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Poshmark Tip of the Day: Slim Down!

Aerial photos are the best for cover shots but not all items look their best flat on the floor. If you have a dress that’s boxy on the hanger but still accentuates the curves while it’s on, then try staging your dress with an added waistline and curvature! It makes the garment look more feminine and appealing!

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Poshmark Tip of the Day: Re-list, Re-list, Re-list!

I re-listed an item 3 times within a span of 1.5 days until it sold. This was a high ticket item that I really wanted out because it cost so much and I had to prove to Ryan that I could sell it within the week. Needless to say, I won this round, and I started trying it with other items as well and it worked! Poshmark’s key ingredient? Brand NEW LISTINGS bar at that top of your feed when you open the app! Continue reading Poshmark Tip of the Day: Re-list, Re-list, Re-list!

Poshmark Tip of the Day: Hey Hey Wait A Minute Mr. Postman!

For those of you who are a bit crunched for time, try using the USPS app on your phone to summon a postal agent to come to your door and pick up your Posh packages for you. This way, you’re not going out of your way to drive to the post office at the last minute to get those packages in!

Want a quick step by step tutorial on how to do it? Click here.

Poshmark Tip of the Day: The Daily Double.

Double list your items for maximum exposure

Today’s Poshmark Tip of the Day is to try to get in the mode of listing twice in one day. List in the morning when you wake up and at night before you go to bed. Nothing to list? Re-list some of your old items, never hurts to have 2 listings of the same thing! Doubles the odds of getting your items seen! Just make sure to delete the duplicate when one sells.

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Poshmark Tip of The Day: Paper.

Today’s Poshmark Tip of the Day: Use plain white paper as a clean background for your jewelry or small objects. Keeps the background nice and white and no need for schmancy sets and layouts, let the item do the talking for itself!

Poshmark tip: use plain white paper as a background for small items

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