Etihad Apartments pt. 1

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Ryan and I were quite fortunate to get a little tip from our friend about getting a free ride to Dubai from Abu Dhabi. We arrived here shortly after our Etihad flight from Sydney and it was glorious! This is one place that I would’ve liked to expire more if we had more resources, but for the time we were there we had a great time!


Tokyo, Japan

Ryan and I decided that we wanted to celebrate our wedding anniversary overseas just like how we eloped for our wedding. Being that frequent flyer that I am, I had accumulated enough…

How I Shamefully Skipped The TSA Security Line

How I Shamefully Skipped the TSA Security Line

I am going to hell for this. So for those of you who do not follow my Snapchat you are seriously missing out, but for those that are lazy, I have a…

What You Need To Know About Rewards Network Dining Program

dining programs are the way to go! This guide is to help you get to your VIP status faster and start earning points to the maximum amount for this year and the following. They may take some special maneuvering but once you get the hang of it you could be VIP in no time at all!

Boston, MA

If you’re looking to do some hardcore all American entertainment, Boston I say would be #1 on my list. Boston is one of the primary areas settlers colonized when they arrived here…

Free $10 Lounge Buddy Credit

This is probably my new favorite app on the traveling market. For those of you who do fly, or travel either for leisure or for business, this little app has become pretty…

Bangkok, Thailand

If you’re planning to take a trip to Southeast Asia, please do! It’s a new world in and of itself and its absolutely breathtaking some of the things you only see in…

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