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My week in sales: 1 Sale to hold me over.

Hey all!

First and foremost I want to thank everyone who watched my video in the last post, it really meant a lot to have you view it! We worked so hard for months to get this video done and edited and I hope it inspired you all to do what you can to help others in your community! If you haven’t had a chance to check it out you can do so here. Continue reading My week in sales: 1 Sale to hold me over.


My Week in Sales

I’m just like you with 1000 things on my plate right now and I don’t even have time to describe it. As you can imagine I haven’t had my butt on a computer to sit there and share my closet like crazy, therefore losing out on some sales. This week was a bit dry, but to my rescue, our complex was having a bit of a yard sale. These are the days I live for! I always find that some of the items that don’t sell, or even some of the extra inventory that I have that I know won’t sell, have an opportunity to be sold before the head on off to the Goodwill. Continue reading My Week in Sales

My Week In Sales

Wow so it’s been a few weeks since I updated, and I apologize for being so quite as of late. I was too busy globetrotting around the world. For those of you who don’t know, I arranged a trip for my husband and I to do a Round the World Trip for my 30th birthday! We started here in MI then went down to Los Angeles and had a small birthday party with my family and in laws, then jetted off to Sydney, Australia. From there we went to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and London, then back to the US. It was everything that I wanted it to be, and much more. Thankfully I didn’t sell as much during the time I was gone, but randomly I made a ton of sales after my last weekly sales post as well as a ton of new subscribers/followers, so welcome new readers!

Since then I’ve been working on a few projects as of late and haven’t had time to share other people’s closets or my own, so only two sales in the past couple of days! But the trade off was pretty nice, sitting in my Etihad first class apartment from Sydney to Abu Dhabi was pretty neat to experience. Right now WOW Airlines is hiring people to travel and Snapchat, and since I love to do both, I made a video application. Lucky you guys get a sneak peak! Hope you enjoy 🙂

As always, you can follow me on my journeys by following me on my Snapchat: EdizaRodriguez or you can just use my code on the right side menu ====>>

Have you booked your ticket to Poshfest yet?! I have =)

Stay Healthy,

My Week in Sales

Hey all! I’m writing this as I am waiting for my baggage to come out from our trip to Vancouver, B.C. We had a ball with our friends Jeremy, Stella, Michael, Bri and Andrew for the weekend. It was quite spur of the moment and the flights were relatively cheap going there so we thought why not?!

I just happened to be out all week, leaving for work in Atlanta on Sunday and making a few sales while I was out. Ryan and I have a really good set up going. If something sells while I’m not home, then I email the label to him and he ships it off for me. We have a shipping station and some cards pre-made and I have a basket of goodies/ give always that he throws in based on the price of the item, so it’s really a no brainier for him. 

This week I sold about $100 and I wasn’t too immersed in sharing since I’ve been working all week. I plan on listing more and being more active in the next two weeks before my big 30th at the end of this month. Also, I haven’t finished the next Healthy Girl of the month yet, it usually comes up first Friday of the month but I’ve been slacking the past few months on gearing up on content. Debt and travel goals will do that to you. But I will have more stuff for you guys in the next week since I will be staying put for awhile. More stuff to come, promise!

How has your week been? Let me know all your trials and tribulations! 
Stay healthy,