Posh Party LIVE San Diego

Not gonna lie guys, my daughter stole the effing show. This was such a fun experience for me because I haven’t hung out with my PFF’s in a MINUTE and it was good to see everyone since I’ve been back home. This event was extra special because I was asked to be a closet consultant for this party and it was great to be paired with some amazing women who have amazing closets.

Photo courtesy of Poshmark shot by Tammy Vega

The party was located at the Marriott La Jolla, & we had the whole ballroom to ourselves, on the far right there were tables for closet consultants and farther down was the Poshmark Ambassador’s Round Table for Flat Lay Tutorial. Then in the center were tables and chairs for people to post up and chat. All the tables were lined with Poshmark swag, like thank you cards and stickers. HOT TIP: take those and use them for your packaging to make em really nice!

On the opposite end they had a photo booth and hightop tables for standing and mingling around the bar. Each person who attended received 1 drink ticket and 1 raffle ticket to win $75 in posh credits. Sadly I didn’t win =(.

Three quarters of the way into the night 2 panelists took the stage with Adiel to share some of their secrets and methods how they make sales on Poshmark. Don’t hate me because I didn’t hear very much, I was too busy checking up on my baby girl. But one of the girls that was on the panel was one of my appointments for a closet consultation, but she didn’t need one, her closet was really nice.

Photo courtesy of Poshmark shot by Tammy Vega

After the panel was done they did a full group photo of everyone who attended the event and there were a lot of us. One thing that surprised me was that there were a lot of dudes there as well. Way more dudes than the last Poshmark event that I attended. It was a lot of fun meeting new faces and seeing some friends that I missed dearly since my big move to the East Coast.

Photo courtesy of Poshmark, Shot by Tammy Vega

So one thing I would suggest to new people attending is to really hit all the stations and see all of what the event has to offer. Everything from the closet consultations, to the ice breaker cards that they have you fill out. Go alone if you can so that you can meet more people and don’t be afraid. The more people that you meet, the better. Also, dress up when you attend these events. Don’t wear a ball gown or dress for a wedding, but dress like it’s Fashion Week. THIS is the time to bust out those Jimmy Choo’s and Alexander McQueen dress. Don’t be afraid to share your style, because these are what these events are all about. Also don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, you could be featured on Poshmark’s social media account.

I hope to see you at the next Poshmark event, please make sure to tag me because I would love to meet you all!

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Ediza has been a Poshmark user since 2013 and is a fashion enthusiast with a insatiable hunger for designer bags. She has completed numerous trips around the world using points and miles as her choice of currency and chronicles those adventures here at HealthyGirlFashion.

  1. Yay!! Ediza is back!! Your channel was one of two that inspired me to start a business on Posh. Although I at 80k in
    Followers I still haven’t chosen my final name. I am having
    Such a hard time with that!!! The baby is adorable and she for sure stole the show!! Think of all the baby posh gear you could come out with as your cutie being the adv. :)) Looking forward to hopefully meeting you at poshfest and seeing more YT videos!! CC @allaboutglamour Posh or my IG is ccsposhcloset

    1. Omg YES thanks so much! She’s way too adorable for her own good. *THOSE CHEEKS* Thanks for always watching and tuning in, it’s always hard when you’ve got a new baby and moving across country to deal with! But that’s life!

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