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So a bit has changed over the first blog post, and when I wrote that post it was literally weeks before I’m writing this post. My husband’s job now needs him to go to Amsterdam for work in the 3rd week of May, so that means Skye and I get to go to Amsterdam as well! Lol

So initially, we thought, well this sucks because we will be flying out at the beginning of the month to go to the race, then have to fly back out the 3rd week again. Until my father in law said we should just probably stay out there for the entire month. And that’s when the lightbulb clicked for us. So in the midst of making these plans we decided to start planning for a FULL MONTH in Europe. It’s gonna be intense to say the least, but I know we’ll enjoy it.

In between week 1 in Spain & week 3 in Amsterdam, we thought it would be cool to just keep going east from Spain into the south of France. I mean I’ve never been to Monte Carlo! So we were going to trek across making our way to Nice, Monaco, and just seeing different beaches. I mean, we can have a beach day!

Flights With An Infant

It’s no surprise that most airlines make it difficult to bring your baby with you, especially when it comes to premium class travel. And I ain’t no bitch just because I have a baby with me. When Skye was just a month old, we decided to go to Scotland to have a family vacation to see the Isle of Skye. The entire time of my pregnancy I just didn’t want to move, I didn’t want to travel anywhere, I just wanted to be stationary. The moment I pushed that little girl out, I practically booked our tickets, & it was back on!

But for that last trip, we were pretty pressed for time because of my maternity leave, and limited on where we were allowed to take her since her immune system was so fragile. Those two major factors played a huge role in the cost of the overall trip. At the time, we didn’t have money to spare to pay the cost of her being a lap infant (10% of revenue ticket) but we did have miles, so I forked over the points for an additional seat which was 115,000 American Airlines miles. YIKES! In comparison to spending $1,000 for her to be a lap infant. So I thought, “F*CK IT. At least she will have her own seat.” And she did. Right next to Bill Murray.

This time around I’ve looked into it and now I’m much more prepared to get things booked. The best way to book a lap infant at the lowest cost in a premium cabin is through Aeroplan. The cost of a child in a premium class cabin is $125 or 12,500 miles. So that’s where we’re putting our chips.

I found the best way to get Aeroplan Miles is to actually transfer them from American Express Membership Rewards Points. A couple of years ago I applied for an American Express Business Platinum card with a 100,000 point bonus and I’ve saved those points for a moment like this!

The Plan

So our plan is a bit complicated to say the least. Ryan’s work with be paying for his flight out there and back, and since we will already be in the EU wherever we are, his flight will be paid for from there. Also we had to call in a favor to my Aunt who works for Delta to see if we can get a buddy pass just for our flight back home. The flight Ryan’s work will most likely be paid for back would be on Delta so in an effort to travel as a family, we had to call that in.

So here’s the layout so far:

  • LAX – LIS: We fly into Lisbon Portugal on points (55,000/each + $125 for Skye).
  • NIC – AMS: TBD (Tbh I haven’t even checked yet, it’ll probably be booked last minute too)
  • AMS – LAX: Delta Buddy Pass for me

Booking With Aeroplan

Since Aeroplan (Air Canada) is with the Star Alliance, it’s no secret that they’re one of the largest networks of partner airlines out there. That being said, we have lots of options when it comes to booking. Since the trip is a couple months out it’s a bit more difficult to get a landscape of what prices will be, but after much research it looks like for a one way we would need 55,000 Aeroplan Miles per person each way for business class and 70,000 for first. Issue with that is if we do fly first, we would need to pay an extreme amount in taxes and fees. Good thing though, is that baby is still $125 extra to be a lap infant in business and $250 extra to be a lap infant in First. So without actually spending money and buying her own ticket, this saves us a ton in miles and in cost.

To get Aeroplan Miles we actually would need to transfer them from our American Express Rewards points over to Aeroplan Miles and we can start booking once it becomes available. And when I say available I mean, you’ll start to see things open up at about 2 weeks out, anything farther than that you’ll only have economy options and I don’t doooooooo economy.


For us looks like the plan we got so far is to just transfer our American Express Rewards points to Aeroplan then book once it becomes available. If you’re booking with a lap infant, you’d have to book the tickets first, then call in to add your infant. Then you pay the additional cost over the phone. This trip wouldn’t be able to be made way in advance since we’re so close to our date. If we want the business/first class seats, then we’re gonna have to cut it down to the wire.

I know I’m missing holes in what I was explaining, so please if you have questions put them down below so that I can update and address them. My mommy brain still has not faded away yet.

Stay tuned for hotels next week!

Safe Travels,



Ediza has been a Poshmark user since 2013 and is a fashion enthusiast with a insatiable hunger for designer bags. She has completed numerous trips around the world using points and miles as her choice of currency and chronicles those adventures here at HealthyGirlFashion.

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