Month: April 2019

Making Thousands on ThreadUp Luxe

This may sound like it’s coming out of left field, but trusted Posher Kreithchele is at it again with another course but this time she shows everyone how to properly use ThredUp…

Keto Diary: Week 3 & 4

Bet you bitches did’t think I would last did you?! Well I didn’t! At least not all the way. I’ve been eating as clean as I can with little indulgences here and…

The Best Eggs & Avocado Toast

My mouth is watering with how delicious this is. Who can go wrong with the two perfect breakfast foods? Eggs & Avocado! There are many variations on how to make this, but…

Spiced Rum Amaretto Cocktail

Ooooh honey! I can’t wait until the weekend. But who has to wait until then when you can just stir up on of these? I tried this recipe the other day and…

How To Get An Agent For Your Baby

When Ryan and I moved from Rhode Island it left me without a job and a newborn baby. I knew that I wanted to put my daughter in commercials and get her…

Travel Planning: Spain (Flights)

So a bit has changed over the first blog post, and when I wrote that post it was literally weeks before I’m writing this post. My husband’s job now needs him to…

Keto Diary Week 2 & 3

Keeping this short because I don’t want to be boring so I’ll just keep these as notes and tips that I keep in mind while I’m on my journey. Week 2 weigh…

What To Wear To Posh Party Live

One thing I love most are Posh Parties. The people, the drinks, the free swag…*sigh* it’s always a good time. I love getting together with other poshers and talking shit on all…

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