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Poshmark Tip Of the Day – Show Them Your Deals

Today’s tip is from @kristin_meyer (please check out her closet, you can click on her name and it’ll take you there). She posted to the Poshmark Analytics Facebook Group a hot tip for selling more bundles that I had to share with you all:

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My Week in Sales 8.30.16

Sold: $112

Spent: I don’t know but more than what I earned!

This week has been a bit crazy. If you’ve already seen, I posted a couple of posts, one of which are the Poshmark Games and the other, the Poshmark Inventory Workbook as well as the Poshmark Closet of the Month. So I’ve been spending more time on my blog as of late, and my YouTube channel to put out some great content for you guys! In exchange for the time put in here I haven’t been spending as much time sharing on Poshmark, if at all. So I haven’t been selling as much as I should. Continue reading My Week in Sales 8.30.16

FREE Poshmark Inventory Workbook!

EDIT: There are some Poshers who have already pointed out there needed to be an update due to the commission in the ‘Poshmark cut’ column. If you’ve already DL the spreadsheet and want the updated one. It’s been uploaded and fixed here. However if you have already downloaded it, and still see $0.00 in the Poshmark cut portion, then please update the spreadsheet with this formula: =IF(D4<15,2.95,D4*0.2) in the “Poshmark Cut” column. Continue reading FREE Poshmark Inventory Workbook!

Men’s and Kids’ Are Now On Poshmark!

The time has come ladies! It’s time to open up the flood gates and have the men’s and kid’s section come bursting through. It was first brought to my attention in the Poshmark Facebook group, and now officially announced on their blog. You can NOW list your whole family’s items on Poshmark!

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.32.07 AM

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