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Making an Offer – My Best Friend

This year I’ve made it my goal to really push my closet into full throttle and make some serious dough on Poshmark! It’s been challenging in many aspects but I’ve learned a ton about how to use this app to my advantage to make a decent amount and come up positive every month. Which brings me to my favorite feature: Make an Offer. I can still remember to this day Manish walking into our workshop at the very first PoshFest like he had an epiphany, and asking everyone about that feature. This my friends, was the beginning of what has made my business.

Now don’t get me wrong I’ve heard so many complaints from women all around about how they get lowball offers all the time….in fact, I think I have had a Bitch-a-thon or two about some of the offers I get. But lest I forget the real beauty in the Make an Offer feature.

You the get money upfront.

This is severely overshadowed by the actual amount that you get. But if that number is in a good range, oooh mama the deal is on! I would have to say that 99% of all my sales are offers, and thankfully I’ve been able to make deals on a daily basis! Now there’s the occasional “payment didn’t go through” but that happens very few times for me, and if you’re one of those people who it happens to, please fix immediately! No one likes to get happy from a sale, then instantly distraught. No one!

Negotiations are private.

No one likes to have one price posted only to have someone else slap on a much lower price on your wall. Now everyone will be looking at the lower price and not the actual retail price, unless you get a few die hards that try to correct you on the retail price (that’s happened once, AND it was a dude, go figure!). But when someone sends you an offer, all negotiations are done in private, between you and the buyer, with just numbers.

No cancellation on buyers end on a ‘Make an Offer’.

Usually there’s a 3-hour window if a buyer has buyers remorse on any other transaction. But when making an offer, all sales are final. So make sure that your descriptions are spick and span clean so that there are no discrepancies if they decide to open up a case.

Buyer creates their own destiny.

As much as like like to control every little experience that people have when they shop in my closet, I can’t control people or how they feel. Everyone is responsible for their own happiness, so by giving the people to choose their own price, really can effect how they feel about a purchase. If they score big by throwing a lowball offer and getting it accepted, then they feel good about the buy and may want to try their luck on more items. People LOVE feeling like they got a deal on something, so let em have at it!


I hope this helps some of you to try to take a look into your own closets and really embrace the Make an Offer deal. I try to stop looking at the audacity that people have when they make offers, then I stop and look at how much I may have paid for that item and think, “oh, well I am still making money!” …that’s of course factoring the time and effort put into these items, and listing them, try not to forget those things.

Also if you see people consistently offering less, please take a look at your covershots and try re-listing your items at a higher value.

Stay Healthy,




The Art Of Submitting An Offer

Good Morning Healthy People!

So today I decided to put down on internet paper a way to properly submit an offer. Yes I know, I did do a demo on how to submit an offer before, but I think today of all days I wanted to create a trend so-to-speak on how to tactfully submit an offer. What’s that you say? There’s a tactful way of submitting an offer?!

Why yes there is!

I’ve been testing this out a few times. I don’t shop very much, but when I get an itch for Badgley Mischkas, gosh darn it I gotta have em! Not just do I have to have them, but I have to have them at the price at the lowest price possible (and the cheaper the better #AmIRight?!).

So let me tell you something before I start off with it; I am with every single woman on this app who HATES getting lowballed. There I said it. I hate it, and I know you do too! It’s offensive, it’s ghastly, and a bit tacky. Then I start to think, “Who does this hoodrat think she is?!” (or variations of that) right before you hit that “decline” button. Yes we’ve all been there! On the flip side, have I ever given a low ball offer….helllllll yeah! Guilty party of 1! I am human, and so are you, and we all LOVE a good deal so why not ask for one? Who knows they may just say yes, right?!

So how does this work out? How do I make an offer without making myself, look tacky as hell, and still get the best price ever. No, I don’t want to come off offensive, but I still want a good deal. Unfortunately, there are no outlets to communicate privately, and we still don’t want to announce our lowest price on our wall.

I came up with a plan, I’ve been using this particular strategy for a bit and it’s proven successful, and I found that I’ve made lots of awesome steals and the seller’s have made some quick sales. The first thing you do, is you send them a message on their board something that’s vague that lists no numbers, but tells them that you are going to give them a purposeful lowball offer. Say like $3. Then you ask them if they can counter with their lowest.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.05.54 PM

That way they can discreetly tell you their lowest, before you counter them back with your highest and then you can negotiate even further if necessary. This way also sets them up so that they don’t get offended upon first look.

Well, I hope this helps you along the way, and I hope this makes it a trend all throughout Poshmark. I know it’ll come full circle when someone asks me to counter with my lowest.


It would make me so happy!!!

If you have a strategy, or even an experience you’ve had, make sure to put it in the comments below! I’d love to hear em!

Stay Healthy,