How Many Baby Clothes Do I Need?

If you’re a new mom or even a soon to be mom, or even if you know someone that is going to be a mom, if you feel the read is worthy, please share this with them! I for one wished I found these key pieces of information when I was in nesting mode, but alas, I was mostly trying to get my head out of the toilet. So for those of you who happen to see this please please please make sure you read to the end so that you get every piece of info that I failed to get during my pregnancy. These are some general tips and guidelines on how much to buy, what to buy, and how you should be organizing your baby clothes.

Kickee Pants Onesies Are Expensive But SOOOOO Soft!

Building Your Baby Clothes Stash – What To Get/ Look For

There are two kinds of moms out there, one that will only have new baby clothes, and others that wouldn’t mind having a mix of both used and new. For myself, I was into the more used and some new. I was dead set on making this entire pregnancy and first few years of my child’s life as economic as possible, while still giving her the best. But don’t get me wrong I power washed the shit out of everything that would touch her skin and I washed everything at least twice! We got a lot of free stuff from friends, from other moms in the area that were ready to donate, and new stuff from our registry, so we had probably 3x more than we would have ever dreamed. But for those that are inheriting clothes from another sibling or even from friends, just know your stash would be considerably larger than if you were to buy all new clothes, so more work for you in the longer run. For those that are buying, below is a guide for you as well so you spend the RIGHT amount of money on the clothes, as well as the much needed things.

When collecting from other parents, or when shopping for clothes what you should buy are clothes that are for everyday use. Basics onesies (long and short sleeved, pajamas, as well as pants, and hats are just some things they will use everyday. Don’t start buying up little tuxedos and big newborn dresses because most likely you won’t be putting those on, unless it’s for an already planned special occasion or for church then I would opt out of buying or getting. Babies will need to be comfortable, and warm their first few days/weeks out, so don’t plan on being too fancy.

Pieces of clothing that we used everyday:
1) Onesies
2) Pants
3) Socks
4) Mittens
5) Bows (we had a girl)
6) Beanies

Things we got but didn’t use:
1) Dresses/ Suits
2) Shoes
3) Jackets
4) Tights
5) Gimmicky Costumes

Keep in mind that this is for the first few months our baby was born. This was to limit the amount of unnecessary clothes purchased, because the last thing you want is to have an excess of clothing because your baby has grown to the next size, and they haven’t even worn it.

Building Your Baby Clothes Stash – How Much To Get

So EVERY baby is different, different size and lengths, they also come out differently whether naturally, or via C-Section. So it’s really hard to gage how much to get and in what size. Our baby came out a few days early from her due date, and she was already on the further end of the newborn size because of her length. Even though she was an 8 lb baby, and her weight could put her in the newborn size, she was already one foot out the door to the 0-3 category. So stock up with a very small amount of premie (in the event you go early), I’d say about 7 onesies. Then for newborn you can get more.

So let me give you an idea of what sizes would match your baby (in utero). If you’re in for your last check up and your baby is measured anywhere between 5lbs – 8lbs your baby is in the Newborn size range. Those you should stock up on for the next few weeks worth. Don’t go overboard, just get a few variations of onesies, and pajamas. One outfit a day – a day and a half. Newborns need a shower every other day. Depending on your baby’s weight gain and how much they grow and progress they will slowly graduate to 0-3 months. Anything 5lbs or less I would have premie clothes on standby. REMEMBER: Newborn and 0-3 months are different sizes. Don’t listen to anyone that says don’t get newborn clothes. My baby was projected to be 9 lbs and I still used newborn clothes for 3 weeks post delivery.

What I do suggest to pack in your hospital bag: Bring the cutest premie/newborn outfit for your announcement photo!

Once you get to the 0-3 months category then you can start bulking up in your stash. We had what feels like 30 outfits, and we STILL didn’t make it through the entire stash. My goal of having her wear everything once didn’t even scratch the surface. Same as the above, get the basics and limit the going out outfits to a minimum. You can still of course get a few, but onesies and pajamas should be your bulk. I would say start only with 15 outfits, because you will do a load every week or so, so they’ll be easier to manage. It can always grow from there…actually it will grow, you’ll see a cute outfit and you’ll end up buying it.

