A #PoshLove Story: @ediza & @wheelsinthewell

You guys… Ryan and I are featured on Poshmarks BLOG!!! WHAT IS LIFE?!?!

Poshmark Blog

vdayheaderedizaryanThere’s a new kind of #PoshLove story now, thanks to the addition of Men’s on Poshmark! Enter Ediza (@ediza) and Ryan (@wheelsinthewell), a husband/wife Posh duo who support each other with love, commitment AND shares! (Couples who Posh together, stay together – right?!) Read on to see how they put their #PoshLove to work!


How’d you two meet?
Ediza: We met through work but we were in different departments. I remember that I noticed that Ryan was paying attention to me more than usual and we just started hitting it off! I remember that he had an amazing sense of humor and sweetness about him (still does!). Since then we’ve been like magnets, never wanting to separate!

How does Poshmark play a role in your relationship?
Ryan: Well at first, Ediza was completely hooked. Since she made her first sale, her closet became her little online…

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