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Poshmark Tip of the Day: Posh for 30 Mins!

After attending Poshfest 2016 the Power Users Group had a really good idea of getting in your Poshmark Poshing in even if you have a busy day scheduled. You always want to stay active on the app to keep the sales steady. So here’s a small plan for those that are on the go and you can spread this out through the day.

  • List 3 items (or re-list 3 items)
  • Share 15 mins
  • Share 30 self shares
  • Follow your followers
  • Follow new closets
  • Welcome 10 new poshers
  • Check notifications

This should be all be a cumulative 30 mins or so, so don’t think this needs to be all in one sitting. Those that stay active on the app, heed great results, so keep going!

All this information provided by @lynemma of The Poshmark Analytics group, find more at the following links:

Poshmark: https://poshmark.com/closet/lynemma
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/925109050959722/?ref=br_rs
Look her up on Instagram @urbanprospector

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Poshmark Tip of the Day: Ain’t No Shame In The Resell Game

Poshmark Tip of the Day is about resell. 90% of Poshmark sellers purchase items to resell. It’s like flipping homes on a smaller scale and not as much risk. So source your items from places where you have the most to gain. Garage sales, estate sales, thrifting, outlets and clearance racks are a good start!
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