3-6 months you’ll be doing the same with how much you’ll need, but this time they will be going out more. So the day time outfits and variations would start adding to the overall closet. Remember don’t get those super cute dresses with the tulle and bows, or the suites with bowties, and jackets unless it’s for a holiday event, and even so just limit it to just one. But day wear, like pants, jeans, hoodies, graphic tees and onesies, are fair game. If you do go out more, which you should be, like out to the park or on a stroll, I changed my daughter into daywear outfits. Also: If you do happen to get shoes for your babyshower or what not, just remember that up to this point, this is the size 1 stage for shoes. By 6-9 months they’re in size 2. I would say, for the sake of your sanity, just have an outfit ready for those shoes so that you can get photographs in them before it’s too late.

As they grow more and more, you’ll start to get a feel for what you use more on a daily basis. If you are shopping as you go, this will give you a better gage of what you need to be purchasing as your baby is growing. If you are given clothes, most likely they will be given to you in a variety of sizes. Also a BIG TIP: Buy clothes or register for clothes based on SEASONS. Like, don’t buy a Christmas outfit that you think is cute that’s 3-6 months, if in December they would be 9 months old. We were given clothes of every season and this leads me to my next point!

Organizing Your Baby Clothes

You will see tons and tons of ways on Pinterest on how to store your baby clothes. Some in clear plastic bins, some already hung in the closet with hanger markers. All are perfectly fine, whatever floats your boat, as they like to say. But for us, my husband and I are really limited on space and we absolutely did NOT want to get rid of a single thing of hers when me moved cross country, so we took it all. The best way to store all 50 bajillion of her clothes? Vacuum pack. Then put them all in 1 clear bin. We labeled each pack with a paper in the front saying the sizes of what in each pack so when she got to that size, we could open it up and just unload straight to the dresser.

Here’s Where We Went Wrong

So my Ride or Die / BFF 👯(love her to pieces) Sloane, gave Skye a mountain of clothes that her precious babe had already grown out of. She had them all cleaned and folded and organized perfectly. Then like the dummies that we are, we ruined it all! So what we didn’t know, is how these items should be bundled together and when we should open them.

When we packed them away we just matched numbers with numbers and did the age lengths too far apart. For instance, we took all the 3-6 month items together in the 6-9 month bag (6 & 6 was all we were looking at). Then when 6 months came around, and we opened the pack, she was too big for the 3-6 month clothes that we left in there and she never got to wear them. We also did a pack that was 6-18 months which is too wide of a range. This doesn’t help at all once you open it. It was just a variety of clothes and we had to re-sort them all over again. This is how it should’ve been organized; I should’ve started adding the clothes into their wardrobe from the lowest age on the tag. I repeat, start adding the clothes into their wardrobe from the lowest age on the tag. Here’s an example of how bin labels needed to be:

  • Newborn/ 0-3 / 3 mo – should already be in the closet or dressers
  • 3-6 mo / 6 mo
  • 6-9 mo/ 6-12mo/ 9 mo
  • 9-12mo/ 12mo
  • 12-18mo/ 18 mo
  • and so on…

Keep in mind that there are brands that only cater to just the month size. Usually they fall at the 3 month mark (3mo, 6mo, 9mo, 12mo, 18mo). There will be sizes that are from 6-12 months, keep those IN your 6-9 month stash because you can use those at any time between 6-12 months. You don’t want to make the same mistake I did.

All In All…

Don’t sweat it too much if you don’t have a TON of baby clothes. Babies go through an outfit a day and you’ll do a wash each week or every few days, so even if you have a couple weeks worth of clothes, it’ll be enough. Make sure to organize the clothes based on the chart above and crack em open at the lowest age on the tag. Lastly, make sure to buy more basics than special occasion items. Costumes, sparkly dresses, and formal wear all have a place and time. If there isn’t a time for that, then no need to buy.

Did any of you make any of these mistakes when you were a new mom? Any added advice you want to add to help other moms? Feel free to leave some notes to share down below! Thanks so much for reading, please share with any new mom’s that are in nesting mode!

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