and through. Only cries when she’s tired and hungry, she sits up, and is already making moves to crawl. I can’t believe how smart and bubbly she is, and laughs at her dads lame jokes already. lol.

Skye & Dad @ Isle of Skye, Scottland

I would like to share a very rare and personal video with you. I am going to preface this by ensuring you that this is 100% tasteful, not gory, or vulgar in anyway. This is a video slideshow of Skye’s birth. Don’t worry you will not see my vagina, but you will probably see Ryan’s (lol. I crack myself up!). All kidding aside, we opted to have a birth photographer on site to take photos and tell a story of the day. Our photographer was Janet Gerbutavich who was referred to me by a co-worker of mine. What I love most about her was her attention to detail, and the shots she took told a story. We wouldn’t have been able to have this story told if it weren’t for her and if you’re having a baby and you’re in the New England area go to her, she’s the best.

Happy 6 months my sweet sweet girl! We love every minute we have with you. Even the poopy ones!



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