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Sorry I have to vent on here! I was just under attack not just a few minutes ago from some entitled posher who thought it would be OK to go into my listing and plaster the dreadful words “NOT AUTHENTIC”.

Let me just say this: If you, or someone you know, does this. PLEASE STOP. You know who you are! Yes I know, it is awfully tempting to blow the fashion police whistle, but I’m sorry this is not your job to go onto other people’s listings and give your 2 cents on what is real and what is not. Yes I know, there are fakes EVERYWHERE and it’s a damn shame, unfortunately unless your name is: Celine, Tory Burch, COCO CHANEL, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, etc. Then you should not be announcing anything onto ANYONE’S listing. I don’t care if it’s not authentic or if it is, it is not your place. It comes off offensive. It’s like going up to a random stranger and telling them their purse is fake in front of everyone. You are purposefully embarrassing them and putting them on the spot.

Poshmark has a wonderful button on the side of each listing and it says ‘Report Listing’. It’s great! It’s a discrete little button that goes straight to Team Posh, and THEIR experts will come and remove the listing. Yes, it’s really that simple! Just because it takes a long time for Poshmark to remove a listing you still should not take it upon yourself! (Dude c’mon! It’s not even your listing!)

Please take into consideration people may or may not know if something is fake or if what they’re carrying in their closet is a dupe, it’s still not your place and yes they will still take offense. I don’t care if you own a million Louis Vuitton bags, or a you were born with Christian Louboutin’s coming out of the womb. Flat out, you are being very rude, and it’s a cancer to the community.

ADDITIONALLY- It is also NONE of your business and no, you should not succumb to the drama of coming to another posher’s defense. I pretty much got attacked by another posher’s minions who I will not care name, but they have no business in my listing and no business in our debacle, so sorry, but sending people out to defend you is still considered harassment. If you’ve ever messaged me to come to your defense, I’m sorry, but you can see that this holds true that I never get into anyone else’s business. So do a favor to the community and mind your own, and let Poshmark’s support team do their job and mitigate these issues. Likewise I am not asking any of you to aid in this issue nor have I exploited anyone’s usernames or profiles so they do not feel like they’re being singled out. They however, have wasted no time exploiting mine (welcome 😉)

If you are ever on my side of the fence, just BLOCK PEOPLE!!! Report them for harassment if they are harassing and move on…and then write a blog post like me! 😂 lol I’m not condoning the presence of fakes in the community, by all means, I’ve taken that listing down because I can’t stand harassment or bullying and it’s not something I support. Although I wish I would’ve just kept it up.

Poshers, be good to one another! Don’t kill each other!

Stay healthy,



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