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This may sound like it’s coming out of left field, but trusted Posher Kreithchele is at it again with another course but this time she shows everyone how to properly use ThredUp Luxe to make thousands on their platform. She started her first course on Accounting for Fashion Retail has sold hundreds of courses and now she’s sharing her secrets on how she’s made thousands upon thousands using ThredUP LUXE. Now I’ve made thousands on Poshmark, and really got to purge my closet a few times, but this is a much different approach to getting your stuff out reselling, so because I was so intrigued, I decided to try it out.

Personally, I am a believer, because I’ve had some one on one time with Kreithchele and have seen her sales and strategies and since I’m trying it out too, it’s totally legit. This isn’t a thin bland kind of course, this is a very thorough detailed course that will help you give a step by step of what everything is and how to use it to your advantage. Nothing that you couldn’t find out yourself, but she cuts all the bullshit out from all her experience so you don’t have to go through the struggles she’s been through so you can maximize your true earning potential.

What Do you Expect To Get From This Course?

“How it works, my tips, and my strategies for why I’ve earned (after commissions but before cost of sales) over $47k in 17 months with an average of 80% margins, while NOT being full time”

-Kreithchele Barnard

If you follow her on social media, she shows all her successes and bits and pieces of how she’s using her strategies to make thousands in a short amount of time. But this course is the full scope of how everything works and troubleshooting tips. For me, I always want to be ahead of the curve of information and how to benefit as much as possible before everyone and the mother knows how to do something. That way I can really get a good rhythm going and start making money before the market is flooded.

For those of you who already send your clothes to ThredUP Luxe or even just regular ThredUp, this is a good opportunity to really see how you can take advantage of the full benefits of your account. I know when I first sent in my stuff I got payouts that were $0.50 for clothes that I knew I could’ve made more on Poshmark. But rest assured after working with Kreithchele I know now that it’s not the case.

Her course is launching May 1, 2019 which means you have from now until launch date to get her pre-sale price of $67. After that it goes to the full price of $97. Not gonna lie, after trying out her strategy I’ve already sold over $300 worth of stuff, and it’s only been the first week, so to me, it’s already been paid off. But of course, YMMV.

Just to let you all know I am putting my affiliate link down below for this course so we can track how many people I’ve referred. I want as many of you to check this out, because I really do believe you can make some extra cash, even if it’s just in addition to what you make on Poshmark. So make sure to tell your friends to use this link if you choose to take this course.

You can find her course here: Kreithchele’s Academy

Good luck guys! Please put a comment down below of your closet name so that you can have some free closet advertising. Also, if you use ThredUp Luxe how do you like it? As good as I’m making it out to be or nahhh??? LMK.

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Ediza has been a Poshmark user since 2013 and is a fashion enthusiast with a insatiable hunger for designer bags. She has completed numerous trips around the world using points and miles as her choice of currency and chronicles those adventures here at HealthyGirlFashion.

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  1. I signed up for a her course about a month ago and been waiting patiently since! I have so many items I want to send them but waiting until I get through the course to maximize the potential 🙂 so excited!!! Poshmark user ID @dashofpink_co

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